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Is The Movie Four Good Days Based On A True Story? A Story About The Last Hope, A Last Attempt


Four Good Days is an American drama movie released in 2020. The movie is believed to be based on journalist Eli Saslow’s journal published in Washington Post in 2016. The article was named “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction.” The movie is directed by Rodrigo García, and the screenplay is done by Rodrigo García and Eli Saslow. Four Good Days is produced by Rodrigo García, Jon Avnet, Jake Avnet, Marina Grasic and Jai Khanna. The movie premiered on 25th January 2020 at Sundance Film Festival.

The movie stars Glenn Close, Mila Kunis, and Stephen Root as main leads. The duration of the movie is 100 minutes. The movie revolves around a drug addict who is trying her best to run away from her addiction for her betterment. And on the other hand, her mother is also trying her best to help her daughter to come out of her addiction and rebuild their faded mother and daughter bonding.

Overview Of The Plot, Four Good Days

Is The Movie Four Good Days Based On A True Story? A Story About The Last Hope, A Last Attempt.

Mila Kunis as Molly in the movie, Four Good Days

The main lead of the movie is Molly, played by Mila Kunis. Molly is a 31-year-old long-term heroin addict; she has been struggling with her addiction for nearly 10 years. Molly has two kids, but she got separated from her kids due to her drug addiction. Molly initially took drugs for the first time in her teenage according to medical advice, and that turned out to be the worst imprecation that eventually pushed her into hell. Her opioid addiction turned to heroin addiction, where she pushed needles in her body endlessly, and she spent ten years of her life in the terrifying world, which is far away from her loved ones. She was sent to a rehabilitation center thirteen times, but she failed to escape her addiction and able to escape the rehab every single time. Everyone lost hope in her, including her mother.

The scene opens with Molly knocking on a door and unwelcomed by the old woman who shuts the door after seeing her. The old woman is Deb, played by Glenn Close, the alienated mother of Molly, who stays with her second husband, Chris, played by Stephen Root. Deb nearly gave up her hope of regaining her daughter in the normal state as she failed every time to turn her daughter into a sober person. She is broken and disappointed as she was continuously lied to by her daughter; Molly always broke her trust, stole from her.

She appears tough in the first scene, but the horrible state of her daughter begging in front of her to save her from the demons that are constantly pulling her backward. Deb softs down and decide to give her daughter the last chance, give the last attempt for the sake of her daughter. Deb once again looks at the pathetic state of her daughter, who is thin and haggard with dirty skin and hair, her teeth suffering from gum disease, which is highly contrasting to her teenage time when she used to be bright, positive and always had a smile on her face.

Molly seeks medical help from an opioid antagonist to stop her addiction. In order to stop her addiction, she has to be injected with naltrexone monthly, a chemical to reduce the urge to consume drugs, and it can turn her sober permanently. However, to be able to take the injection, she has to avoid any kind of addiction that could make her high. The journey seemed impossible to Molly, who hasn’t been able to stay away from drugs even for a day, but her mother decides to give her whole potential to help her daughter for four more days as she sees it as her last attempt to regain her daughter.

Is The Movie Four Good Days Based On A True Story?

Is The Movie Four Good Days Based On A True Story? A Story About The Last Hope, A Last Attempt.

Deb and Molly, the mother and daughter duo, try to stay together in the struggle.

The emotional storyline of the story captured it’s audiences attention and sympathy, along with the brilliant performances by the actors. The mother-daughter dynamic was intense and also the main reason why this movie has the potential to make its own place. The last hospital scene was the most powerful scene and clenched the hearts of the viewers. Glenn Close, who plays Deb, and Rodrigo Garcia, the director of the movie, are Oscar-nominated artists, and both of them worked together before, and they made a strong comeback.

The Movie Four Good Days is based on a real-life story of Amanda Wendler, and Libby Alexander covered in a journal by Pulitzer Prize-winning Eli Saslow in 2016, named How’s Amanda’ A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction.

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