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Is The K2 Season 2 Coming Back Anytime Soon?

Is The K2 coming back for season 2?
A glimpse from episode 16 of The K2 wherein Go Anna and Kim Je-Ha is together (Credit: tvN)

Korean Drama, the K2, should put on the list of worth watching by everyone. The series depicts not only the romance and charm of Ji Chang Wook but also his action. The political intrigue’s series premiered with sixteen episodes on tvN original network. The K2 has the perfect blend of politics, murder, action, and romance. Ji Chang Wook may take up only the role of a bodyguard in the drama but has more power to turn any situation in his favor in the drama. 

Studio Dragon created the political melodrama with Jang Hyuk-rin as the screenwriter and Kwak Jung-hwan as the director. The other name for the drama is Kaytoo and Deo Keitu. Now, let’s know whether the show is ever making its way for another season or not.

The K2 Season 1: Recap

The K2 Season 1 begins with a young girl witnessing the death of her mother. However, someone leaves her in a monastery in Spain after the incident. Then the scene shifts as she grew up and is escaping the monastery. She is wearing the same white grown that she wore when she first came to the monastery. Then, we came to know her name as Go Anna. But, she is constantly watching if someone is chasing her and very scared alone in the outside world. A bloodied man wakes up from a dream in another part of the city. His name is Kim Je-Ha. He wakes up and watches the street below him before going out.

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Then, Je-Ha and Anna also encounter each other at a metro station. He tries to save her from the police and goons taking her, but could not do so, at last. Then, the scene shifts to six months after the incident in Seoul. Je-Ha is working at a banner advertising company. He encounters presidential candidates Jang Se-Joon and Choi Yoo-Jin. He became entangled in their political life also become involves with their daughter, Go Anna. Yoo-Jin wants to kill him, at first, but make him her bodyguard seeing his potentiality. Je-Ha also sticks around wanting to take revenge on Park Kwan-Soo.

Go Anna is not the real daughter of Yoo-Jin but keeps her around for threatening Se-Joon. Her mother died before her eyes when she was young. Yoo-Jin also kept her captured all the time since her mother’s death. Go Anna and Je-Ha also began falling for each other slowly. Go Anna begins depending on him while Je-Ha continuously cares for her. Je-Ha got framed for killing his girlfriend and has a tragic past. But, it was the work of Park Kwan-Soo, in reality. Go Anna also gained confidence under the influence and help of Je-Ha. But, the main thing is Yoo-Jin keeps threatening her. Se-Joon, her actual father, could not do anything for her, apart from becoming the president. Je-Ha kills Park Kwan-Soo at last, but then at the cost of Se-Joon and Yoo-Jin’s life. 

The K2: Cast

The K2 leading cast includes Ji Chang-Wook, Kim Kap-Soo, Song Yong-Ah, Jo Sung-Ha, and Im Yoon-Ah. They are portraying Kim Je-Ha, Park Kwan-soo, Choi Yoo-Jin, Jang Se-Joon, and Go Anna, respectively. The supporting cast includes Lee Jung-Jin, So Hee-Jung, Shin Dong-Mi, Song Kyung-Chul, Lee Ye-Eun, Lee Chul-Min, and Lee Jae-Woo. They are depicting Choi Sung-won, Head of the JSS medical team, Kim Dong-Mi, Song Young-Chun, Jang Mi-Ran, Park Kwan-soo’s aide, and Kang Sung-gyu. All the leading cast will come back for another season if the K2 ever gets picked for season 2. 

The K2 Season 2:Release Date

The K2 Season 2 renewal has not taken place, and there are higher chances of the series not coming back for another season. Thus, there are no official dates or any other information for the release of the second season. The creators did not give any hints or news that the show is returning. We can also say that the finale of the first season was complete. Go Anna and Je-Ha had a happy ending together, at last. All the villains controlling their life died at the end. Thus, they are free to live as they want without any interference. Also, everyone got the revenge they wanted in the final. A series to come back must have extra materials for becoming the sources of another season. However, not such a thing is there for in the case of The K2. 

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