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Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant? The Social Media Influencer Finally Addresses The Rumors!

Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant

Fans are curious to know, Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant? Social media users are no stranger to popular figure Andiswa Selepe Tshabalala who is also known as The Bomb RSA Aka Andiswa TS! The model and I influencer is a South African born model and has an impressive social media presence with a whopping 1 million followers. The social media star is very young but has reached great heights in terms of fame and success. Not to forget her impressive precedes on social media have helped her bag some impressive ads campaigns over the years. She also owns a YouTube channel as well with almost 70k subscribers. 

The young star is known for her lavish lifestyle and not to forget she flaunts her curves like a boss lady! While the young influencer has been facing allegations of going under the knife to make changes in her body, Andiswa has cleared the air and denied any such allegations of doing any kind of surgery. Andiswa is currently one of the youngest most influential South African female IG users. Her personal life has always been under the Lublin eye and media scrutiny and big speculation about Andiswa has come up recently. Let us unravel the rising question, Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant. 

Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant: Here’s What The Influencer Said About It?

In an exclusive session of the Ask Me Something Session, one fan asked the social media influencer whether she is pregnant or not. Andiswa Selepe soon answered saying that the whole pregnancy rumor thing is getting old now and cleared once again that she is not pregnant. Not to forget she pointed out that she is a child herself.

Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant

These pregnancy rumors were started after a few fans speculated that the influencer seems to have put on a few pounds. However, many said that it was just natural and it had nothing to do with these false pregnancy rumors. The influencer has once for all put an end to these allegations as well. Many even showed concern as they asked whether the young star is going to drop out of school to get married at such a young age. The social media star recently took to Instagram and announced that she is engaged while showing her ring to her million followers.

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Did DJ Melzi Cheat On The Bomb RSA?

While The Bomb RSA and Dj Melzi announced their engagement last year, things did not go quite as planned! The artist allegedly cheated on the popular social media personality and has been facing heavy backlashing since then! Take a look at this video as the social media influencer takes her fans and followers on a joy ride! It was all about some strenuous and fun outdoor activities.

Moreover, it has been rumored that DJ Melzi has been unfaithful to his would-be wife with South African model and blogger Amogelang Manyisa. It was claimed that he is not being unfaithful and these are just mere ruses. Both the rotors have not yet addressed these cheating rumors. The pair are reportedly going strong despite the ongoing cheating rumors. 

Did Social Media Star  Undergo Surgery As Many Pointed Out? 

The popular social media star Andiswa Selepe also known as The Bomb RSA often takes to social media to show her curves and fans have been in awe! However, many fans commented or claimed that the star might have undergone cosmetic or plastic surgery to enhance her curves and shape on social media.

Is The Bomb RSA Pregnant

Andiswa Selepe Tshabalala has cleared the air and instead claimed that she has never undergone any kind of surgery to enhance her body. Many have even pointed out how the influencer jas gains weight and many have questioned whether she is too young to undergo any kind of surgery. The star has been grabbing all kinds of lucrative endorsements being such an influential face on social media. While followers are interested in her life and what’s goes on, she is often subjected to major backlash as well. 

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