Is The 100 Season 8 Happening? Everything We Know & Series Finale Recap

The 100 Season 8
The 100 Season 8 Renewal Status

The CW’s Legacy series The 100 is an adaptation of Kass Morgan’s eponymous novel series. After seven seasons, the question of “Is The 100 Season 8 happening?” is adequate. Firstly, this post-apocalyptic science-fiction thriller follows the lives of crime survivors who are sent back to Earth from the Ark, a spaceship. They were assigned to find out whether or not the planet is sustainable after being destroyed by a nuclear catastrophe. Although the story began on this note, it has developed over the seasons to incorporate more storyline arcs and new characters.

For example, in the seventh season, we accompany the surviving population as they strive to overcome the reborn Dark Commander. Clarke becomes embroiled in a struggle with the enigmatic Disciples and holds the secret to winning the last war. Season 7 delves deeply into the Anomaly, a wormhole connecting six planets. After some big storyline twists, the season provided a spectacular ending that wraps up the core plotlines. So, does this indicate that ‘The 100’ has come to an end? Come with us and find out here at Otakukart.

Is the 100 Season 8 Happening? All We Know About The Renewal Status

Let’s clear some smoke out of the way. Season 8 of “The 100” isn’t happening. Firstly, Season 7 of ‘The 100’ premiered on The CW on May 20, 2020. With the announcement of the seventh season, the CW said that this was the final season. Secondly, “The 100” season 7 concluded with the 16th episode on September 30, 2020. Thirdly, if we take a look at the events, Clarke takes the final test, meeting her celestial judge, Lexa. However, she fails, putting the entire human race in jeopardy. When Raven steps forward to challenge the verdict, a confrontation between the Disciples and the citizens of Sanctum erupts. When Octavia encourages everyone to lay down their weapons, she explains that humans can unite. Finally, the survivors are allowed to transcend.

But here’s the catch. Clarke is not permitted to transcend since her deeds in the past have consequences. However, she soon finds that her friends had decided not to transcend after all. Instead, they opt to remain at Sanctum and become the last members of the human species because they cannot reproduce. Having said that, we must concede that Season 7 has a pretty conclusive finish.

The 100 Season 8
Stills from The 100 Season 7

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Story Arcs in The 100 Season 7 That Make Season 8 Impossible

Major character arcs are wrapped up in some full-circle ways that don’t make sense for the eighth season. Let’s start with John Murphy, who repeatedly stated that he was a survivor and that there was almost no one he would not betray to stay alive. But he realized he didn’t want to be content with simply surviving. He desired to live. So when Emori dies, he concludes that life is meaningless without her. He’d only be surviving without her. So he implants her mind drift into his body, knowing that two consciousnesses cannot coexist in one body and that he will die. Still, a few more hours with her before dying is preferable to any life without her.


Echo began her story on this program as a Grounder spy who betrayed Bellamy and his crew and impaled Octavia. Then we saw her fall down a precipice. Of course, Octavia didn’t die, but there was still bad blood between the two ladies, and things became highly complex when Echo and Bellamy fell in love. On the other hand, Echo follows after Octavia as she dashes into the midst of the battlefield in an attempt to stop the fight between the Disciples and everyone else. Instead, Echo is left with significant bullet wounds and appears to be on the verge of death to rescue the life of someone she once tried so hard to kill.


Octavia also gets a nice wrap-up. The girl Under the Floor grew into a true warrior, Blodreina, who became involved in gladiator fights and forced cannibalism. Things look bad on the battlefield, especially after Sheidheda fires the first few shots for the sake of causing bloodshed, but Indra, thankfully, finally takes that man out for good. And Octavia delivers a stirring speech about how they are all from the same tribe and that fighting is not the solution.

The 100 Season 7 Trailer:

Where to Watch The 100?

If you want to see this CW series, all you have to do is either check your local listings and TV guide for any reruns. Or alternatively, you can watch it online without the constraints of network airings. Consequently, we at Otakukart prepared for you a small brief for you to where to watch it. Firstly, you can watch the program on the CW website and its app. Secondly, you can watch all the seasons on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

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The 100 Season 7 Finale Recap

We’ve gone a long way from sending 100 juvenile delinquents to a post-apocalyptic Earth to see if it’s still habitable nearly 100 years after a nuclear apocalypse Duke Nukem-style. After we discovered that, sure, Earth was habitable and that people from space could return, and that a group of people had actually lived on the ground — they’re known as Grounders — and begun a new, tribalistic way of life. Eventually, another horrific disaster occurs: Praimfaya. Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) and her party of survivors cryogenically freeze themselves and travel for 125 years in a starship until they arrive at Sanctum.

Sanctum is a moon where, thanks to scientific space research, mankind long ago came and discovered a means to save their consciousness on a “mind drive” that they could install into other people’s bodies and live forever. Of course, our gang of humans completely messes up the Sanctum scenario because destroying societies is what they do best. Only to discover that Sanctum is linked to a nearby planet called Bardo via some interdimensional rocks that people can travel through. The 100 was, at times, overly intricate, especially in the later seasons. So, how did it all end when the show went dark? Was Clarke able to redeem the human race once and for all while retaining her soul?

The 100 Season 8
The 100 Season 8: Is it Happening?

The Disciples

The Disciples, a group of individuals descended from a survivalist cult on Earth, live in Bardo. They possessed another set of interdimensional pebbles on Earth that allowed them to move through time and space. The Disciples follow the Shepherd, a mystery figure who leads the Disciples on Earth. We later learn that The Shepherd’s real name is Bill Cadogan. Furthermore, Cadogan has been donning many white robes and studying those extraordinary gemstones, waiting for a “Last War” to occur so that mankind can transcend into a higher level of being.

The Alpha of the Omega

The Shepherd Cadogan understands that the Flame has the code to allow the stone to transport Cadogan to any place he needs to go to learn about the Last War and transcendence. To refresh our reader’s recollection, the Flame is the mental drive implanted in each Grounder commander’s skull that contains all of their memories. But, now that the Flame has been extinguished, he must alter his tactics.

The Shepherd Cadogan abducts Madi, Clarke’s adoptive daughter, and the last commander, who does not have the Flame in her head but has some residual memories of it. Cadogan then begins torturing Madi in unique ways to the Disciples’ techniques. He continues to do so until he obtains the code from her memories, at which point he abandons the poor girl in terrible condition. Clarke vows vengeance as he watches this.

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Fighting in a Bunker

Meanwhile, Raven, Jackson, and Murphy are fighting tooth and nail to save Emori’s life after the bunker where they were being held back on Earth collapsed. Sheidheda, an evil Grounder commander who used the Flame to boost his powers on Sanctum, wreaks havoc all over the place. Finally, Bellamy is killed by Clarke, his best friend. She was motivated by her belief that Bellamy posed a threat to Madi.

The 100 Season 8
Is The 100 Season 8 Happening?

The Test of Wits

Cadogan uses the code to traverse the interdimensional rocks, where he encounters a Being from a higher plane of existence in the form of his daughter Callie. The Being assumes the guise of a critical person in your life and says that there is no “Last War,” but there is a Final Test, according to 100 mythology. One individual, representing all humanity, will respond to the Being’s inquiries. And the Being will decide if humans are worthy of transcending and joining their shared awareness or if they should be utterly wiped out.

Despite the enormous stakes, Cadogan begins the Final Test, but Clarke appears and murders him before answering the first question. According to transcendence rules, once the Final Test has begun, it cannot be halted. As a result, Clarke will have to complete the test. The good news is that the entity takes the form of Clarke’s late lover and the Grounder’s supreme commander, Lexa.

The Conclusion

Clarke fails the test, and the creature decides that humanity will be extinct. Clarke, defeated, returns through the interdimensional rocks to tell Raven what occurred. Raven isn’t convinced of what happened and retreats into the interdimensional rocks to appeal the decision. The Being takes the appearance of Abby for Raven, and she warns her that humans never learn, are vicious, and are always at odds with one another. Raven tries to explain that they may keep trying to be better. But the fact that a war will break out between the Disciples and everyone on Earth doesn’t help her case.

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