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Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life

Ted Cruz is a familiar name in American Politics since 2013. The politician had served as an attorney as the junior United States Senator is a member of the Republican Party. Ted was also the Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008. Before joining mainstream politics, Ted was a law clerk in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit to J. Michael Luttig in 1995. Ted ran for the presidency spot in 2016, which he had been preparing for three years. He continued his presidential campaign for the Republican primaries and caucuses was the first major Republican presidential candidate for the 2016 campaign.

Ted Cruz was married to Heidi Cruz in 2001 and the couple has two daughters. Heidi herself is a known figure and has been the American managing director at Goldman Sachs since 2012. During Ted’s presidential run in 2016, she took a break from her job and was the primary breadwinner of the family. The couple recently faced backlash for their leaked conversation regarding an international vacation trip during the pandemic and a serious winter storm in Texas.

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life

Ted Cruz with his family

All We Know About Ted Cruz’s Early Life And His Involvement In Politics

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life

The Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was born on December 22, 1970, and was raised in the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Canada. His mother, Eleanor Wilson was three-quarters Irish and one-quarter Italian by birth and received a mathematics undergraduate degree from Rice University. His father, Rafael Cruz is a political personality and a Cuban-American Protestant preacher. He currently appears as a surrogate in Ted’s political campaigns.

Besides attending Second Baptist High School, he also participated in a Houston-based group and learned about the philosophies of economists. Cruz then attended Harvard Law School and passed with a Juris Doctor degree. Ted also participated in the Board of Advisors of the Texas Review of Law and Politics and was a policy advisor in the George W. Bush administration. Ted was also one of the attorneys who represented Representative John Boehner who was accused over a leaked phone conversation containing the mention of illegal stuff.

From 2003 to 2008, Ted was the Solicitor General of Texas appointed by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Cruz fought cases in the Supreme Court of the United States nine times and got victory five times. He also fought against banning homosexual sex in the U.S. Supreme Court. Ted was also appointed as the lead counsel for the state to fight for multiple litigation challenges and won the case. In 2012, he was a Tea Party candidate as Republican primary. The runoff for the Republican nomination by a 14-point margin over Dewhurst, by Ted.

Cruz received over 7.8 million votes and won 12 states, and earned 559 delegates in the 2016 Republican presidential primary run. He received 28% of the vote on the second run, won Texas by 17%. It was a margin win, and he beat his fellow runner Donald Trump by 25 points. Though he lost to Trump in the end.

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life

Ted Cruz

Along with his success, he also faced multiple scandals throughout his career. His victory was referred to as “the biggest upset of 2012 … a true grassroots victory against very long odds”. He was also held accused of violating the ethics rules by failing to publicly disclose his financial relationship with Caribbean Equity Partners Investment Holdings during the 2012 campaign. Ted and his wife took an amount of $1 million in low-interest loans from Goldman Sachs and did not report them to the laws. He also got involved in a sex scandal for having extramarital affairs with different women. The women who accused him also provided pictures as proofs and also wanted to stay anonymous for safety purposes.

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce?

Is Ted Cruz Getting A Divorce? Peek Into The Republican Party Member’s Personal Life

Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz

Ted Cruz and Heidi met her on George W. Bush’s presidential campaign when she was on break from Harvard Business School. And after a few months of dating, they got married. Heidi even left her job to support Ted Cruz during the 2016, Presidential elections and her family. After some time, Heidi suffered from depression and had a tough time. After few years they had two daughters, Caroline who is currently 12 years, and Catherine, 9 years.

Trump once tweeted and made fun of Heidi’s appearance, to which Ted replied strictly for attacking his family. The couple is recently targeted on social media for flying amidst pandemic and a winter storm in Texas. Though, both of them justify it saying that the trip was for their daughters.

The couple is together for 20 years and there is no news of Ted Cruz getting a divorce.

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