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Is Paul Giamatti Sick in Real Life? Updates About The Rumor

Is Paul Giamatti Sick in Real Life
Paul Giamatti on the set of "Billions"

Paul Giamatti looked very different on the last episodes of the finale season of “Billions”. In this article, I update you about Paul Giamatti’s health and illness. The question about his health has been trending for quite some time as Paul appeared to have lost tremendous weight on camera this year. The American star is known for his spectacular roles in big films such as ‘American splendor’, ‘The Illusionist’, ‘Cinderella Man, ‘San Andreas and’ Barney’s Version. An atheist by religion, Paul got married to Elizabeth Cohen in 1997, who is a Jew. He says that even though he is an atheist, it does not matter to him that his boy will be raised as a Jew. 

Paul has been a part of the Hollywood industry for the past 32 years, and it has been a delight not only for him but also for his fans. Throughout his time in the film industry, the actor has bagged many awards. The notable ones are mentioned in this article. He caught the attention of his fans in 1997 for his role of ‘Kenny Pig Vomit Rushton’ for the film “Private Parts”.  His role in Cinderella Man got him nominated for the Academy Award – Best supporting actor. To date, six big awards reside in his Brooklyn house. They include 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, 1 Primetime Emmy, and 2 Golden Globe Awards, respectively.  

Giamatti is also a subject of “Wax Paul Now’ campaign, which increased the chances of a fixed statue of him at the Madame Tussauds museum situated in New York City.

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Is Paul Giamatti Sick? : Is he sick or just a rumor

There is no personal comment from the Billion star about his health. He looks better than ever, and no source confirms his illness. Even Hollywood gossip does not seem to have an appropriate verdict regarding this issue. Giamatti can be a very private person at times which allows him to not tell anyone even if he has been to any hospital. He is a public figure who does seem to catch the media’s attention now and then, but there has been no news about his illness recently. This proves that our favorite boy is in good shape, and we pray for him to be like this shortly. I hope this comes as a relief for all his fans.

More than been sick, Paul has opened up to the media about his weight loss. The actor has worked out rigorously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “I exercised regularly but faced problems in the start,” says Paul. But that did not stop him, as he claims to have lost over fifteen pounds through the COVID-19 pandemic. He is very particular about his schedule and eating habits which helps him in maintaining a good figure even at the age of 54. This helps him set a perfect example and motivation for his fans about having a well-maintained lifestyle.

Is Paul Giamatti Sick in Real Life

Recent photo of Paul Giamatti

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Paul Giamatti updates: What is the star currently doing?

He is a veteran actor who has been in the industry for the past 32 years. He has been in a cast of 31 television shows and 82 films. The recent years have been nothing but a grand success for the actor. He gave the voiceover for “Rick and Morty” and “Big Mouth” ( animated television series) in 2020. After giving the voiceover for “White Fangs” ( English dubbing of French animated film) in 2018, Paul made his entry back to the movies in 2021. He acted in two movies’ Gunpowder Milkshake’ and “Jungle Cruise”. “A Mouthful Of Air’ is his upcoming film yet to be released. 

Giamatti has been a big part of the show “Billions” (an American drama series). Paul plays the role of ‘Chuck Rhoades’ who is a US District Attorney. I don’t believe that there is anyone who can play the role better than him. The show portrays a real-life story in which a District Attorney is behind the prosecution of a hedge fund manager. The show has five seasons, and the recent one is set to continue airing from 5th September 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Is Paul Giamatti Sick in Real Life

Paul Giamatti and Alexander Payne on the set of “Holdovers”

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