Is OJ Simpson on Tiktok? About the Former NFL player

Is OJ Simpson a TikTok user? This is a question that comes to mind while scrolling through social media for NFL fans. And, in addition to Twitter, this already well-known celebrity quickly gained a large following on TikTok. But who exactly is OJ Simpson?? OJ Simpson was a retired NFL player who was a star player for the Buffalo Bills, winning the Heisman Trophy. He married Nicole Brown, an actress, and model who had appeared on films such as The Towering Inferno and The Naked Gun, in 1985; ten years later, he was arrested for the murder of his wife and her friend Ron Goldman.

His DNA was found all over the crime scene, and he was acquitted after the famous court quote “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” during which he was forced to wear gloves to establish his innocence, nicknamed the trial of the century because he was never convicted in a criminal court.

Following his release, OJ began using social media and now has over 900,000 followers. He later attempted to join TikTok, claiming that his loneliness pushed him to join the Chinese social media app. On April 17, 2020, he created his first account, @oj32simpson, which as of now, has 45.3K Likes and 37.9K Fans. The number 32 in his username is a tribute to his NFL uniform number. He participated in the “K I’m bored in the house, and I’m in the house bored” trend, which ends with him drinking as a pastime. It got plenty of views and comments.

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When did OJ joined TikTok?

When he has the chance, Simpson looks to be enthusiastically keeping up with pop culture. He recently used Twitter to criticize the cast of The Tiger King, accusing Carole Baskins of murdering her husband. He goes on to say that due to Baskins, the husband is now definitely tiger food.

Simpson, of course, knows a thing or two about getting away with murder while keeping your mouth shut. When Sacha Baron Cohen tried, he couldn’t get a confession out of him. He made a new account after a while.

OJ Simpson on tiktok

After some time on TikTok, OJ halted the content train and emerged with a fresh account, prompting jokes that he was either a ‘boomer’ for forgetting his password or had been hacked. OJ was undeterred in any case, and he returned to TikTok using his new account. @theofficialojsimpson.

Despite the fact that he is most active on Twitter. In December of 2020, OJ stopped blogging from his second account for unknown reasons, and he began posting from a third account with the username @thajuice32.

OJ started giving relationship and marriage advice. Ironically, he was convicted of physically abusing his wife, Nicole. Users on TikTok stitched and commented on his marriage advice, whether he expected it or not. Some openly despised the man, while others made fun out of the irony of a convicted domestic abuser offering marriage advice.

He deleted his account again.

Simpson is still active on social media but no longer on TikTok. On Twitter, he continues to produce videos in which he primarily discusses his fantasy football league and offers advice to other league members. Based on his self-respect, OJ didn’t enjoy the humor, and the unwanted negative attention drove him to deactivate his newest account. The stitched versions of his videos can still be viewed, but the originals are no longer accessible. He surprisingly has no blue tick mark on Twitter and never did one on TikTok. His former accounts are still up and running, albeit most of his old postings have been stitched and duets disabled.

An awkward TikTok moment post-TikTok

Tiktok user @mackenziegd1998 is a young blonde woman who made a video with OJ Simpson where OJ tries to go in for a cheeky kiss after she dances on her chair as his hand can. Be seen caressing her waist before she yells: “OJ baby, he’s out.” She then turns and points at him, where he tries to go in for a smooch, but she completely swerves him. The 74-year old’s video got a million views and 7k comments on TikTok.

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