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Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Naruto’s True Power

Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Naruto's True Power
Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Naruto's True Power

When we talk about anime, one that immediately comes to our mind is Naruto. It is one of the most popular anime in the world, with a huge fan base. Even those who don’t watch anime would know the name Naruto. And why wouldn’t they, the guy is a freaking legend. He befriended a beast feared by the whole shinobi world. Kurama played a big part in the development of Naruto’s character and his personality in general. But something terrible has happened in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation, Kurama has passed away. And after a few tears and reminiscing, all we could think about is what’s next for Naruto. In this article, we will be looking into is Naruto still strong without Kurama? Along with that, we would also be talking about Naruto’s true power.

In the latest episodes of Boruto, they were all in some other dimension far away from the Leaf Village fighting against Jigen. After Naruto was pinned down, he talked to Kurama, and he told Naruto about a way in which he could increase his power by a great extent. The only drawback, this crazy power uses lifeforce, which can kill either or both of them. Naruto took that chance and unleashed the much-awaited Baryon mode. Together, they fought and managed to overpower Jigen.

However, Naruto’s body could not keep up with this new mode, and he ultimately collapsed. In his final moments, they both reminisce about the time they were together. Here, Naruto believed that they both were dying, but Kurama revealed that he never once said that Naruto would die. He cries and pleads not to leave him, but nothing could have been done. Now that you know that, it is time to answer, is Naruto still strong without Kurama?

The Tale Of Naruto Uzumaki And Kurama

Naruto was the child of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, and then Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Beast, Kushina Uzumaki. When she was in labor, the seal that kept Kurama inside was weakened and ultimately broken, letting him unleash hell in the Leaf Village. They both managed to seal half of him inside Minato and another half inside their newborn, Naruto. People hated him for being the Jinchuriki of a tailed beast that almost destroyed the Hidden Leaf and killed their Hokage and comrades. Unknown to the fact that he himself was the son of Hokage, he does everything in his power to become a Ninja and later the Hokage. His only companion was the demon fox sealed inside of him.

Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama? Naruto's True Power

Naruto opening the seal of Kurama.

At first, Kurama would do everything in his power to try and coerce Naruto into removing the seal. Later, when he met Killer B, he saw how they were almost like friends. And Naruto had already made a promise to Kurama that he would take all the hatred out of him and become his friend. After some training, Naruto finally undid the seal and let Kurama be free inside of him, unleashing great powers. He aided him during the Fourth Great Ninja War against the Akatsuki, Madara, and Kaguya Otsutsuki. After which, all the tailed beasts were set free, but Kurama stayed in order to be a liaison between the tailed beast and Naruto. As mentioned earlier, in a fight against Jigen Otsutsuki, Kurama lost his life and bid farewell to the anime entirely. With that, this is the time to explore the strength of Naruto without Kurama.

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Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama?

The simple answer is yes, Naruto is still strong without Kurama but not as strong as he was before. As we know, during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto was gifted half of the Hagoromo Osutsuki’s chakra. With the help of that, he can tap into his Sage Of Six Paths power as it does not require Kurama’s chakra, but it definitely won’t be as strong. Being an Uzumaki, Naruto can still use sealing jutsu to some extent. We definitely did lose Kurama, but there are 8 other beasts who share their chakra with Naruto. It would be really amazing to see how would the writers incorporate this in the anime.

Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama Naruto's True Power

Naruto Sage of Six Paths Chakra/Mode

Even without the help of Kurama, Naruto has mastery over Sage Mode and can access it. Moreover, he can use the Perfect Toad Sage Mode, giving him immense power and control over Senjutsu. With the chakra of all the tailed beasts flowing in him, he can utilize all of their Kekkei Genkai Jutsu and abilities. As he mastered the power of Sage of Six Paths, he had complete power over all types of chakra nature; wind, fire, water, earth, and lightning. The biggest flex of them all, he is the reincarnation of Asura Otsutsuki. That means it greatly boosts his physical prowess and gives him greater vitality, just like it did for Hashirama Senju.

Some Obvious Disadvantages And Final Thoughts

With Kurama gone, Naruto is surely not that powerful anymore. Kurama gave him an extra edge in his abilities and boosted them to a greater extent. The infinite source of chakra was definitely a huge bonus for him as he used the chakra rigorously without fear of ever running out of it. But that will stop now. He would not be able to easily win against stronger enemies like Delta. He no longer has the exceptional healing abilities like he used to and has to think before he acts. Speaking of thinking, Naruto is experienced in battle, but he is way too reckless, and without the help of Kurama, he would have been critically injured every time. His tactics have saved Naruto countless times.

Is Naruto Still Strong Without Kurama Naruto's True Power

Naruto and Kurama

Kurama was a critical part of Naruto. During their final moments, he confessed that Kurama was like a brother to him or even more. He was there when no one else was, and he truly saw what Naruto went through on daily basis. Without him, Naruto sure as hell isn’t that strong, but more than that, he lost a friend, brother, even. And it’s not just him that is going to miss Kurama, we would too, and so would all the people in the Hidden Leaf and other tailed beasts. All I can say right now is, goodbye Kurama, hope you do well in the afterlife, and thanks for watching over Naruto.

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