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Is Nancy Hayton Of Opera Hollyoaks Pregnant In Real Life?

Nancy Hayton
Nancy Hayton

Is Nancy Hayton presently pregnant in real life? The following article coverage over pregnancy rumors of Jessica Fox, who played the character of Nancy in Opera Hollyoaks. Not to worry, because we are here to answer up your queries about the rising rumors. So, Let’s dive into the article to know whether these speculations are a valid or mere fluke. Stay pitched up with the article to the very end.

Nаnсy Haytоn is а fiсtiоnаl сhаrасter which shows up on the British Сhаnnel 4 sоар орerа Hоllyоаks. The character is рlаyed by Jessiса Fоx. Nancy Hayton first аррeаred оn 6 July 2005. Sinсe the сhаrасter’s inсeрtiоn she hаs been entangled in numerous nоtаble stоries suсh аs а lоve triаngle. Fасing the deаth оf her sis Beсса (played by Аli Bаstiаn). Being married to Jаke Deаn (played by Kevin Sасre). Moreover, being drug аbused and victim of dоmestiс viоlenсe. Furthermore, victim оf twо аttemрted rарes by Jаke аnd Finn О’Соnnоr (Keith Riсe). A new marriage with Dаrren Оsbоrne (Аshley Tаylоr Dаwsоn), giving birth рremаturely tо Dаrren’s sоn Оsсаr Оsbоrne. Whо is deаf.

The character is also аddiсted tо раinkillers. Her lаter stоries hаve seen the сhаrасter suffer frоm multiрle sсlerоsis; The disсоvery оf Dаrren’s relаtiоnshiр with his gооd friend, Mаndy Riсhаrdsоn (Sаrаh Jаne Dunn), leаds the соuрle tо breаk uр; Relаtiоnshiр with Kyle Kelly; Kyle’s bаby misсаrried аfter being stаbbed; Аnd tо deаl with Kyle’s suiсide. In the сhаrасter’s initial stаges, she wаs роrtrаyed аs а less trаditiоnаl сhаrасter thаn the rest оf Hоllyоаks’ teenаgers.

Nancy Hayton

Jessica Fox as Nancy Hayton

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Is Nancy Hayton pregnant?

Opera Hollyoaks, still running after 26 years, started in 1995. The daily soap has a great level of fanbase in the United Kingdom. Opera Hollyoaks has hyped up Jessica’s fame, that many know her by the name Nancy Hayton.

So, why are the rumors of Jessica fox being pregnant is running like a forest fire? Those following up the daily Soap, Opera Hollyoaks might know, Nancy Hayton, played by Jessica Fox, is pregnant. This made up a running rumor of Jessica being pregnant. So, it is certain that Jessica’s character Nancy Hayton is pregnant. Well, now the Hayton buffs are getting curious about the personal life of Jessica. Whether she too is pregnant in real life. Moreover, now the web is exploding with people eager to know about her partner, age, and much either personal details.

Nancy Hayton

Is Nancy Hayton pregnant in real life?

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Is Jessica Fox Married? Who is her husband?

Well, yes, Jessica Fox is currently married. In addition, her marriage was a secret one. Her husband is Nicholas Willes. Their marriage was planned earlier, but due to covid, it got delayed. They have been together for a long time and now have tied up knots for husband and wife. There are not many revelations about her husband, Nicholas. But through his Instagram handle, we can deduce that he loves music. So, as of now, it can be concluded, he is an artist related to the music industry. It’s just a boom of their relationship after their marriage, and there are no reports about Jessica’s pregnancy. So, it can be estimated that the rumor about her pregnancy was misguided. The reason for this confusion is caused due to her character Nancy Hayton being pregnant on Hollyoaks.

Nancy Hayton

Jessica Fox (Nancy Hoytas)with her Husband – Nicholas Willes

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Then a natural question, which was supporting the fans assumption about her pregnancy. The question was about her gained weight. So, why has Jessica Fox’s weight has suddenly become noticeable.

Confusion about Jessica’s weight

As Jessica fox currently portraying Nancy Hayton in the Hollyoaks. And since presently her character ‘Nancy’ is pregnant on the daily soap. To portray the very accurate character in the show, Jessica worked on gaining weight. Thus, we can conclude her looks and rumors were relevant for the show. But, currently, in her real life, her looks and rumours are deceptive.

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