Is Nanami stronger than Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Nanami stronger than Mahito
"I always thought i was a person without no concept of reason for living. but i suppose i was wrong, even someone like can have a purpose in life" -Kento Nanami

Nanami and Mahito are popular characters from Jujutsu Kaisen about whom every otaku must be knowing about. Did you watch the Nanami vs Mahito fight? Nanami is a Grade 1 sorcerer of Jujutsu Kaisen, who takes the responsibility of taking care of Itadori Yuuji when Gojo goes for a tour to kill off some curse. Nanami has amazing skills in hand-to-hand combat and cursed-object fighting. He initially left Jujutsu High after graduating to become a salaryman, but he realized what he truly wanted to do and returned four years later to continue working as a Jujutsu Sorcerer. He is a technical fighter, and his intellect is a big reason why he’s a Grade 1 Sorceror today. So, do you all think that Nanami is stronger than Mahito?

Mahito is a cursed spirit who works with Pseudo Geto. Pseudo Geto is not Geto! He’s the evilest sorcerer, and he actually belonged to Kamo Family, who can use Blood Manipulation. However, Kenjaku possesses the body of the dead Suguru Geto so that he can use his Cursed Spirit Manipulation. Mahito might seem fun, but that’s only till someone actually gets to know him. He is very intelligent for a curse, and hence he’s placed in the special grade category. His special moves like Idle Transfiguration can even reshape souls. His powers are quite dangerous, but let’s find out whether he will be able to defeat Nanami or not!

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Nanami vs Mahito

Ijichi goes over the data that they collected regarding the deaths and disfigurations. They’re able to assume the position of the culprit’s hideout. Even though Yuji wanted to go over and attack, Nanami suggested that they should wait for more to do more investigation. The next day Yuji went to talk to Junpei, and Ijichi asked Nanami why he lied about the info being an assumption. He answered that it is pretty evident that the location is a trap.

After Ijichi leaves, Nanami gets underground and finds a lot of disfigured humans. Nanami first encounters Mahito in a sewer, and Nanami expresses that he doesn’t like ruthless killing. Mahito says he’s glad that Gojo didn’t show up. Nanami simply says that he doesn’t like working overtime, and they need to get this done. Mahito attacks Nanami with his cursed powers, and Nanami quickly defends himself using his sword. The fight was thrilling to watch!

 Nanami stronger than Mahito
“I studied at Jujutsu Tech, and one thing I learned is that Jujutsu Sorcerers are shit. Then I worked at your typical company and one thing I learned is that work is shit” -Kento Nanami

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Is Nanami stronger than Mahito?

During Mahito and Nanami’s first fight, the cursed spirit defends himself against Nanami’s attacks but soon, his arm breaks due to Nanami’s cursed technique and the Ratio Technique, which marks the body in seven and three ratio, which helps the attacker hit a critical point. This soon sparks a conversation over the origin of the soul when Mahito expresses how he could reshape souls. Mahito has a cursed technique called Idle Transfiguration that allows him to reshape the soul, which transforms the body. For example, he healed his broken arm, but he can also use it for devastating results like using it to transform a miniature ex-human into a curse-like creature.

The disfigured human asks Nanami for help. This incident reminds him that his friend Shoko asked him to kill these people, even if it’s out of mercy. When Mahito realized Nanami’s spirit was wavering, he said that he was perfect for experimenting with his cursed technique, which could reshape souls. He quickly approaches him with enhanced speed and manages to touch the lower right side of his torso. He activates Idle Transfiguration, injuring Nanami’s side. Mahito taunts Nanami and makes him fall on one knee in pain. Nanami would be dead if he wasn’t subconsciously protecting his soul with his cursed energy and ran away because he was not able to defeat Mahito alone. Hence, Mahito is stronger than Nanami.

 Nanami stronger than Mahito
“Most people in this world are not good or evil, death is the final stop for all of us. Giving them all a proper death is a difficult task, I personally wouldn’t recommend it.” -Kento Nanami

Did Yuji and Nanami defeat Mahito at the end?

Yuji was fighting Mahito in the high school, and Nanami appeared at the right time to save him. Mahito expresses his happiness on seeing Nanami, and Nanami tells Yuji that he could hurt Mahito with his powers. Mahito manages to evade the massive combined blow by transforming his body into a kid version of himself which helps him to slip through. Then, Mahito changes back to normal size and uses his cursed technique to create several mutated children to kill them.

 Nanami stronger than Mahito
“Everyone likes a little wordplay, after all, humans can’t live without making up excuses” -Mahito

Mahito even traps Nanami inside his Domain Expansion, called Self-Embodiment of Perfection. Therefore, Nanami might be a very strong sorcerer, but Mahito is an exceptional Special Grade with brains. However, Yuji used Divergent Fist, which caused Mahito to withdraw at the end. Yuji and Nanami did great teamwork to keep Mahito off the bay.

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