Is Monsterland Season 2 Coming Back to Hulu?

Monsterland Season 2
Monsterland Season 2

For Hulu, October is always a special month. The platform takes a special effort to transform its interface into a Halloween-themed experience and calls it “Huluween”. For the 2020 season, the platform dropped this series, and now the question is pertinent: Will Monsterland Season 2 happen? Additionally, the anthology series grabbed serious traction after its debut and also gained even more followers after Halloween —or should we say “Huluween”? — 2021.

Mary Laws created Monsterland from Nathan Ballingrud’s short stories titled “North American Lake Monsters: Stories”. Running a total of eight episodes, this horror show will take you through different parts of the United States with different vignettes and stories. Also, the cast is different for each episode, and you can watch them in any order you like. It’s a great series if you’re in the mood for a chilling story. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at this Hulu original series here at Otakukart.

Monsterland Season 2
Is Monsterland Making a Comeback to Hulu?

Monsterland Season 2 Renewal Status

Firstly, Monsterland debuted in October 2020 on Hulu, and all eight episodes dropped on the Disney-owned platform simultaneously. A year has passed since, and the possibility of a series renewal is still unanswered. Secondly, no official information has emerged from the showrunners or Hulu. Since the series is an anthology series with chapters completely unrelated to each other, the showrunners might get some screenwriters to come up with some chilling stories to keep the show alive. But that is just speculation. Monsterland season one consists of eight episodes of about one hour run time.

On another point, when Monsterland came about production, COVID-19 wasn’t in the panorama. But when the virus halted every aspect of the entertainment business. All the production companies reframed their strategies. While some companies like Netflix promised a premiere every week, others took a more conservative approach. And Hulu is exactly one of them. The platform is quite conservative when it comes to renewing shows and only greenlights those they deem a sure bet. And unfortunately, “Monsterland” isn’t on the shortlist.

Monsterland Season 2 Release Date

Suppose Hulu and the showrunners do decide to greenlight another installment of this program. All things considered, Monsterland might drop in late 2022. Possibly to coincide with the “Huluween” event of Halloween festivities. Still, this is speculation, a year has passed since the debut season. And as stated earlier, no official mention of this topic has come out. Rest assured, as soon as the showrunners or Hulu make an official announcement, we at Otakukart will post an update for you.

Once again also, Monsterland is quite the easy series for Hulu for a renewal. While the short stories from which Monsterland takes their inspiration are limited. There’s a lot of other short horror stories out there that could serve as fodder for the screenwriters.

Monsterland Trailer:

Where to Watch Monsterland?

If you want to watch Monsterland, then navigate on Hulu because this is a Hulu Original series. Consequently, you won’t find it on Netflix, Disney+, or Amazon Prime Video. Additionally, Hulu is a widely available platform that has a variety of options that suit any budget. Moreover, you can get an essential subscription and enjoy Monsterland, as well as a wide catalog of movies, series, documentaries, and shows. Lastly, Hulu offers —for an additional price— add-ons to platforms like HBO Max, Starz, Epix, Showtime, and Live TV.

Monsterland Season 1 Recap

Since Monsterland is an anthology series, you can watch the episodes in any order you wish. Why? Because the stories have no relation to one another. The debut chapter is called “Port Fourchon, LA”, we go to the south, to Louisiana, where Tony is a single mom working as a waitress with stressful life. She’s short on money and has a troubled child. When a mysterious stranger arrives in town looking for a place to stay, the local motel is completely full. Later, he appears at Toni’s workplace, offering money in exchange for a conversation, and then at her home, trying to offer even more money in return for staying overnight at her home. Toni must weigh the prospect of a financial reprieve against the man’s obvious danger.

Eugene, OR

We go to the American Heartland. A high school student, Nick Smith, dropped out to care for his mother after she suffered a stroke. He contacts a group of people online after seeing an unexplained shadow creature, who explains that the shadow creature is to blame for his misfortune and that they, too, are victims of the shadow creatures. As his involvement with the group grows, he must decide where he’s willing to go in their fight against the shadow creatures.

Nick decides to go into battle, takes up a full tactical gear, including a piece of complete tech equipment that comprises a camera on his helmet for live streaming. He’s gone Rambo mode, now convinced that he must kill the creature. He then stands outside his mother’s room and tells her that he will war for them both, using the exact phrases as West and others. Nick captures the creature during the hunt, just as his mother begins to ring the bells he had set up in her room so she could use them to draw his attention. Finally, Nick pulls the trigger as the creature responds with surrender gestures, and his mother asks off-screen where he went. However, instead of a bright column of light, flashes and gunshots can be heard as the scene fades to black.

Monsterland Season 2
Can Monsterland Make it Back for Huluween 2022?

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New Orleans, LA

We go back to Louisiana. A congressional hearing has been scheduled for an oil baron named Stanley Price, the CEO of Titan International, regarding his actions leading up to lies and inaction in the face of an environmental catastrophe generated by his firm. To develop positive press, he arranges a photo shoot at a church. Still, after eating a communion wafer, he suffers from a supernatural case of indigestion, forcing him and his assistant Josh to confront their guilt.

Plainfield, IL

When sparks fly during a classroom debate, two law students, Kate (played by Taylor Schilling) and Shawn (played by Roberta Colindrez), connect. Years later, they’re husband and wife, have a daughter together, and live in the suburbs. They have a night on the town out to enjoy their anniversary, which leads to an argument and one of them making a difficult decision about living with the mental illness of the other. But will she be able to deal with the consequences of her choice?

Palacios, TX

Now, we go to the Lone Star State. Sharko (Trieu Tran), a fisherman who suffers long-term health effects from the Titan International oil spill mentioned in episode 4 (“New Orleans, LA”), is now unable to fish due to his injuries and the oil spill’s deformed worthless fish in the area. He discovers a mermaid (played by Adria Arjona) washed up on the shore, a victim of the environmental disaster while walking along the beach. He brings her back to his house and tries to contact her while restoring her health.

Monsterland Season 2
Stills from Monsterland Season 1

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Iron River, MI

Next, we travel to the Great Lakes State. Elena (played by Sarah Catherine Hook) has an obsession with the Lumberjack Killer, suspected of being responsible for countless disappearances in the White Woods. Elena goes to the woods to some cannabis after spending the evening with her friend Laura (played by Kelly Marie Tran), goes missing, and is never found.

Laura returns to Iron River ten years later for her wedding to the man who was Elena’s ex-boyfriend of her abduction. Furthermore, Laura has also grown close to Elena’s mom, who now is Laura’s surrogate mother, in the intervening years. Laura must revisit the day Elena vanished, finding an explanation far stranger than a serial killer after a body matching Elena’s description is discovered in the woods on the eve of her wedding.

Newark, NJ

The final episode takes us to the Rust Belt. “The Fall” is an event in which many living things fall out of the sky. No one understands where they come from and why they exist, so they’re dubbed angels. Bryan (played by Mike Colter) and Amy (played by Adepero Oduye) deal with Tabitha’s disappearance a year ago. While Amy wishes to mourn her loss, Bryan refuses to admit that Tabitha may or may not return. As Amy refuses to take down Christmas lights or change her bed, an extended meeting with a wounded angel keeps changing their lives forever after their relationship has finally strained to the breaking point.

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