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Is Michelle Obama Getting A Divorce, Where Did The Rumors Come From?

We all know the notable first African-American lady, who is also the wife of the ex-President of the USA that is Barack Obama. Her name is Michelle Obama. Not only is she the first Afro-American lady, but she also has training in the field of law. Other than that, she is the 44th first lady to become a President of the United States, and she is also the third first lady to have a postgraduate degree. With her behavior and skills, she is admired not only by the people of America but everyone around the world.

Like many other middle-class families, she also learned her values for her father and mother. In an interview, she told that she was taught the value of hard work and determination from her father. Like many other girl children, her father was also her hero, even though he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a very early age of his life. Though he was diseased, he never let it show in his ambitions and dreams. Other than that, she learned to keep her family values from her mother, who is a homemaker.

Gradually she completed her education and established herself as a successful lawyer. At the time when she met the reputed president Barack Obama, she was already an established and successful lawyer, who got married to another successful lawyer that is Barack Obama. Soon enough, her husband Barack Obama decided to be the representative. She supported her husband in most of his rallies. After some time, she became the first lady, which led to her responsibilities being increased. Being in power not only did she rule but also focused on issues that needed attention, specifically Women Empowerment, Health of the children, Education, Organic Food movement as well as national service.

Childhood and Education

Is Michelle Obama getting a divorce?

Michelle Obama as a kid

Born on the 17th of January in 1964 in the beautiful city of Chicago, which is in the state of Illinois, was none other than but the role model of many women named Michelle Obama. She was born in a family of blue-collar workers where her father was the bread earner of the family, and her mother was the pillar of the house that is she was a homemaker named Marian. Her father’s name was Fraser Robinson III, who by profession was a pump operator under the Water Department of Chicago. She was not the only child of the family but had a brother named Craig. Being a stay home. Being a stay home mom, Obama’s mother considered it as her priority to raise Michelle and her brother Craig as the best human beings.

Like any other middle-class family, Michelle and her brother were raised like any other ordinary kid as well as they had a happy childhood. Talking about her schooling, she was an intelligent student from the very childhood. Being an intelligent student, when she was in the sixth grade, she was offered to join the class of an elementary school named Bryn Mawr Elementary School. For her high school, she went to the popular school named Whitney Young High School. In her high school years, she was also a member of the National Honour Society. She passed high school with flying colors in 1981. Being such a good student, she was chosen as the one to give a graduation speech for her class.

During her college life, she attended the Princeton University. There she persuaded her course in Sociology as well as in African American Studies. She acquired a bachelor’s degree in the Bachelor of Arts in 1985. After her graduation, she made her way to the esteemed law school named Harvard Law School. She earned her Juris Doctor that JD degree in 1988. Just a few years after graduating, she worked in the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau. There she was the lawyer of low-income tenants with their house cases.


Though she started her career in 1991, with many ups and downs, gradually, with time in 1993, she was chosen for the prestigious post of Executive Director. She earned the post in the non-profit organization in the Chicago Office of the Public Allies. She helped in motivating and guiding people to take active participation in the social issues as well as establish many other non-profitable organizations and groups as well as government agencies. She continued working there as the Executive Director for a period of four years.

With being a prominent lawyer of America, she earned the post of Associate Dean in the office of Student Service at the prestigious university named University of Chicago in 1996. After some time that is in 2001, she was chosen as the executive director for the office of Community Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Being impressed with her work and her values, she was offered the post of Vice President in the office of Community and External Affairs. She was offered the post in 2005. At the time when her career was at the peak, she married the presidential aspirant named Barack Obama.

Like any other wife, to support her husband in his rallies and presidential campaign, she got cut out from her career when it was in its peak time. She quit her own job leaving behind her high-paying position as a dean and another post that she was offered at that time. With all the work the couple did together, the year came when Barack Obama declared his presidential candidacy, which was in 2007. With that, not only the responsibility of Barack Obama increased, but Michelle Obama also took more responsibilities so that she can help her husband increased as well. Gradually with time, she reduced her professional responsibilities and started helping her husband to earn the post of President. At that very time, the couple was the parents of two very young daughters, who have to be taken care of.

With being such a prominent law practitioner of America, I believe she must be a superwoman because managing her own career as well as helping her husband to earn such a big post is not a matter of joke. Focusing on her career, she took a stand for the families of the military. Apart from her duties and responsibilities, she actively took part in the national services as well as supported the idea of helping working women so that they can balance their family and their career. Apart from that, she also helped her husband Barack Obama in his policy of priorities and also supported the economic stimulus bill.

In the very next year, that is in 2011; she made a collaboration with Dr. Jill Biden. Together they took the step to launch another program named Joining Forces. Under this program, all the members of the American support service, the veterans, as well as their families are called upon so that they can be provided with the best-required support. They can be provided so since the program worked for hand in hand with both the existing sectors that are the private sector as well as the public sector.

After a couple of years, that is in 2014; she bought up the initiative titled Reach Higher. Under this scheme, the youngsters, especially those who have are drop out or, for some reason or the other, failed to continue their education after their high school years, are inspired to start their education again. The scheme mainly motivates the youngsters by making them understand the significance of having higher education. It is done so that the youngsters get the motivation of getting a professional course or earning a degree from any university or college of their choice.

Personal Life

Michelle Obama with her beloved husband, Barack Obama

Our very own Michelle Obama met her partner, who is now her husband named Barack Obama, in 1989. The couple met when Barack Obama got an opportunity to be an intern in the popular law firm where Michele already worked. Being an intern there, Michelle was appointed as his advisor. Gradually with time, the couple fell in love with each other. Within a few years, they tied the knot in October 1992. Soon enough, they became parents of two beautiful daughters, namely Malia Ann and Natasha. Though she is one of the prominent personalities of America like any other woman, she is a committed mother. Furthermore, she prioritizes her family more than her work.

Talking about her skills, how can we forget, she is also popular and admired for her great fashion sense. Not only is she an intellectual lady but also regarded to be one of the popular fashion icons of America as well as someone who sets the trend of new fashion. Furthermore, she also made her appearance on the cover page of the popular magazine named Vogue, in the edition which was published in March 2009.

Is Michelle Obama and Barack Obama getting a divorce?

Is Michelle Obama getting a divorce?

Is Michelle Obama getting a divorce?

We all know that rumors, especially about any celebrity, can spread like wildfire. The same goes with the divorce rumors of the ex-first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama, and her husband, who is the former president of the USA named Barack Obama. To date, when you read the article, you must have seen many articles spreading the news or, as I would say, the rumors with their posts. On many social media handles, posts are made regarding their divorce. The big question comes in now, who started the rumor. A rumor came from the news page Empire News. Being a responsible news page, they have also addressed it in their description, but people being excited about news took the news and a real one without reading their description

The post of that particular news page read somewhere around the line that the ex-president is Barack Obama made an application for filling a divorce after he accepted the fact that he by sexuality a homosexual. But let me tell you, this news is totally fake. Now you may say, how can it be fake?. So in the about section of the website, one can see that they have mentioned that the news that they post is satirical and fictional based. Furthermore, they have also said that their post is only for entertainment and not to attack anyone personally.

It is also mentioned that the name that they use, if not celebrities, are fictional. So henceforth, after reading the description of the news site, we may say that though they have posted the news for entertainment, it is the people who should understand how to deal with fictional news and real news. So in the end, we find that the beautiful couple that is the former First Lady of the USA that is Michelle Obama, and the former President of the USA that is Barack Obama, are neither getting a divorce nor they are parting their ways. The couple is going to continue their beautiful bond by supporting and having each other’s back in everything like any other couple.

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