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Is Mel C in a Relationship? The English Singer’s Love Life Revealed

Is Mel C in a Relationship?
Is Mel C in a Relationship?

In this article, we cover this topic: is Mel C in a relationship. You might remember Mel C from the pop music group Spice Girls. And the reason you read about her is that she recently commented that fellow Spice Girl Victoria Beckham could join in a Spice Girls reunion. With the millennial nostalgia running rampant, why wouldn’t the Spice Girls jump on that bandwagon when the guys from N*SYNC and the Backstreet Boys are doing TikToks and the #FreeBritney movement just gave the early century pop music a revival? Keep reading this Otakukart article to learn more! And remember, we post daily updates.

So, what’s all the fuzz about Mel C? Former Spice Girl Melanie Jayne Chisholm (b. January 12, 1974) is an English singer, actress, dancer. She and the other Spice Girls rose meteorically to fame in 1996 with two studio albums that put them in fame at a time when you actually had to purchase a whole album to listen to a song. But now Spotify and the cult for retro things have become mainstream. Mel C reappears as a solid fashion icon. Firstly, we will cover her biography. Secondly, we will cover her relationship status and net worth. And lastly, we will give you some extra details about this English entertainer’s life. So, let’s begin!

Who is Melanie C? The English Performer’s Career

Melanie Jayne Chisholm, also —best— known as Mel C, is an English entertainer born in 1974. She rose to notoriety for her performing with pop music girl band Spice Girls back in 1996’s Britain. With that group, her nickname was “Sporty Spice,” and their music took over the world. But that’s only the initial stage in the long-running career of one of Britain’s most famous artists. After six years with the Spice Girls, Mel C then signed a contract with Virgin Records and recorded her first solo album titled “Northern Star.” That album didn’t sell well. And with multiple gigs in the recording industry, she kept on hustling.

After two years hustling away in the music business, Mel C released her 2003 album “Reason.” This was her second album. Along with this, she lent her voice for different soundtrack films —a job she found very lucrative. She has also lent her voice to music soundtracks from Adam Sandler movies to Pokémon feature films. Further, during those years, Mel C had to deal with depression but bounced back. After that, Mel C broke things up with Virgin Records in 2004 and started her own label, Red Girl Records, where she recorded and released her own stuff. For two years, Mel C would work unstoppably, making a name for herself in her solo career. And things took off for her because she hasn’t stopped working since, either solo —with seven albums to her name— or collaborative.

Is Mel C in a Relationship?

Is Mel C in a Relationship?

Is Mel C in a relationship? The English Singer’s Love Life Revealed

English performer and entertainer Mel C is in a relationship with her manager Joe Marshall. The couple has a seven-year-long relationship and seems happy. Further, Mel C has a daughter with real estate developer and singer Thomas Starr from a previous relationship she had with the man for ten years. This was when they met in sunny Barbados back in 2002. But that’s one of the men Mel C dated in her life because before currently dating Joe Marshall, she had several flings with Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and rapper Jason “J” Brown. Now, let’s cover this English singer’s wealth and assets.

What is Mel C Net Worth: How Much Money Does Sporty Spice Have?

Mel C has an estimated net worth of over £33 million. With the bulk of her income coming from royalties from all those Spice Girls songs currently on the Spotify playlists of millions of millennials all around the world, coupled with record sales from her work as well as her salary from TV presentations and other hustles she invests in. Additionally, if we were to rank the Spice Girls net worth, she would rank number four, with the podium going to Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell (now Horner), and Emma Bunton.

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Is Mel C in a Relationship?

Is Mel C in a Relationship?

Mel C impact on Pop Culture

The Spice Girls were a cultural phenomenon back in their time. They remind the public of a time where vaccinations weren’t controversial, and facemasks were an exception and not a rule. In Mel C’s case, she was part of a cultural phenomenon of boy and girls pop bands at a political time in Britain where the Labour party was trying to bounce back with Tony Blair. When the Spice Girls popped in the scene, everybody was paying attention to alternative rock, rap music, and Rythm and Blues. So, music producers decided to market music for an emerging sector of the market that would later become millennials. Furthermore, we wouldn’t have artists like Billie Eilish, Carly Rae Jepsen, or Adele hadn’t it been for the Spice Girls. Good for Mel C and the Spice Girls. Hopefully, they can make one more tour to make us all feel nostalgic for their music! Catch you next time here at Otakukart!

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