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Is Meghan Ory Pregnant? All About the Rumors

Is Meghan Ory pregnant
Meghan Ory, beautiful Canadian actress

Is Meghan Ory pregnant? This question has now become a global question. People wanted to know about Meghan Ory’s pregnancy. They wanted to know if the most loving actress is going to be a mommy soon. Meghan Ory is one of the popular actresses in the Canadian industry. She has given many popular hits. Her acting has made her one of the known celebrities in Canada. She has been in the news because of her back-to-back success in the field of television drama. Meghan has given many popular hits like Once Upon a Time, Intelligence, Chesapeake Shores, etc. All her dramas are so loved and watch million times. People from all over the world love her. They adore her, look at her fashion sense, fitness, and many others.

Since 1999, she is in the film industry. And from then, she has rocked the whole entertainment field of Canada. She has worked with many legend stars like Suzane Somers, an American actress, and Timothy Busfield, an American actor. She has also been in the popular television series The Crow: Stairway to Heaven as a guest. There are many more professional highlights about her which we will explain later in this article. First of all, people are crazy to know about Meghan’s pregnancy. So, in this article, we will talk all about Meghan’s pregnancy and more about her personal life.

Is Meghan Ory pregnant?

No, Meghan Ory is not pregnant. Though, after ten years of marriage, Meghan expected her first child. It was such a really long time to conceive a child. Her first child was a son who was born in 2018. Meghan stated that she felt the most blessed woman on this earth. She also added that her son had completed their family. After the birth of a son, next year in 2019, she announced that she is expecting again. In one of her interviews, she said that this time she wanted to have a baby girl. So that her family may complete. And in October 2019, Meghan and her husband welcomed their second child.

Meghan’s husband is John Reardon. They got married in 2008. John Reardon is one of the best celebrities in the Canadian industry. His full name is John Herry Reardon. He is an actor and also an amazing former university football player. He is 46 years old talented actor. John was born in 1975, July 30th, in the city of Halifax Regional Municipality in Canada. He is a handsome, dashing personality with a height of 1.85 meters. John has completed his studies at The Lir Academy, Mount Allison University, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, etc. He has worked in many popular dramas series and films. He was nominated for the Canadian Screen Awards- Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award and others.

Is Meghan Ory pregnant

Family photo of Meghan Ory with husband and kids.

Meghan Ory’s Personal Life

Meghan Ory is a 39 years old Canadian actress. She is one of the most loving celebrity faces of the Canadian entertainment industry. Meghan was born on August 20th, 1982, in the city of Victoria in Canada. She is the single child of Nathan Ory and Bonnie Ory. Her father, Nathan Ory, is a famous international speaker. He has published his own book, which has sold a million copies. And recently, he has published the second edition of his book People with Challenging Behaviour: A guide to maintaining a positive relationship(2007). Meghan’s father has studied psychology at the State University of Ohio in 1968.

She has worked on many high-level projects. But her most famous projects are Pilot Intelligence. In 2013, she was starred in the pilot Intelligence as the female lead. She has worked opposite Josh Holloway. Then in 2016, she was starred as a divorced woman with two daughters in Chesapeake Shores, a Hallmark series. Other than television stars, Meghan is an internet sensation. Meghan Ory has a verified Instagram account with 343k followers. But the celeb is not on Twitter. You can watch her latest photos and videos on her IG account.

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