Is Marsau Scott Cheating on His Wife LaTisha Scott from Love & Marriage: Huntsville?

Marsau Scott and LaTisha Scott
Is Marsau cheating on his wife LaTisha Scott?

Is Marsau Scott from Love & Marriage: Huntsville cheating on his lovely wife LaTisha Scott? Everyone wants to know the truth behind this rumor of Marsau cheating on LaTisha. In 2019 when the first season of the reality television show Love & Marriage was aired on OTT platforms viewers gave so much love to the series. And the show was based on three famous African-American couples to live together for weeks. The show also includes some challenges they have to face together. Also, they were supposed to face the realities of love and marriage by giving strong points of view. And on the demand of viewers and fans, the makers couldn’t stop themselves to release another season.

And finally after a long break in 2021 finally Season 2 of Love & Marriage was released which came up with some controversies and allegations about Marsau Scott. Since season 2 was released everyone is rumoring that Marsau Scott is cheating on his wife LaTisha. And this allegation earlier was raised by co-star Martell Holt. Since then everyone is doubting Marsau. And questioning his loyalty towards his wife. So if you are here to know the truth about whether Marsau Scott is cheating on LaTisha or not, you are in right place. Here we will reveal every bit of the truth behind the rumors passed by Martell and viewers. So come let’s dig into it and know the truth.

The truth behind the rumors about whether Marsau Scott is cheating on his wife or not is revealed

When season 2 of the show Love & Marriage: Huntsville was aired along with the huge success of the show one bad news came out that blew everyone’s mind. During the second season of the show, co-star Martell passed a statement by putting an allegation on Marsau that he is cheating on LaTisha. He also mentioned that he crossed the line and cheated on his wife with around 20 different women. But Marsau never admit it, because he believed that he can never do anything like that to his wife. But people since then didn’t stop to put such allegations about him.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville
Reality show Love & Marriage: Huntsville whole cast.

A picture was also shared on social media everywhere showing the back of the man’s head in some girl’s social media post. After seeing the picture, people also rumored that Marsau was making out with that woman. Initially, Marsau ignored the rumors but when things started getting heated up he was forced to reply to the rumors. In order to clarify it, Marsau denied all the allegations and he said he is not the kind of man to cheat on his wife like that. After all this everyone was still not ready to believe all this. And they again started questioning Marsau about all this.

Later Marsau again cleared it all by saying that Martell passed the statement all because to take revenge on Marsau. And as far as we know earlier Marsau made jokes about Martell’s affair with Arionne Curry. Instead of dealing with it casually, Martell took it seriously and decided to get it even. This is why Marsau believed that this is the reason why Martell rumored his fake cheating news. But Marsau handled the situation very calmly and without any big controversies, he proved himself nonguilty.

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Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s husband and wife’s current relationship status

Well, let me tell you, recently Marsau’s wife LaTisha herself also cleared this mess to make everyone believe that Marsau is a genuine husband who can never do anything like that to her. She also passed a statement by saying that his husband is not here to throw stones at his marriage. Moreover, by sharing her marriage pictures and videos she also said that in case you didn’t know that it’s been around 12 years since we got married. And our marriage is still going smoothly filled with love and understanding.

LaTisha Scott
LaTisha Scott: Marsau Scott’s wife.

After seeing the pictures and videos a lot of fans praised the couple for not giving up on each other and for understanding each other. They also believed that in every relationship trusting each other in situations like these is the primary thing. And as far as we know both of them still post pictures together on social media and live happily ever after. You can also check their Instagram handle: LaTisha Scott & Marsau Scott.

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