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Who is Lee Know Dating? The Stray Kids Star’s Personal Life

Lee Know
Lee Know cr: JYP Entertainment

Have you ever wondered who the talented Lee Know has been dating? Born on the 25th of October in the year 1998, the talented idol has worn over millions of hearts. Lee Know’s birth name is Lee Minho, but he changed his stage name because he felt that his birth name is very common in the kpop industry. Moreover, he is multi-talented he can sing, dance, and rap of the kpop group Stray Kids. Also, he likes to show off his mean side but is very soft from the inside. This makes fans fall in love with him more and more. And let us not forget his charisma on stage, to be honest, all of the stay kids members are great on stage!

Now, fans love him for various reasons. They love him for his cute and innocent smile. Fans could do anything to protect his precious smile. Also, fans love his savage side, also giving him the nickname Savage Know. He cares for the younger members a lot. He is a great Hyung who shows his affection in a unique way. For all of these reasons, fans are wondering who this handsome and talented guy might be dating. Like any other idol, he is shipped a lot and gets into many rumors. Please keep reading to find out about his dating life.

Who Is The Stray Kids Member Lee Know Dating?

For now, Stray Kids Member Lee Know has not been reported to date, anyone. Also, my kpop fans know that not many idols have publicly announced their relationship. Moreover, the idols may do this for privacy, or they do not want to face backlash from anti-fans or toxic fans who think that idols are not human beings. But it is not like no one kpop does not even have a couple. One of the most favorite kpop couples in the kpop industry is HyunA and E Dawn. But for now, no Stray Kids member has been announced to be dating someone. One of the reasons for them not dating anyone might be their busy and tough schedule. This might be true because most of the idols do not even get time to sleep because of the hasty schedules and busy comebacks.

Lee Know

Lee Know cr: JYP Entertainment

So, for now, Lee Know is not dating anyone, but if he does announce his relationship, fans would eagerly support him with a lot of love. And if you want to know about Lee now, then go ahead and keep reading.

Lee Know’s Backstory

He is known for his great dancing skills. He might be good at dancing because he has been practicing to get better since he was in high school. After he had participated in a dance competition, he got a call from JYP Entertainment to attend an audition. And when he auditioned, he did not get a call back from them in a while, so he had given up hope. But did this not stop him from living his life properly. He still went on to dance and practice dancing. Then years later, he received a call from the company again. And then they told him to become a trainee. Because of this, fans had admired him for his strength and determination.

Lee Know

Lee Know with his Stray Kids members cr: JYP Entertainment.

Many fans might know that Lee Know had trained for only a year before debuting. This is strange because most of the idols tian fo three to four years before debuting. But we see why he had debuted earlier than most idols. JYP Entertainment might have seen the talent in him and decided to make him a member of the boy band Stray Kids. He, together with his members, debuted on the 26th of Mach in the year 2018 with their debut song District 9. Together with his members Bang Chan, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N have been gaining worldwide recognition with awesome talent and with their amazing personality. Stray Kids had even won the MNET show Kingdom. From the article, you can see why many love Lee Know and why he is our role model.

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