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Is Kelly Monaco Pregnant, Who is She Currently Dating?

Is kelly Monaco Pregnant

Kelly Monaco, the Sam of The General Hospital, is rumored to be pregnant. But the question is, Is Kelly Monaco pregnant for real? Ever since Amanda delivered her third baby, everyone is looking for the rest of the cast to start their families. But Kelly is not really a person who would like to start a family so soon. She wasn’t dating anyone for a very long time because she was focusing on her career, then the baby is a far shot. However, 2020 has made people do a lot of things that they didn’t want to. So we never know if Kelly fell in love with someone and decided to start a family.

On the other hand, Kelly’s career is taking off. After longs years of modeling and struggle, she got her first role in the Baywatch television series. She even appeared in the special edition of the Playboy Publication. Even the former president of The United States of America froze his eyes on her. She was the one who used to walk in the crowd and grabbed the attention of everyone. In 2009 she was selected for the USA Miss America Pagent. She has also been one of the most amazing contestants of Dancing with the stars. Kelly is not only an actress, but she is also a philanthropist. She has volunteered in many of the UN’s programs. In one of her programs, she traveled to Kenya, Africa delaying her shoots and filming to encourage the “Feed Children Programme” launched by United Nations.

Is kelly Monaco Pregnant

She also influenced other cast members of General Hospital to beautify the school of Los Angles. It was not a publicity stunt. Each and everyone was involved in the program.

Is Kelly Monaco Pregnant?

Ever since Adanma has come back to the set after her maternity leave, everyone is asking Is Kelly Monaco pregnant. And the answer to this question is No. Kelly Monaco is not pregnant. Kelly is very private about her life, and we are not even sure about who she is dating at this point. But we are affirmative that Kelly is not pregnant. However, we know that Kelly was in love before, and she had plans to walk down the aisle with the same guy. She and her former boyfriend were in a relationship since Junior College.

They used to work together as lifeguards in a local resort.  But the couple parted their ways after dating each other for 18 years. In the reality show Dirty Soap, she admitted that she was still in love with him, which was why she could not connect to anyone emotionally. Kelly said that she had planned everything with him and doing all those things with someone else all over again was difficult for her. Actually very difficult for her. It is said that love heals. But love can break you the way no other thing does. Kelly is really heartbroken, and now her walls are up, and they are not coming down anytime soon. But let’s hope that she finds her Mr. Right, and this rumor of her being pregnant turns into a reality.

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Was Kelly Manaco Pregnant In the Show General Hospital

Yes! Kelly Monaco, aka Sam, was pregnant in the show. It might be the reason that her fans her assuming that she wants to become a mother. However, Kelly keeps on uploading her pictures on Instagram where no baby bump is visible. Fans wanted to see their favorite actress pregnant. But unfortunately, she is not. And it’s her choice when to conceive and when not to.

A few years earlier, she was with her ex-boyfriend. So let’s not comment on any personal issues of any celebrity and let them heal from whatever they have been through. And even if the rumors turned out to be the truth, celebrities love their fans, and they will themselves notify their fan family. So, for now, let’s not bother anyone. Live and let everyone live.

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