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Is Kayla From CP24 Pregnant? All About The Canadian Journalist From CP24

Kayla Williams
Kayla Williams

Today’s headlines-Is Kayla from CP24 Pregnant? Kayla Tracy Williams is a Canadian Journalist who works in CP24 as a host and a reporter. She has gained a lot of popularity working with CP24. Kayla is also known for her skills in sports anchoring. But today’s main headline is that- Is Kayla Williams from CP24 pregnant?!! She is engaged to NFL Star Adrian Tracy. The Canadian Journalist has worked in many fields apart from journalism. Her skills to perform and excel in so many divisions have helped her climb high in her career. Born in Toronto, Kayla had a huge interest in playing Volleyball. She started her career as a young Volleyball player from the Philippines. The Canadian began her career by coaching the institute’s Academy III (Athletes). Her interest in sports helped her drift past all the obstacles without any problems. Kayla Williams is like real-life Emma Watson! 

Kayla Williams had many achievements as a Volleyball player at her university! She was the team’s captain before she became a professional Volleyball player. The Canadian Journalist even earned herself a scholarship through her Volleyball triumphs. Kayla then chose to be in the field of journalism. But she did not leave her interest in Volleyball before she became something! Her interpersonal and public speaking skills caught the eyes of several news studios. Kayla gave more time to journalism from 2007, but she became a professional Volleyball player in 2015! Williams continued playing Volleyball for two more years before she joined CP24. Then she became a sports anchor for the Hamilton-Tiger Cats club in 2016. That’s when she first crossed paths with Hamilton NFL player Adrian Tracy! From that day onwards, her life blossomed, personally and professionally! So, Is Kayla from CP24 pregnant?

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Is Kayla from CP24 Pregnant

Sports Anchoring

Relationship with Adrian Tracy

The Canadian Journalist got in touch with Adrian Tracy once she started working with CP24. When Williams finally decided to pursue a career in journalism, she had to balance her passion for sports and journalism! Working as a sports anchor and host, Kayla got more exposure to the outer world. Her way of interacting with the athletes caught Adrian’s eyes.

It was not only the start of her beautiful career in journalism, but this even led Kayla to the love of her life. In 2016, Kayla and Adrian got into a relationship when she became the news anchor for Hamilton-Tiger cats football club. The Canadian Journalist started dating Adrian as her private life, and her professional life started flourishing. Kayla is constantly juggling Journalism with Volleyball. She became an assistant coach of the Hamilton Volleyball team while reporting for its NFL team every week!!

After 2020, Kayla Williams married the man she truly loves the most, Adrian Tracy. Adrian Tracy was born in 1988. Back in 2014, Adrian signed with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, where he found Kayla! Tracy has a deadly defensive record with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

He currently plays for Montreal Alouettes (CFL) after he left Tiger-Cats last year. He was signed by them when he became a free agent. Adrian, leaving Hamilton Tiger-Cats didn’t affect his relationship with Kayla Williams. They both have been in constant touch from the day they met in Hamilton. Kayla has an enormous fan base of 27K followers on Instagram. She often shares about her time spent with Adrian there. She also talks about her experience being a journalist- Host, and anchor in CP24.

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Canadian Journalist, Kayla Williams

Kayla Williams

Is Kayla From CP24 Pregnant?

The answer to the front-page headlines of CP24- is Kayla from CP24Pregnant? YES!!! Kayla Tracy Williams is Pregnant, bearing the child of Adrian Tracy. The famous Canadian Journalist made a buzz on Social Media after her post confirming that she is pregnant. In the image, you can see both Kayla and Adrian. The couple’s happiness is clean as a whistle! Kayla has posted many more photos about her pregnancy. The pregnancy announcement resulted in a flow of celebratory messages for the two love birds! You can imagine the headlines that Kayla will create once she gives birth to her baby!!

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