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Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? All About Her Pregnancy Rumor

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant
Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant? Well, mostly the walls of the royal palace can stop all the news within. Still, some news or can say rumors have the potential to escape. And so is the case here! But this time, Queen is not the hot topic. As stated, the rumor is about her child- Prince William and daughter-in-law- Duchess Kate Middleton. After their successful family management, the world got familiar with the exceptional parenting techniques of this couple. And now the gossip which the internet is talking about, is Kate Middleton pregnant?

Earlier the same type of rumors had covered the space that the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge were trying for their baby number four. And at first, Prince William was not interested in this, as he considered that having three children is more than enough. But later, Duchess had potentially made him change his decision to yes. And then both were super excited to board another child to this world. Reports also said that the Queen was already knowing about their decision and was happy. The sources further added that the queen was  “slightly concerned that the Cambridges are biting off more than they can chew, especially as Kate isn’t planning to employ another nanny, but as long as they’re happy, she’s happy.” But now the question is, what about the rumor? Is Kate Middleton pregnant?

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The Rumor about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy

It was the second time that the fans and followers of the royal family got to hear something like this. So it was quite obvious that they easily got entrapped in this rumor and had believed it.

This time the rumor oozed from the desk of the host of Pod- Save the Queen. His name is Russell Myers. According to him, Kate was willing to reveal a piece of exciting news. But because of the restrictions at that time, he was not able to bring that news to light. And this led to all of the confusion. People thought that the exciting news was about the royal family’s upcoming progeny. And within few seconds, the wind of this rumor had circulated all over the internet, leading to even more confusion.

However, the truth was unveiled later. The exciting news was about  Kate’s landmark project, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood. And all this fuss made Russell Myers ask for his pardon. In his words- he asked apologies for “setting the cat amongst the pigeons”.

So, the Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton, is not pregnant with her fourth child.

Is Kate Middleton pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William

More about Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was born on 9 January 1982. She and her husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, are in the line of succession towards the British Thrown. William is second in the line, and so Kate would be the future queen consort.

Kate was born in Reading. And was brought up in Bucklebury, Berkshire. She completed her education at St Andrew’s School and Marlborough College. And later, her fate made her join the University of St Andrews for studying “Art History”. Here, in 2001 she met Prince William. She did various jobs in the field of retail and marketing. She also engaged herself in some charity work. During their college days, love grew and sealed both of their hearts. But they didn’t start dating until 2003.

The love story of Kate Middleton

It is said that William first got attracted to kate in one of the charity fashion shows. In 2004, the public got the news about their romance. The leaked photos of their college days are well prove that they were very much into each other. Then in 2005, the couple graduated, and unlike many other, they continued dating. But things went some wrong, and in 2007, the couple parted their ways.

Fortunately, they harmonized very soon, probably in June. And finally, in November of 2010, their engagement was announced. Sources say that William proposed to her on a trip to Kenya and honored her with his late mother’s sapphire ring. And in November, the couple announced their engagement to the public. After a short lap of few months on 29th April 2011, the marriage bells ringed at Westminster Abbey. And their love was proved in front of the world. The couple is blessed with three children; Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis of Cambridge.

is kate middleton pregnant

Kate Middleton and Prince William with their kids

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