Is K-Drama Snowdrop Streaming on Netflix and Disney+? In Which Countries is it Available?

Snowdrop in Netflix Hotstar
Is Snowdrop available on Netflix?

Snowdrop has recently emerged as the new center of attention among K-drama fans, and why won’t it be? The series cast includes big names like BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and fan-favorite Jung Hae-in as the main characters. For those who aren’t aware, the story is a perfect blend of romance and thriller that will definitely get you hooked in no time. Moreover, the controversial storyline has taken Snowdrop to the headlines time and time again. So, people all over the world are curious to know what’s so special about the show and are searching for a platform to watch it right away. Is Snowdrop available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar?

A few weeks ago, the 300,000 citizens of South Korea signed a Blue House petition accusing it of beautifying state violence and distorting historical events. Thankfully, the Seoul High Court rejected the proposal claiming that the chances of viewers accepting the events as true is very low. Now that the future of the series is secure, what’s stopping you from vibing on ‘One-way ticket?’

What to Expect from ‘Snowdrop?’

Snowdrop is set in 1987, a period when South Korea was going through political instability. The officials and higher-ups often resort to unfair or unparliamentary measures to rise up the ranks, and their wives are no exception. As the presidential election comes nearer, the ruling party finds it difficult to suppress the revolutionary movements. In order to hold the power position, they go as far as secretly dealing with the North, thereby coming up with a way that would benefit both countries.

Snowdrop in Netflix Hotstar
Kim Jisoo and Jung Hae-in

The story follows Eun Young-Ro, a student of Hosu Women’s University, whose life completely changes after bumping into a handsome young man on a blind date. Little did she know that Lim Soo-ho, her dream date, would turn out to be a North Korean spy. Destiny brings them together once again, and he breaks into Young-Ro’s room injured after getting chased by the police.

Is Snowdrop Available on Netflix?

No, K-Drama Snowdrop isn’t available on Netflix, and neither did the streaming giant announce anything about releasing it in the future. However, we can’t just write off the possibilities of Snowdrop getting a Netflix premiere someday. It goes without saying that fans are craving to watch their favorite show legally on Netflix, which may take years. Well, don’t get upset yet; Netflix is a storehouse of heartwarming K-dramas, including Our Beloved Summer, Something in the Rain, and Move to Heaven.

Snowdrop in Netflix Hotstar
Snowdrop staring Jisoo and Hae-in

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Where to Watch Snowdrop? In Which Countries is it Legally Available?

You can watch K-drama Snowdrop in Disney+ that too in five selective countries, namely Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Singapore. Disney uses geo-blocking websites to prevent viewers from other countries. The series premiered in JTBC on December 18, 2021, and new episodes are aired every Sunday at 22:30 KST. JTBC is a nationwide pay television network whose primary stakeholder is JoongHang holdings.

Snowdrop in Netflix Hotstar
Snowdrop in Disney+ Hotstar

If you aren’t from those five countries where Snowdrop is streaming, you can use a good-quality VPN to alter your location accordingly. Considering Snowdrop’s widespread popularity, the series must be streaming on a number of pirate websites. However, I will advise you not to resort to piracy since most of such websites aren’t secure and will definitely ruin your experience through advertisements and pop-ups. Rather, you should stick to legal ways, which would ultimately support the actors and the production team.

When will Snowdrop be Available Globally?

There’s no way that JTBC will let this masterpiece series go without making it available for the worldwide audience. From what we have seen in the case of other Asian series, it will take approximately three or four months. Some fans are in the opinion that perhaps JTBC made a mistake by selling the streaming rights to Disney instead of other streaming platforms that would have given the show a higher exposure in the Western Countries.

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