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Is Jeremy Dooley Leaving Achievement Hunter? The Rumor Explained

Is Jeremy Dooley Leaving Achievement Hunter?

Achievement Hunter is a stunning video game division of Rooster Teeth Productions that has been entertaining millions of video game fans for more than a decade. It was founded by Geoff Ramsey and Jack Pattillo in 2008, and from then only there was no looking back for this division. From the day it was founded, Achievement Hunter has grown up as a major component of Rooster Teeth Productions that hosts a large variety of videos related to video games. These are watched and enjoyed by millions of video game fans who show full support to it.

Alfredo Diaz, Jack Pattillo, Lindsay Jones, Matt Bragg, Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Trevor Collins, and Jeremy Dooley are the eight main members of Achievement Hunters who host the videos. They all have heavily contributed to the videos, and their contribution cannot be matched with anyone. All of them have also gained huge popularity because of Achievement Hunter. All the fans of the videos that are hosted on Achievement Hunter have become a little worried as they haven’t seen Jeremy Dooley hosting the video throughout the pandemic.

Is Jeremy Dooley Leaving Achievement Hunter?

Jeremy Dooley: Host Of The Division

So, some theories are spreading related to JeremyDooley that he might be leaving or permanently exiting the video game division of Rooster Teeth Productions, and all his fans are getting extremely worried as they do not want him to leave this division at any cost. He is one of the best hosts of this division who keeps entertaining the viewers with all his tricks and tactics and keeps them hooked to the videos. Today, we have got all the latest updates about all this that you might be searching for as a fan of Jeremy Dooley and of the videos of this division.

Is Jeremy Dooley Leaving Achievement Hunter?

Jeremy Dooley is a man full of talents who has the ability to entertain anyone on this globe with all his tricks and tactics that are completely amazing. He is best known for being a host at the video game division of Rooster Teeth Productions, Achievement Hunter. But this is not the place from where he climbed the stairs of popularity and fame. Even before becoming the host at this video-game division, he was a very famous actor, streamer, content creators, and a Youtuber. He was already very popular and was having a huge fan following.

Is Jeremy Dooley Leaving Achievement Hunter?

A Glimpse From One Of The Video Hosted On Achievement Hunter

But becoming a part of the hosting team of the video game division of Rooster Teeth Productions, Achievement Hunter was like a cherry on the top scenario for him as his fan following and popularity multiplied after being a host at this division. He has also contributed a lot to the videos that are hosted on Achievement Hunter, and with all his hard work and struggles, in 2016, he was announced as the co-host of this division. According to fans, all the hosts are amazing, but Dooley is best amongst them, and the reason for this is very obvious.

After getting his new role as the co-host, his responsibilities also increased, and he started appearing in the videos more rapidly and this lead to him becoming the fan favorite. Later on, he also became a part of the parent organizations of Achievement Hunter and started lending his voice to the animation videos. He started appearing so frequently in all the divisions that fans got addicted to watching him. But due to this pandemic, as his appearance in the videos deprived rapidly, many fans started believing that he is leaving Achievement Hunter.

We would like to make it clear to all of you that Jeremy Dooley is not leaving Achievement Hunter, and he will continue to be part of it. His appearance has reduced a little bit as due to the pandemic, he has moved to the Northeast, and all the work is going on remotely. As soon as everything becomes fine, he will be back in Texas and will start appearing in the videos regularly, and will again start entertaining all his fans. He himself cleared out all the misconceptions through a Tweet from his official Twitter handle.

You can definitely check out his Tweet as we have shared it here. These were the major updates as of now, for more updates like these, just stay connected to our site.

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