Is HSMTMTS Season 3 Happening? Everything We Know

HSMTMTS Season 3
HSMTMTS Season 3

HSMTMTS Season 3 is definitely happening! If that acronym sounds strange, it has nothing to do with the latest on the Ukrainian crisis, no. It’s the acronym for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the mockumentary by Disney that just started production on January 18, and today we bring you everything we know about this entertaining and acclaimed teen show!

‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,’ created by Tim Federle, is a musical inspired by the ‘High School Musical’ films. It follows a group of students at a fictional account of East High School who take part in a school theater production of ‘High School Musical: The Musical.’ They form bonds with one another as they learn to navigate their school and home relationships. Now, without any further ado, let’s begin covering HSMTMTS Season 3 here at Otakukart.

HSMTMTS Season 3
Still from High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

HSMTMTS Season 3 Renewal Status

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series sophomore season dropped on May 14, 2021, and concluded on July 30, 2021, with a twelve-episode run of half an hour run time. Firstly, Disney officially confirmed the third season in mid-2021. And on that point, the production crew and cast began filming Season 3 on January 18, 2022. In consequence, there will be another season of HSMTMTS.

It was pretty obvious from the get-go that this show was getting a renewal season, partly from the incredible ratings and fan following and in part from the juicy contracts that Disney gave many participants in the program. Just take it from Olivia Rodrigo, who by 2021 had signed a 3-year contract with Disney to do High School Musical. And this means that the series might go as far as a fourth season too! On another point, Joshua Bassett expressed their excitement for renewal by saying that they’d “Love to dance more in season three and I want to do more of that” in an interview last year.

Season 3 Is All Systems Go

Despite the sophomore season getting hit by the COVID pandemic during production —as most movies, series, and shows did back in its time—, season 3 is now embarked on a full schedule —even with Omicron looming— and it might take around six months for this third season to come to a full circle. Bear in mind that season 2 was abruptly halted in February 2020. But it’s been almost two years, and production companies now have full COVID measures to ensure the safety of cast and crew.

Season 3 Will Have Cameos!

Along with the big cast announcement, Disney also disclosed that certain old favorites will make their first appearance in the cast. Corbin Bleu, who played Chad in the classic High School Musical, will appear as himself in the new season as a guest star. Jason Earles (Hannah Montana) will also appear as Dewy Wood, the stone-faced Camp Director of Camp Shallow Lake, where the kids will be performing over the summer. Val is a confident and funny college kid and longtime travel trailer who is ready to choreograph the summer production of “Frozen,” played by Meg Donnelly of Zombies fame.


Firstly, Olivia Rodrigo plays Nini Salazar-Roberts). Secondly, Joshua Bassett plays Ricky Bowen. Thirdly, Matt Cornett plays E. J. Caswell. Fourth, Sofia Wylie plays Gina Porter. Also, Larry Saperstein plays Big Red, and Julia Lester are among the show’s key cast members. Additionally, Dara Reneé plays Kourtney Greene. And Frankie Rodriguez plays Carlos Rodriguez. Joe Serafini plays Seb Matthew-Smith. Also, Kate Reinders plays Miss Jenn, and Mark St. Cyr also has significant roles. As a result, if the third cycle occurs, the majority of these actors are likely to return. Lastly, Alex Quijano, Olivia Rose Keegan, Roman Banks, Derek Hough, and Jordan Fisher are among the cast members who could return. If the show returns for a third season, it’s not unlikely that several new actors will join the cast.

HSMTMTS Season 2 Finale Recap

Ricky and Ashlyn start preparing to perform with injured wrists as a result of a fall during rehearsals on opening night, while Nini distributes congratulatory notes to the cast. Miss Jenn is worried about the show because a representative from the local theater competition is there to judge it. Miss Jenn tells the crew to watch the judge during the performance of “Be Our Guest,” and the cast later performs “Something There.” Carlos and Big Red are both nervous on stage.

Backstage, Kourtney is welcomed by a strangely anxious Howie. Gina and E. J. have decided to go on their first date. Jamie, Gina’s older brother, attends the performance and praises her backstage; however, he inadvertently informs E. J. that he is playing Gina’s “older brother,” which confuses and disappoints him. Backstage, Lily approaches Ricky, and the two strike up a conversation, prompting him to consider forming a friendship with her. Ricky’s rigging system harness goes missing as the transformation scene approaches. While Lily sits in the audience with the stolen harness, the students return to the stage using a different strategy.

HSMTMTS Season 3
High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will return!

The Show Must Go On?

After the performance, Big Red gives Ashlyn a present: a neon sign with her name on it. Howie approaches Kourtney after being impressed by her performance, and the two decide to resume their relationship. Nini and Ricky mend their friendship by reading their congratulatory cards to each other. Before the students decide they don’t want to know the outcome of their performance, Miss Jenn holds out hope for success in the theater competition.

In the end, they decide to withdraw from the competition. Gina arranges for Nini to contact Jamie in order to help her launch her music career. On E. J.’s father’s recommendation, Mr. Mazzara is accepted into Caltech’s robotics program. Before Mr. Mazzara confesses his feelings for Miss Jenn, Ricky gives her his blessing to pursue a relationship with his father. Ricky decides to extend a second chance to Lily and contacts her. E. J. cancels his date with Gina after being discouraged by Jamie’s remarks. E.J. and Gina are out to have their first kiss after Ashlyn clears up the misunderstanding.

HSMTMTS Trailer:

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Potential Plotlines

Conflicts for both East High and its rival school, North High, continue to rise in the second season. Both schools decide to perform ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as their spring musical in the hopes of winning the highly regarded Alan Menken Awards for High School Musicals. Ricky and Nini part ways after attempting to make their relationship stronger. Additionally, Nini’s future, on the other hand, appears bright as her artistic career takes off.

If there is a third season, East Hight’s students may be in their senior year. Miss Jenn could, as she always does, come up with a new musical production idea. Also, Nini and Gina’s brother, Jamie, may start making original music together. Furthermore, Gina and E.J.’s situation may be improving. Miss Jenn and Mr. Mazarra might end up together after all. All in all, every character will have a journey of self-discovery and try to figure out in their particular story arc the things which make them happy.

Where To Watch HSMTMTS?

If you want to watch High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, the place you need to go is Disney+ or Hulu. You won’t find this show anywhere else. Fortunately, Disney+ is a very accessible platform worldwide. And for a very accessible price, for US$ 80 a year, you get an unlimited ad-free access to everything in the Disney+ catalog. And that includes The Simpsons, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, all of Disney’s movies and shows like HSMTMTS.

HSMTMTS Season 3
HSMTMTS Season 3 will probably drop in Mid-2022

HSMTMTS Season 3 Release Date

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will release sometime in mid-2022. Firstly, we don’t know the exact date because Disney just confirmed on January 18, 2022, that they just began producing the third season. If everything goes according to plan and no Omicron cases pop up during shooting, we might see HSMTMTS sooner than we expect!

Consequently, given the show’s popularity and acclaim, it won’t be long before we see Disney telling the public about an official release date. Be sure that when they do, we will post an update for you here. With this, we conclude our coverage of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article. And please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows.

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