Is Horimiya Anime Finished? The Wholesome Rom-Com Series

Is Horimiya ended?
Is Horimiya Anime ended?

When it comes to naming some romantic series, we will either recommend a K-drama, C-drama, or any other famous Netflix series. No one will consider recommending or recalling any anime series. So, just to remind you that anime series are always not about action and shonen. The genre of anime also varies, and some animes also belong to the romantic concept. To cherish one of these anime series here, we are going to talk about Horimiya or Hori-San to Miyamura-Kun. However, the original manga and anime series is known as Horimiya. Just like I said before, the series belongs to the romantic and comedy genre and was famous among the fans who love to watch the series based on this kind of concept.

Recently, the anime series “Horimiya” has concluded, and the fans are all over the internet to know what’s next. Everyone is expecting a season 2, therefore, here in this article, you will get to know if Horimiya is concluded or not. Can the fans expect Season 2 or not? What are the words from the creator on this? Stick till the very end of the article to know everything you need to know about this matter. Along with the detailed introduction of the series, a brief about the protagonist and the streaming and reading details for the manga. Let’s jump into it and disclose whether the series has ended or not? To those who are new to the fandom, we recommend you directly drop down the main section as there will be spoilers waiting for you.

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About Horimiya

The Japanese manga series Hori-san to Miyamura-kun is a web manga series created by Hiroki Adachi. Initially, the manga series was self-published on Hero’s personal website in February 2007. Later, a hard copy of the manga was published by Square Enix Publications, which was published on 18th October 2011. The manga series was a complete hit and was later adapted into a video animation. The video adaption of the manga was produced by Hoods Entertainment on 26th September 2012. The video animation series ended on 25th May 2021 and consisted of 6 episodes. Later, on 10th January 2021, an anime adaption of the series was produced by CloverWorks Studio. The anime series was not very long-running and consisted of only 13 episodes in total. Season 1 of the anime is said to be concluded, and fans are waiting for Season 2 to release.

The plot of the anime series is set up around the life of a young high school student Kyoko Hori. Kyoko is a very popular and bright girl in the school, but her life at home is in complete contrast. At home, Kyoko is a girl who dresses down and looks after her younger brother, Souta. Just like her, Izumi Miyamura, who is a classmate of Kyoko, is a very dull and nerdy boy who wears glasses. But outside the school, Miyamura has a body covered with tattoos and has so many piercings. When they both came across each other, they both decided to keep their identities hidden from their classmates. Due there similarities of having completely different personalities outside the school, they started assisting each other for keeping their identities hidden. Gradually they both started to close to each other and finally became a couple.

Is Hrimiya finished?
Still from Horimiya

Is Horimiya anime finished?

Since I have mentioned above more than one time that the anime series have recently concluded its Season 1. The fans are waiting for news regarding the release of season 2. The season ended with both Kyoko and Izumi getting graduate and leading a happy life. Horimiya gave a perfectly happy ending to the season, and there is no need to keep going.

So, according to this, we can conclude that a new season for the anime is very unlikely. If you don’t rely on expectations and theories, then let me tell you that till now, there is no indication regarding the same from the creators too. So far, it is clear that “Horimiya” is not going to return with a Season 2, however, the series is not called either. There are very thin chances that the series will return. But till then will say that Horimiya is ended with 13 episodes in total. 

Is Horimiya Finished?

Streaming Details – Horimiya

As the words above tell that the series has been a super hit and is concluded, you can easily find the whole series on any legit website. Just to drop a suggestion, you can stream the series on Crunchyroll. The completed manga is also available to read on Viz Media.

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