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Is Haunted Season 3 Based On a True Story?

Horror as a genre can never go out of fashion. There are both believers and nonbelievers when it comes to the existence of paranormal forces, but both sides will agree on the fact that horror with all its ‘thrills and chills’ is entertaining, and it sells. This is why Netflix’s Original horror-anthology series written and created by Mike Flanagan released its Season 3 yesterday. The paranormal reality TV show was first introduced in 2018. The series continues to have a fan base that simply can’t get enough of the supposed to be real horror stories. However, the million-dollar question on whether or not the show is actually based on real-life incidents is yet to be answered.

There were a lot of doubts surrounding Season 1 especially because of the episode where Netflix uncovers the identity of a serial killer without getting the cops involved. Despite the speculations and controversies surrounding the authenticity of the show, Executive Producer Brett-Patrick Jenkins has always maintained that the show is based on true stories. Also, the series is number one in the US and multiple regions around the globe.

The brand new season

‘A menacing mansion. A haunting melody. A demonic cat’, this is how Netflix introduces its latest season and yes we are intrigued by what is to follow. Nothing much has changed as far as the 3rd installment of this horror reality show is concerned. The season is filled with horror cliches like haunted houses, demonic pets, and creepy dead girls which gives us a lot to look forward to. Fans are a bit surprised by the fact that the new series has premiered in May instead of October during which the first two seasons premiered.


Experience the darkness

Is Haunted Season 3 Based On a True Story?

The Haunting of Hill House and the Haunting of Bly Manor which was Season 1 & 2 kept the audience hooked. Also, the series is considered one of the best supernatural series in recent years. So, obviously, the show has a lot to live up to. This season has six episodes and claims they all took place in real life. Taking things one step further is the fact that the show also features the real victims of the events providing testimonials. The trailer of Season 3 reveals that one of the stories will revolve around a satanic cult, another would be fighting what seems to be a plume of smoke, there’s an evil cat, a dead butler, and the girl from the ring.

Despite claims that the series is based on real-life happenings and that every episode narrates an individual’s real-life experience with the supernatural, it has been found that it is very little or no real evidence to back up these claims. The series has been the object of criticism with both media outlets and fans questioning how much truth is actually there in their claims that these are real-life instances of hauntings and possessions. The series is entertaining no doubt but we feel that their claims of being real-life instances have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

haunted-season-3-coming -soon

Scary as hell

A glimpse of  Haunted Season 3 Episode 1

A redneck sits in his cabin playing the titular the Pines’ on his banjo and there’s a woman chained in his bathroom who’s screaming for her life. Annoyed by the fact that she is ruining his song the redneck gets up and menacingly walks towards her with a hatchet. At this point, the title credits appear and Hannah tells us that she and her boyfriend lived in a cabin in the woods that was ‘Pure evil’.

Haunting Season 4 expected?

As of now, there is no official announcement or any information about a season 4 coming up. The 3rd season getting released in May itself came as a surprise because the 1st and 2nd season of the series premiered in the month of October which happens to be the month of Halloween. The show is definitely one of Netflix’s popular shows, however, the claims that the series is based on real-life instances have made it come under a lot of criticism. The series has got a low rating of 4.6 on IMDB and 33% on rotten tomatoes. However, we still cannot say for certain that the show will not make a comeback.

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