Is Elizabeth Creasy Pregnant? The Journalist Shared The Picture Of Her Paunch

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Eis elizabeth pregnant

Is Elizabeth Creasy pregnant? Last month, she shared a picture of her paunch on social media. They have gone viral and, at present, are ruling the internet. Starting from the basics, Elizabeth Creasy is an American journalist. At present, she serves at the Nine Entertainment Co. as the senior columnist, moderator, and also one of the makers. As a journalist, Elizabeth has worked for several organizations and eventually has gained prominence in the industry. For a couple of years, she was at the Darwin Station.

Witnessing those viral pictures of her protruding belly, the viewers of her shows, and especially her fans, are eager to know if Elizabeth Creasy is Pregnant? Well, this calls for the discussion of the relationship status too. She is married to the love of her life. When it comes to her personal life, the journalist has always been introverted. She prefers to keep her love life and also the other personal details under the wraps. However, fans are shocked as she has shared those pictures. For more details about Elizabeth’s notable servings and pregnancy, you must read this article to the last word.

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Is Elizabeth Creasy Pregnant?

Coming across the protruding belly pictures posted by her on Instagram, fans have already made some assumptions. Well, Yes. Elizabeth Creasy is pregnant. At present, she is expecting her first child with her husband, Pete. 

It was on 27 January 2022 when the journalist made it to the Instagram account. She also shared the x-ray report of her child. The post has been gained several likes and comments, more precisely, loads of good wishes from the fans. Many saluted her too. The fans are going crazy! Elizabeth also added that 2022 is going to be the best year for her to date. Also, she was revealed to suffer from nausea in the first trimester.

Is Elizabeth Creasy Pregnant
Elizabeth Creasy

Hateful Comments

Well, there are some strangers too, who have commented hateful words, more precisely on her body. Well, taking note of that, Elizabeth Creasy stated in an interview that one must remember it is not always appropriate to comment on a woman’s body. Also, she added saying that not all women would feel comfortable having their bodies commented on every day. It’s another life that is inside her body, and it feels great, as stated by her.


By now, you must know Elizabeth Creasy to be an introvert. Thus, it is not known when did she tie the knot. However, her husband’s name is Pete. Nothing about his profession is known. But, his Instagram account says that Pete is a sports freak person. He is highly into mountaineering, swimming racing, and ultra running. When asked about him, Elizabeth confirmed how loving, caring, and supportive Pete has always been, especially during this crucial time. It seems like she feels fortunate enough to have a husband like Pete.

Both Pete and Elizabeth are excited and nervous at the same time. This is their first time, and they are going to be parents real soon. Also, the couple has decided to find out the gender of their child before birth. Since Pete has once worked as a radiographer, this gender identification job would be easier for him. And, it’s a baby boy!

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Elizabeth Creasy Notable Servings

Talking about her notable servings, Elizabeth Creasy began her vacation at 2SM radio broadcast in Sydney. She served as the television columnist with PRIME 7 News in Taree, New South Wales. Also, from April 2015 to May 2017, she was at the Darwin Station. Because of her outstanding performance at the Nine Entertainment Co., she received positive appreciation from the critics and audience.

Is Elizabeth Creasy Pregnant
Elizabeth Creasy

Best Wishes to Elizabeth Creasy for her upcoming projects! Hoping her to deliver her best performance as always. We are eagerly waiting for the news of them welcoming their little baby. We hope Elizabeth and Pete uncover it real soon! Also, Congratulations!

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