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Is Eddie Cheating on Wendy Osefo? The Rumor Explained

RHOP star Wendy Osefo is again facing media due to the new rumors going around. There are gossips and rumors floating around social media about Eddie cheating on The Real Housewives of Potomac’s Wendy Osefo for the past few months. The rumors are not yet addressed by Wendy, and she still holds her ground. But they don’t look like settling anytime soon, as the gossips are just spreading like wildfire from one person to another. Wendy’s castmate Gizelle Bryant is rumored to be going around everywhere and spreading the cheating scenario with every other cast member. Though, there is no pinpointing about who was the first one to start the gossip about Eddie and her unacceptable acts.

The infidelity rumors going around the internet have, of course, caused a lot of troubles for both Wendy and Eddie and also their family. The media and paparazzies have not left them in peace since its beginning. It is not degrading their reputation but also their mental health. Not to mention the fact that how badly this whole cheating scenario can one day affect their children with the same hurtful intensity.

Till now, both Wendi and Eddie have slammed shut the rumors as “false”. They both are struggling with everything, and the media pressure is not helping at all. Therefore, let’s dig in and find out the complete backstory of all the events happening at once.

Wendy Osefo: What is the whole story?

The rumors swirled around really fast, and Gizelle was the one who was accused of it. It was reported by many channels that she went to Ashley Darby just after days she gave birth to her son and told her about the rumors. Though the mother was shocked, she didn’t pay any extra mind to it. Gizelle began gossiping with Robyn about the rumors once the ladies arrived at the Williamsburg, Virginia estate. However, it is also being said that Wendy was completely unaware of any of this happening. Other than that, the other main source of the rumors was an “All About the Tea” article, which appeared in a recent episode of RHOP. As per the article, a woman gave them the dirty details on the attorney, claiming he did, in fact, cheat on Wendy.

Wendy Osefo: Is Her Husband Eddie Cheating on Her?

Wendy and Eddie

Sources closer to the DMV area, as Wendy and Eddie, have made a claim to the publication; and revealed that this infidelity news would be a topic of conversation on season 6. All About the tea’s closer sources revealed that; Eddie is involved with a side baby and is having an extra-marital affair with a white woman who works in a law firm.

The situation became a lot heated when Eddie was cornered by one of the RHOP househusbands and confronted about the rumors that he has fathered a child with another woman. This incident happened during the season 5 reunion. He was also warned by the newcomer that his dirty secret would be exposed very soon. Though there is no proof regarding the authenticity of the rumor, and it was also paid no mind at all by Wendy at the start of the season.

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Wendy Osefo: What was her reaction towards it?

Well, it was a mixed one. Wendy held her ground firmly and remained glued to her declaration that the rumors about Eddie’s infidelity are nothing but false. The couple remained united as a front through all the media chaos about the allegations.

Wendy Osefo: Is Her Husband Eddie Cheating on Her?

Wendy and Eddie

They made efforts to subside the rumors by uploading cute family photos on Instagram. Also, Wendy opened up about her opinion, she said explaining that it doesn’t bother her as she was prepared for it. She further added that her relationship with Eddie is “not fazed” in any manner due to the accusations. She snapped at the blog that was help responsible for starting the rumors and quoted them as “salacious,” and also revealed out that it was the same blog that started the false rumors on Gizelle’s family as well.

Moreover, Eddie talked about the situation and mentioned that he had tried his best to be a good husband and father for Wendy. He quoted, “his only crime was supporting her to be on this platform.”

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