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Is Deceitful Dating Based on True Life Events? Plot Explained

Deceitful Dating
Deceitful Dating

Lifetime movies have introduced viewers to a story of deceit that is interwoven with a plan so good that it might make you question reality after all. The newest release, titled Deceitful Dating, narrates a story of a romance in the making that is so perfect that you will soon realize that there’s more to it. The movie stars Derek Hamilton as a lonely widower named Logan who finds himself struggling with some newfound responsibilities. Things become all the more complicated when an unannounced guest makes her sudden entry into his life.

The thriller movie has an unexpected ending that no one saw it coming, but what makes the movie an interesting watch is mounting suspense around this unannounced guest who raises suspicion and is not what she appears to be.  The movie made its debut on 23rd April and is already creating quite a buzz around. The movie stars Derek Hamilton, who fans have earlier seen on movies like Nightstalker and the hit series Supernatural as well. Some young stars have also joined the cast ensemble.

Deceitful Dating: What Is The New Lifetime Movie All About?

Widower John Logan finds himself in a fix when he struggles with his work duties and parenting responsibilities as well. At the same time, he gets some help from his wife’s best friend, Jillian. However, the action of the plot gets in motion when an attractive and sweet-talking Alice moves across the street and soon befriends John.

The two soon find enjoying each other’s company while Alice helps John with the girls as well. As John begins to like Alice’s company, it soon turns out that Alice might be hiding some secrets from the Logan family. Alice’s behavior soon raises John’s elder daughter Chelsea’s suspicion, and she goes on to make a horrible discovery. Things become all the more complicated when Alice’s ex-husband is found dead under mysterious circumstances!

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Is Deceitful Dating Based On True Life Events?

As Jillian and Chelsea’s growing suspicion starts to mount as Alive begins lying about a few things, Chelsea decides to found all about this mysterious neighbor who seems to be hiding something big! As Chelsea stumbles an ID Card only to discover a traumatizing truth about Alice, however, she lands in grave trouble after Alice tried to attack her. While the story ends with Alive being run over by a car, and the Logan family reunites. You can watch the entire movie on Lifetime Movies Network, along with a few new releases as well.

While the thriller or the story behind it is not a new one and has been projected on a screen before, the story is claimed to be based on true-life events. The arrival of a mysterious woman who veils her true identity is something that viewers have seen in various mystery thrillers. Lifetime Movies have earlier brought home some meticulous crime drama like Circle Of Deception that is also based on true events. The movie is available ok the network and is based on a sensational true story.

Deceitful Dating Revolves Around The Arrival Of An Unexpected Guest With Dark Secrets Within!

While the story is pretty dark and thrilling in itself, it turns out Alice wanted to be a part of the Logan family. However, this want soon turns into an eerie obsession, and Alice goes to extreme lengths to make that happen. While Chelsea discovers her sinister past, Alice tries to go after her only to be run over by Jillian’s car! While the exact source from where the story has been inspired is not known yet, it sure shows a side that is dark enough to send the chills down your spine!

It is still not known whether the plot story is inspired by true events, but cases of deception where someone is trying hard to hide her sinister past is not an alien concept for viewers. Lifetime Movie Network has some interesting dark thrillers that are a must-watch of you all liked Deceitful Dating. As the movie says, sometimes there’s more to what meets the eye!

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