Is Deadwater Fell Season 2 Happening? Renewal of the Scottish Mystery Drama

Deadwater Fell Season 2
Deadwater Fell Season 2

Will Scottish mystery thriller drama Deadwater Fell season 2 happen at all? Firstly, if you’re not familiar with this show, it was created and written by Daisy Coulam. And under the direction of Lynsey Miller, it tells in just four chapters a tragic story about a man whose life goes awry after a fire burns alive his entire family. When he embarks upon finding out what happened, even more things will come back to haunt him.

This series dropped for the first time in Britain’s Channel 4 back in January 2020. Additionally, Deadwater Fell stars David Tennant in the lead male role as Tom Kendrick and Cush Jumbo as Jess Millner. Their performances are great in this series. Also, Deadwater Fell is a short series that will make you wonder about family and loyalty and is one of those shows that you could watch over the weekend with no regrets. Definitely worth your time!

Deadwater Fell Season 2
Is Deadwater Fell Coming Back?

Deadwater Fell Season 2 Renewal Status & Release Date

Deadwater Fell Season 2 isn’t happening. Let’s clear the smoke out of the way. Firstly, the producers had the concept for this show as a miniseries. If you watched the debut season closely, you’d notice that all the story arcs and major plotlines were written and developed up to a logical conclusion. Therefore, the creators behind Deadwater Fell will not be pursuing a series renewal.

Daisy Coulam’s limited series Deadwater Fell is just another of her great stories as a screenwriter. If you’re not familiar with her name, maybe you’d recognize her work. She’s the mind behind ITV’s Grantchester starring James Norton, Robson Green, and Tom Brittney. It’s a long-running series that you’d like that began all the way back in 2014.

Deadwater Fell Trailer:

Where to Watch Deadwater Fell?

If you want to watch Deadwater Fell, you have a few options online. Firstly, there’s Sundance Now. Secondly, the program is also available on Vudu, Google Play, DirecTV, Hoopla, Amazon Prime Video with AMC+ add-on or Acorn TV, and iTunes. If you’re in the United Kingdom, the program is available on Disney+, Channel 4, BritBox, and Amazon Prime Video add-on BritBox.


David Tennant is in the lead male role as doctor Tom Kendrick. Anna Madeley (from “The Good Fight”) in the role of Kate, Matthew McNulty as Police Sergeant Steve Campbell. Cush Jumbo as Jess Milner. Stuart Bowman plays Mark. Laurie Brett plays Darlington, Gordon Brown plays Collins, Lewis Gribben plays Dylan, Seline Hizly plays Sacha. Lorn MacDonald plays Taylor. Grace Calder plays Tessa, Lisa McGrillis plays Sandra, and Orla Russell plays Emily.

Deadwater Fell: Premise

When a “perfect” and joyful family is killed by someone, they trust completely, the small Scottish town in which they live is torn apart by mistrust and suspicion, as those closest to the family begin to doubt everything they thought they knew about their friends. Tom Kendrick – the local GP, a trusted, admired, and well-liked member of the community – is played by David Tennant ( Dr. Who, Good Omens, Broadchurch). His marriage to Kate (Patrick Melrose, The Crown, Utopia), played by Anna Madeley (Patrick Melrose, The Crown, Utopia), appears to be nothing short of perfect. Kate is a teacher at the local school, where she works alongside Jess Milner, her best friend and confidante.

Cush Jumbo (Vera, The Good Wife, The Good Fight) portrays Jess, who used to be a bit of an outcast who couldn’t seem to settle down. When she met Steve six years ago, she moved to Kirkdarroch right away and made him her home. She assists him in caring for his two sons from a previous marriage, with who he shares custodial rights with his ex. Matthew McNulty (Cleaning Up, Versailles, The Terror) plays Steve, who was born and raised in Kirkdarroch. He hasn’t had to deal with so much violence in that dull town as a Police Sergeant – until now.

Deadwater Fell Season 2
Matthew McNulty plays Police Sergeant Steve Campbell in Deadwater Fell

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Deadwater Fell Season 1 Recap

Things kick-off for this series in a quiet Scottish town called Kirkdarroch. It’s a lovely town where nothing ever happens until one night where the Kendrick family home goes ablaze. Everybody is shocked. Moreover, neighbors and friends raise the alarm, call the fire department and the police. It is when we meet Police Sergeant Steve Campbell. If we were in America, he’d be the sheriff in town. The man has a lot of courage and gets into the blazing house and drags Kate Kendrick from the burning estate. But it is too late, the woman is dead, and the Kendrick children are locked in a room, and the flames are too big.

The only person, the rescuers, who manage to drag out alive of the burning house is Tom Kendrick. He’s unconscious, in bad shape from smoke inhalation, has a few burns, but otherwise okay. Additionally, Tom is the Kirkdarroch local doctor. As the investigation on the fire ensues, it turns out that the family was drugged before the fire. And one of the children had needles in her body.

Furthermore, an examination of closed-circuit TV shows Kate buying a padlock that was used to lock the children inside a room. The more the authorities dig into the fire, the weirder it gets: The Kendrick marriage was in shambles. On one side, Kate was mentally ill, had a car accident with her kids, and Tom was having an extramarital affair with Jess Milner.

The Funeral

All of the Kirkdarroch townsfolk mourns the death of the Kendrick family. Two little girls and Kate Kendrick perished in a horrible way in an uncontrollable fire. What they don’t know is what lies beneath. The town thinks that Kate murdered the children. The Kendrick marriage wasn’t as happy as it seemed. At the funeral, Tom gives an emotional eulogy. And remarkably, he makes no mention of his late wife, Kate. What’s more suspicious is that at the funeral, she doesn’t show up in the pictures with her daughters. She’s cut out.


As the whole town mourns the deaths, and Jess adapts to the new role of not being the other woman. She meets an old acquaintance of Kate’s called Sasha and learns something that profoundly troubles her. Tom made an advance towards her as well. Now, in the back of Jess’ mind, it seems possible that Tom might’ve been the one responsible for the blaze, and not Kate.

Deadwater Fell Season 2
Stills from Deadwater Fell Season 1

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Tom’s True Colors

For the police, the case isn’t over. Why did the girls have needles in their bodies? And who put them there? Was it possible that Kate and Tom murdered the children and then set the house on fire? Because things don’t add up, the police officer in charge frames up a witness and gets suspended. Steve Campbell then goes off the reservation, hits his boss, harasses a witness, starts drinking, and goes to therapy. We get to see more of Tom’s character. He’s not nice, and he’s manipulative, abusive, controlling, and cruel. The man drove his wife to the edge, even though new evidence popped up.

That evidence sends him into incarceration with criminal charges. But soon enough, Tom walks, and that’s because of Steve’s witness tampering. If he hadn’t been so bullish on that witness, maybe a different course of actions would’ve taken place —and definitely another story. Anyway, Tom walks out and now lives with his mother, Carol. She grows suspicious of her son because of his dark ways. Meanwhile, Jess continues to try and find out what happened.

What Happened?

What happened was quite simple. Daisy Coulam didn’t want to pull so many strings on this one. It wasn’t a convoluted plot like an Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle novel. No sir. Simply put. Tom killed every member of his family. He’s not a cold-blooded psychopath but a weak-minded feeble man who’s too afraid of himself. That’s why David Tennant’s acting is so brilliant. In any case, the town was trying to come to grips with what happened.

After Jess and Carol talk, they go to the police and comment about Tom’s erratic moods. And it turns out that it was Tom all along. While some viewers might’ve expected a convoluted plot twist in the way of a Scandinavian mind-boggler, this story is closer to real-life crime than most fictional ones out there. And that’s what makes Deadwater Fell so powerful. With this, we wrap up our coverage of this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article. Please come back for more daily updates.

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