Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant? All About The American Meteorologist

Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant
Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant?

Brittney Shipp is in the limelight for her recent pregnancy rumors. So, Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant? Well, it seems like the mother of one is all set to add another member to the family.  Since then, people have been looking to know more about all the details. Before we jump into it, let’s take a look at all her career achievements. Little did you know that she was nominated as a meteorologist at different award functions. Wherein she also represented an Emmy award nomination. Her popularity has no boundaries. Moreover, it was all possible because of her hard work and dedication.

Over these years, Brittney has put in a lot of effort to establish her stand in this industry. Apart from this, she is also a book author for kids. Moreover, she loves traveling, and it’s one of her favorites. Because of her increasing popularity, all the whereabouts of her personal life started surfacing on the internet too which also sparked her pregnancy rumors. Amidst all this, Brittney became a trending topic overnight. The same thing happened at the time of her first child as well. It seems like Brittney and her husband, Jontue Long is preparing for the next one in line. Well, is Brittney Shipp pregnant?

Is Brittney Shipp Pregnant?

To be precise, Yes! The rumors are absolutely true! The popular American author is expecting a second child. Brittney shared this beautiful news through her official Instagram handle. On November 26, 2021, Brittney posted an adorable snippet of her baby daughter Zoey. Wherein she shared her announcement, She wished all her fans for Thanksgiving and also informed everyone about Zoey’s new journey, as she’s all set to become a new sister. The comment section was full of all the congratulatory comments. Everybody was surprised and happy at the same time. Three days later, she also posted another picture with Zoey.

Brittney revealed her second pregnancy news through a cute snippet with her eldest daughter
From the Instagram handle of Brittney Shipp

Brittney showed off her baby bump while she held her eldest daughter in her arms. The family is all set for a huge transformation. Over these months, she never failed to share every little detail about her beloved daughter. Both the couples are equally enthusiastic when it comes to their family time. Together they’ve been spending every holiday and it’s beautiful to have them all with each other. And that’s one of the reasons that all her fans love her. Because their togetherness is way more beautiful than anything else. Well, she also shared all the events of her first pregnancy.

The couple had a memorable marriage in the ‘City of love’. Well yes! Jontue and Brittney married each other in Paris. She shared this news through her Instagram handle. She posted a lot of snippets from Paris, and it was very emotional for many of her fans. On January 3, 2020, the author shared numerous photos from her marriage. After four days, she finally came out with her pregnancy announcement, wherein she stated that the baby would arrive in summer 2020. And finally, On June 11, 2020, Brittney and Jontue had their first girl child- Zoey. Although, she posted her first photo after a week.

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Brittney’s Career Endeavours

Growing up, Brittney was heavily interested in sports, she would always participate in different competitions, and most of the games belonged to either tennis or volleyball. But with time, her interests kept on changing. And finally, she came up to a conclusion and chose International Development for a bachelor’s degree. Because of her exceptional qualities and talents, she was able to represent herself in different countries. And through this sponsorship, she was able to complete her studies in Spain and Italy. Moreover, she also got a degree from the Mississippi University in Broadcast Meteorology.

Brittney Shipp is pregnant with her second child
Jontue Long (left) and Brittney Shipp (right)

With time, she started attaining her set of experiences to create a strong impression. So that Brittney would be able to get better opportunities. Through UCLA, she bagged her first job as a General Assignment Reporter. Apart from this, to create a strong benchmark, she also appeared for several other internships at the same time. After spending more than five years in Arizona, she spent most of her time teaching younger students at the Arizona Science Center. From there on, she started representing herself as a meteorologist in different programs with NBC news. As of now, Brittney has released her book, titled, ‘A Meteorologist In Me’. And she is pretty busy as a Chief Meteorologist.

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