Is Black Clover Manga Going To End?

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Is Black clover Manga Going To End?

Writer Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover was brought together as a manga series on 16th February 2015, and since then, the series received so much love that it also gained an anime adaptation, but is it going to end? The story of Black Clover goes around by showing the life of our dear protagonist, Asta was born without magic. In a world where magic power or people with Mana is quite common, our main character was born Mana-less. Even with these hurdles in his path, Asta is determined to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.

During the Grimoire selection day, Asta comes out empty-handed while Yuno, his sworn best friend and rival, receives a four-leafed clover grimoire. This goes to show Yuno as the chosen one who was loved by Mana. Even with this, our main hero was not ready to back up, eventually receiving his grimoire. But in ranks, Asta had a rare quiet unseen Grimoire which was a five-clover-leafed one. As the Four leafed grimoires are considered a legendary item that brings forth love, the 5th leaf to it is considered to be a first calling forth the devil.

The Manga series for the same received its anime adaptation in 2017, and it aired from 3rd October 2017 to 30th March 2021.

Is Black Clover Manga Going To End?
The Giant Demon Skull Near Asta’s Village

The Manga Story So Far

In the recent chapters of Black Clover, we have seen the devil Lucifero getting resurrected with only 50% of his power and is ready to destroy the entire world. At that moment, all the Clover Kingdom Magic Knights Captains arrive in front of him, making a barricade between him and Asta, who is a potential threat to the king of devils.

But things don’t last long as Lucifero blasts through all of them without breaking a sweat and even managing to deal a deadly blow to Asta. Lucky for our protagonist, his friend Yuno, who now has two grimoires, arrives to save him along with Mereoleona Vermillion. But things don’t remain the same as Mereoleona reaches her limit and gets defeated while Yuno is still not able to inflict damage on Lucifero.

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Is Black Clover Manga Going To End?
Yami Sukehiro and Asta Ready to fight Dante

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Black Bulls’ Vice-Captain Nacht also gets involved in the mix and gives up a good fight against Lucifero. But as the king of the devils deals a final blow to Nacht, we see Yami Sukehiro making his comeback after being revived by Vanessa and Grey.

With Yami finally back in action, both the captain and Vice-Captain of the Black Bulls set their past differences aside and joined forces to try and defeat Lucifero. Protecting Zora and Nero during the battle, both Yami and Nacht go on to release the Mana Zones and make it a Union Magic called “Shadow × Dark Magic: Kids Playground.”

This magic spell creates a complete zone of shadows that compliments the dark magic, making Yami’s already strong abilities even stronger. While the battle continues, after a long series of attempts, we see Yami finally able to deal damage to Lucifero. Seeing how the humans have stood up to him and even have gone to cause him damage, the king of the devil, now humiliated, decides to go all out against the humans.

With his Mana skyrocketing, Lucifero goes on to another transformation and claims to end each and every human on the planet. While this happens, Asta and Yuno muster their strength to stand back up and fight alongside Yami and Nacht.

Is Black Clover Manga Going To End?

So far, Black Clover has gone to bring out 324 chapters since its release back in February 2015. The chapters have accumulated a total of 31 volumes till now, and as the story progresses, it can be said that the manga is not ending anytime soon.

Is Black Clover Manga Going To End?
Asta and Yuno pledge to become Wizard King

Yes, this week, we haven’t received any new chapters as the writers were on a break. But this is no sign for the writers bringing an end to the manga series. Black Clover will go on to bring a new chapter from the next month.

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There are still several new places to explore within the Black Clover lore, including Yami’s Homeland, which is seemingly far away. Along with this, we are yet to learn about the Dwarfs, as Charmy seems to be Part-Human and Part-Dwarf. Moreover, considering many of the characters such as Magna and Grey only showed their potential now, means that there is much more to be seen from them. So, considering all of the possible plots to follow and questions to answer, it does not seem like Black Clover will be ending any time soon.

Where To Watch & Read Black Clover?

You can watch Black Clover Anime on streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and many more. You can also read Black Clover Manga Chapter on Viz Media’s official website and on the official Shonen Jump app.

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