Iron Fist Season 3: Release Date Or Cancelled?

First TV series from Netflix and MCU bites the dust! It’s none other than Danny Rand’s Iron Fist. We saw two Seasons of Iron Fist. The announcement came to us last weekend. It was confirmed simultaneously by both Netflix and Marvel. We weren’t given any clear-cut reasons as to why cancellation took place. But a few guesses here and there tell us that the Defenders won’t have their series anymore. MCU isn’t going to waste money or efforts in giving each of its superheroes their own shows. Much like MCU movies, fans should expect more crossovers and huge star casted shows.

A similar fate will be met out to other shows in Marvel Universe unless they are huge hits IMO. Finn Jones lead of Iron Fist lead took to his Twitter account to mention the disappointment. He is grateful to have worked with such a brilliant team and more so for ongoing support generated by Iron Fist fan base online.

So What Happened With Iron Fist Season 3?

The bigger question that remains is, why isn’t Iron Fist Season 3 coming to TV? That Danny Rand was the least popular of Marvel heroes is a fact and at the same time ratings of Iron Fist continued to drop over the time. Rotten Tomatoes only gave it a mere 53% score for Season 2. Simply put, the show wasn’t liked that much by audiences despite how Season 2 ended. What could Marvel do with Disney in the picture too? Disney is known for its ruthless attitude towards shows with low ratings such as Agent Carter. To think that Iron Fist could recover was a long haul and therefore it went straight to dumps.

There are others that feel that cancellation of Iron Fist is a major mistake for Netflix, Disney, and Marvel. Here’s why: despite low ratings, Iron Fist was still a hit show on Netflix. Audiences did watch it religiously, both the Seasons. For Season 2 the creator Raven Metzner not only focus on building strong character arcs but got a talent pool to improve the action sequence. As a result, Clayton Barber was hired. Season 1 to Season 2, fans could see a huge difference in Iron Fist. Season 2 stood at 53% from 19% of Season 1.

Marvel and Netflix did sign off by saying that the story of Immortal Iron Fist is far from over. And its true, Raven Metzner isn’t looking to slow down. The series might go to Digital streaming service of Disney. At the end of Season 2, Danny did move to another continent. Maybe they could come with a show/spin-off after some years. Anything could really happen!

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