Iris Law’s Boyfriend: Personal Life & Career Of The British Actor

Iris Law's Boyfriend
Iris Law in Vogue

Iris Law is a model from London, born with a silver spoon! Law is the daughter of the famous actors Sadie Frost & Jude Law. She is the sister of Rafferty Law. Rafferty Law is an actor, producer, and model to Dolce & Gabbana. Above all, she is the god-daughter of the famous British supermodel, Kate Moss. The young model has gained a broad scope for her career, but it is not as easy as it looks! There are a lot of expectations from a family that is living a prosperous life. The 21-year-old young model has been tinkering with modeling as her hobby. Iris Law is still studying but has finally found what career path to follow in 2021. In Fashion Week 2017-18, Iris found her other half. Iris Law’s Boyfriend is also in the same field of modeling! 

Iris Law’s true profession is modeling. But she is well-known for her debut film: I’ve Been Trying To Tell You. It is a road movie, directed by Alasdair McLellan. Iris is working on a TV series titled Pistol. Directed by Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle, it is a six-part series. The show got based on Steve Jones’ autobiography Lonely Boy: Tales From A Sex Pistol. Iris plays the role of Soo Catwoman. She is an icon who is known for her unique hair and fashion. To play the role, with full passion, Iris shaved her hair. It was her idea as she wanted to do something that made her feel special! Iris Law focuses on her Instagram, posting several pictures of her. She had stated once that she wanted to be a role model for women. Let’s talk about Iris Law’s Boyfriend!  

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Iris Law's Boyfriend
Iris Law Buzzcut!

Iris Law’s Boyfriend: All About The Young Actor’s Other Half!

Jude Law’s daughter has a passionate eye for art and cooking. She often loves to cook meals and spend time with her boyfriend, Jyrrel Roberts. Jyrell Roberts started trending all over the net once netizens realized that he is Iris Law’s Boyfriend! The couple met in 2017 while they were working in the same studio. While Iris was working on her debut film, Jyrell was working on a different project. Jyrell Roberts is a professional model and got represented by IMG Models. The British Model is much more experienced than Iris Law and is two years older than her. Roberts also has his jewelry brand. 

The lovebirds have been dating each other since 2018. They are going to celebrate their third anniversary as couples very soon! There are not many images of Iris and Roberts walking in broad daylight. But the two were recently spotted in the F1 GP event, spending time with each other. They had traveled to Monaco, Italy, to watch the sport. Jyrrel Roberts, just like Iris Law, has not revealed their information in Wikipedia. Probably it may be too soon as they have a lot to achieve. There are not many details about Jyrell’s family life. But his appearance notifies that he is a black European. 

We have gathered a lot of intel from his Instagram account. He has 33k+ followers on Instagram and seems to be quite popular on social media like Iris. Iris Law has 500k+ followers! Jyrell has posted several pics with Iris Law. He shares his lifestyle and merges them with his romantic moments. Roberts also seems to be a regular customer of Nicotine/vapouriser. Jyrell’s Net Worth is estimated to be $100k-200k

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Iris Law's Boyfriend
Iris Law & Jyrrel Roberts

The British Actor Spotted In The Fashion Awards 2021:

A few days back, the 2021 British Fashion award took place, where our model Iris Law was spotted! She made sure to make the front page of the Fashion Awards with her dazzling outfit and looks! Iris got her Buzzcut due to the character of Soo Catwoman in Pistol. But it makes her look even prettier, as Jude Law’s daughter is looking forward to Hollywood. The model-turned-actor got seen in a golden corset and a silver bra. Walking on brown leather high boots, the beautiful model was seen flaunting her sequin bag. Although her other half was not present, the ceremony would feel empty without Iris Law!

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