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Ippon Again! High School Judo Anime’s Teaser Reveals Cast, Staff and January Debut


The series Ippon Again, better known as Mou Ippon, had talks going on about the production of its anime series for quite some time now. The day has finally come a little closer for fans of the sports series as AniTV’s official YouTube channel just dropped the first teaser for Ippon Again anime. 

The series has been running since October 2018 and at present has a total of 17 volumes and was first serialized in Weekly Shonen Champion. Since then, it has been garnering fans for its touching story and light-heartedness of a slice-of-life anime.

Ippon Again is a sports anime centered around a girl named Michi Sonoda, who was about to quit Judo as a sport when she graduates from middle school due to losing against a very strong opponent in one of her tournaments. Even though she wanted nothing to do with the sport anymore, her friend Sanae Takigawa insists on her continuing it together even in high school and Michi ends up in the martial arts club. What’s more – she faces the same girl who defeated her in the tournament that made her give up on Judo.


Ippon Again!

Mou Ippon is about finding the lost love for something you were once passionate about. It blends perfectly the story of friendship, sportsmanship, spirit, and the excitement of youth into an amazing story that stays with the reader. This anime is going to focus a lot on martial arts, which is an interesting sport for many. Since the manga is still ongoing, you can bet that there will be a lot to look forward to in this amazing anime.

Ippon Again High School Judo Anime Teaser

On 27 April 2022, the official AniTV channel released the first official teaser for the anime series Ippon Again. The video starts off with a shot of a cicada buzzing in the summertime – the classic anime opening to a series that you know will be about heartwarming and fleeting youth. The characters converse as shots of their school during a judo practice meet are captured. It finally ends with a shot of our main characters laying together and looking up towards a blue sky as details about the show are displayed on the screen.

When the teaser finally ends with a scene of a girl tying her judo belt, you know that Ippon Again is going to give you many feels and raise your spirits as sports anime do. BAKKEN RECORD has done a great job at showcasing a gentle and warm aura for the aesthetic of the show. 

Ippon Again High School Judo Anime Cast

With its anime release nearing, the official website for Ippon Again series also updated its site with the names of the official cast that will be voicing the beloved characters. The voice actors for the anime will be done by Aya Saitō (Michi Sonoda) Yukari Anzai (Sanae Takigawa), Chiyuki Miura (Towa Hiura) and Nene Hieda (Anna Nagumo). 

Anime Staff

According to Ippon Again official website, the series by Yu Muraoka will have its anime directed by Ken Ogiwara who has worked as a photographer for series like Yuri!!! On Ice, Fairy Tail, and Black Butler of the Atlantic Movie. This is the first time he will be in charge as the sole director of a series. The character design and animation director will be Airi Takekawa and BAKKEN RECORD will be taking over the animation of the series. 

The music company Pony Canyon is responsible for the music production and Shun Narita will be in charge of the music. From the looks of it, the anime seems like it will be a delight to watch!

Ippon Again High School Judo Anime Release Date

As of now, there is no official release date for the anime debut of these series, but the teaser confirms that the anime will be premiering sometime in January 2023. Better mark your calendars for the date as it will be the perfect start to a new year. 

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