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Ioan Gruffudd Affair: Cheating Allegation on the Welsh Actor by Alice Evans

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Ioan and Alice

The definition of an accomplished person is when he finds success in his personal life and career. Ioan Gruffudd found massive success in his career as an actor. But his personal life pulled him back from where he began. The whole social media is buzzing about the Ioan Gruffudd Affair! So what exactly happened that made the Welsh actor trend all over the net? Ioan Gruffudd is undoubtedly one of the most successful actors of our generation. Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four has worked in Hollywood for over three decades (35 years.) Born in Aberdare, the Welshman is the eldest of his siblings. Being the son of a school principal, he was a true genius during his childhood. Gruffudd perfected the art of music and drama, which made him see the potential of being an actor. 

Ioan started his acting career at the tender age of 13. He began with TV films, soap operas in Welsh. While doing in-school performances, Ioan became a football player during his school days. His first big break was Wilde(1997), where he played the role of the lover of Oscar Wilde. In the same year, he played the part of the officer in the world-famous film Titanic. From that year, Ioan Gruffudd never looked back again. Today he has done more movies than you can ever imagine! Gruffudd played the protagonist in both MCU(Mister Fantastic) and DC Comics(Mister Miracle)

Success gets counted in both personal & professional life. Gruffudd could not make his family life as great as his career. One mistake has led him back to square one. After Alice Evans spoke out, everything has gone berserk in his life. Let’s see the complete story of the Ioan Gruffudd Affair.

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The Ioan Gruffudd Affair

Alice Evans

The Ioan Gruffudd Affair: The Complete Story

Today the world knows Ioan as a person who cheated on his estranged wife, Alice Evans. Born in 1968, Alice Evans is a British-American actress. She married Ioan in 2007, and they both have two children. Alice was in a relationship with the grandson of Pablo Picasso before she got married to Gruffudd. She has gone through hellfire in her personal life and career. In 2017, Evans filed a case of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein, a film producer. Alice accused Harvey of sexually harassing her. 

Alice Evans put her past behind and was ready to focus on her family life. But who knew she was walking on thin ice! Alice Evans got divorced from Ioan Gruffudd in September 2021. On October 28, Alice accused Ioan of cheating on her for three consecutive years. The Welsh Superstar posted an image on his Instagram for the first time in ten months. Gruffudd posted a picture with Bianca Wallace with a romantic caption. They both are in a relationship now, but for how long was the Ioan Gruffudd Affair?

Alice did not waste a second before making it public that Gruffudd was cheating on her for three years. Ioan used to tell her that she was no longer exciting and was a bad wife. While she got tagged as a bad wife, Ioan got in a physical relationship with Bianca for three years. She had suspected him before, but Ioan denied all her claims

In her tweet, Alice sarcastically wished Bianca good luck after mentioning what Ioan did to her. She replied to one of the tweets that she feels like killing herself, but she won’t! It’s a tough time for the Brit, but she has to stay strong.

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Some More Details About The Affair:

When you see Instagram’s comment section in Ioan’s post, everything will be crystal clear! The fans have been startled by such an immature and disgraceful act by Ioan Gruffudd. There are some more details about the Ioan Gruffudd case. As you know, they both got separated in September. But Alice Evans was absolutely unaware of the fact that Gruffudd filed for their divorce papers. Her words have more strength and truth than Ioan’s because she is the mother of two of Gruffudd’s children. Alice said that Ioan did not mean to cause her any unhappiness. But he felt that it was time to move on. 

Alice further blames their mutual friends for covering up the affair. One of the big targets of hers was Tamzin Outhwaite. After Tamzin congratulated Ioan and Bianca socially, Alice completely lost it! She attacked her in the media by telling how shameful her act was. One thing is for sure. Ioan Gruffudd has lost that heavy stardom that took him 35 years to earnAs they say, it takes years to build trust but seconds to destroy it!

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