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Invincible Season 2: Release Date, Trailer Breakdown, Plot & Cast Updates (Updated 2023)

Invincible Season 2 Release Date

Updated Article (January 24, 2023): Amazon Prime dropped in Invincible Season 2 Teaser Trailer, so we’ll break it all down. There are a bunch of Easter eggs and references and we will also talk about what’s going on during season two.

We now know when the Season 2 of Invincible might be coming and what storyline are they going to show us. There are a lot of crazy stuff further in the Invincible comics storyline that they could show us in the series.

We are going to see the concept of a multiverse being introduced and a lot of bad alternate versions of Invincible fight our main Invincible. There is also an impending war between the entire world and the Viltrumites. So, we will talk about all that stuff along with breaking down the Season 2 Trailer.

Invincible Season 2 Trailer Breakdown

The scene in the trailer they release just has Mark treating Alan the alien to burgers at Burger Mart, where he used to work until his powers manifested during episode one in season one. This scene takes place after the events of Episode eight after they met and Alan explained to him who he is, where he came from, and how he mistakenly came to Earth. That’s the whole joke in the trailer that he just keeps coming back to Earth because he can’t find the planet that he was supposed to go to.

The whole idea is that Alan, the alien, read the instructions on the planet that he was supposed to go to, Urath, wrong and mistakenly came to Earth and that’s how he came to meet Mark. And it was just a coincidence that he didn’t side with his father and the other Viltrumites in conquering earth.

It winds up being a huge turning point in the war against the Vitrumites. The whole idea is that the Viltrumites are the villains. It’d be like if Superman and the Kryptonians were evil and wanted to conquer the rest of the universe.

So this is all about Mark working with Alan the Alien, the Coalition of Planets to slowly take down the Viltrumites. Very slowly, though it is like so much stuff that has to happen before that goes down. There are several more huge Viltrumites characters that they’ll eventually face during Invincible Season 2, along with multiverse versions of Mark and other villains, Multiverse villains just in general.

And their joke about how long it’s been ridiculously long since they checked in is a reference to how long the hiatus has been between Invincible Season 2 and Invincible Season 2. Mark’s replies Show the script for season two episodes where things eventually pick up in the next part of the story in the comics. This scene in the script is of Mark facing the surviving Immortal character. That’s why they call him Immortal because he is Immortal.

They show a montage of Adam Eve, and Steven Yeun behind-the-scenes recording episodes, making it sound like Mark has been animating Invincible Season 2 episodes all by himself.

Invincible Season 2 Release Date

Then further in the trailer, Alan the Alien asks Mark on a specific Season 2 release date, which he say in the trailer is late 2023 this year. When they say that, they probably mean Fall 2023, like October to December. Invincible Season 2 is supposed to be eight episodes. They did renew for season three as well. So they’re also working on Invincible Season 3.

Invincible Season 2 releasing in late 2023

Invincible Season 2 releasing in late 2023 (CC: Amazon Prime)

I think the idea is that they can get season 3 out by next year and we want to wait two more years between seasons again. Right now it sounds like they’re going to try and drop season 2 by late October, maybe a little bit before that so they can get all the episodes out by the end of the year.

Robert Kirkman also dropped the teaser back in 2021 where he talks about Engstrom Levy showing up and becoming one of the main villains for that part of the arc. But obviously, there’ll be many other villains that show up during the different episodes.

Invincible Season 2 Plot: Angstrom Levy Will Be The Main Villain

The really cool thing about his character is that he’s a multiverse villain. So the way Robert Kirkman talks about the future of the show is that they’ll continue to escalate with each season.

So just in terms of world-building, they’ll be getting into multiverse territory with alternate versions of Invincible, other universes where things went down very differently. They’ll also be getting into the coalition of planets more as Alan the alien teased in their big war against the Viltrumites and what’s going on in other parts of the universe.

They used the Flagstones during season one to tease a little bit of the multiverse because they came from an alternate dimension where time moves a little bit differently. But Angstrom Levy is like the fullest expression of the multiverse concept. The comic book timeline for his story is just a little bit different because it overlaps with the Mauler twins in some of the things that they did during season one. So they might change it just a little bit.

Angstrom Levy's plan to transfer knowledge

Angstrom Levy’s plan to transfer knowledge (CC: Image Comics)

But Robert Kirkman did confirm that they would continue to change the comic book story for the TV episodes. They did the same thing during season one. But without getting too deep into his storyline, basically, he breaks the Maulers out of prison to help him create another mind transference device that they normally just use for cloning themselves. Only Angstrom Levy doesn’t want to clone himself. He wants to accumulate the sum total of all knowledge from as many alternate realities as possible.

He can therefore create a technology that enables him to go to alternate realities without the Mauler’s help. He uses that to put together a group of his different versions from other realities. Afterward, he tweaks the Maulers gadget to enable him to download or, more accurately, transfer all of the information from all of his versions into his own mind, transforming him into this all-knowing bad guy.

Angstrom Levy Brings In Evil Version Of Invincible

But as he activates the device, Cecil learns about what he’s doing and calls Mark in to stop him and the Maulers. And even though they played for a little bit of comedy, like Mark is still learning to be a superhero, so he kind of fumbles his way through the fight. But he’s so powerful that they’re not a threat to him, so they just play it for funny moments.

And he inadvertently breaks Angstrom Levy’s machine while it’s in the middle of downloading all the knowledge from his multiverse duplicates. And even though it kind of works, it does download a lot of their knowledge into his mind. It also winds up leaving him horribly disfigured. And he swears revenge on Invincible and uses the multiverse to pursue that.

He’s a really cool character, but as you can see, they played the character for a lot of comedy. But the other cool thing about his character is that through him, they get to do all these other different versions of Invincible because it’s the multiverse.

Angstrom Levy in comics

Angstrom Levy in comics (CC: Image Comics)

Like during his first appearance, he’s grabbing another Angstrom Levy, from a version of Earth where Invincible actually went to the dark side and agreed to help his father Omni-Man take over the planet. He’s grabbing this alternate Angstrom Levy right in the middle of this same fight scene that he had with his father in the finale of the TV show. Only on this version of Earth, Invincible, instead of saying no to him, actually said, “Yeah, Viltrumites” and they start to take over the planet.

So eventually they wind up doing a bunch of really cool-looking, evil iterations of Invincible from different universes through Angstrom’s run as a villain in the comics, culminating in what they call the Invincible War. It’s sort of like their version of a reverse Marvel‘s Secret Wars type of event where instead of a bunch of alternate reality heroes teaming up with each other, it’s Angstrom Levy unleashing a team of evil versions of Invincible on the main universe.

The War Against The Viltrumites

One of the other big things that Robert Kirkman was hyping up during season two was the coalition of Planets. Now Allen the Alien. explained a little bit to Mark what was going on with that and what their main goal is. They are trying to build support from the rest of the universe to rebel against Viltrumites and get rid of them. It will be the rest of the universe versus the Viltrumites.

You learn a little bit more about the day-to-day with the coalition of planets and Alan the alien’s back story. He explained a little bit of his backstory during season one, but I think we’ll just get more of him during Invincible Season 2.

That whole arc in the comics is called the Viltrumite War. That’s sort of like their big Avengers Infinity War type of moment where they actually do fight the Viltrumites. They do have a plan, but it doesn’t go down exactly the way you think it would.

Invincible vs Viltrumites

Invincible vs Viltrumites (CC: Image Comics)

There are many Viltrumites that you see during the comics, but after Omni-Man conquest is one of the next big ones that Mark winds up going against. And then eventually you work your way up to Thrag, who’s sort of the de facto leader of the Viltrumite people.  There’s also a lot of Viltrumite history that they only brushed over really quickly during season one. They’ll probably get deeper into that during Invincible Season 2 and season three.

Other Invincible Season 2 Storylines

There are a lot of other minor villains that you see during those end credits scenes like you see the Maulers get re-arrested and locked back up. As I said, they’re a big part of the Angstrom levy plot. So either they’ll break them back out again and use it for some comedy or they’ll find some other way for Angstrom Levy to get their technology.

You see the Flagstones preparing to attack Earth again and declaring revenge on Omni-Man because he basically wiped out their entire planet. That was probably one of the coolest moments too, watching him go ham on an entire planet in the span of what seems like just a couple of weeks, just long enough for him to grow some facial hair there.

We see that Titan has taken over as the new boss of the city after they got rid of his old boss. It just seems like he’s going to continue to be a thing. But it’s sort of like the devil you know. Doc seismic is back and they’ve escalated his threat. He’s controlling a whole bunch of magma golems this time.

Probably one of the bigger teasers, though, is Cecil inspecting the newly upgraded re-ani-men, because they actually did give Omni-Man a run for his money. They overwhelmed him for a little bit before he took them down. But these are still very early versions of these that they continue to iterate on.

Cecil and his robot army

Cecil and his robot army (CC: Amazon Prime)

It’s sort of like Terminators and they get better and better over time. And even though they portray the Viltrumites, like they’re totally unkillable except another Viltrumite can kill another Viltrumite and Battle Beast could probably kill a Viltrumite, like he almost kills Mark. For the most part, the way they portray them during season one, they’re relatively unkillable.

Omni-Man’s Storyline

Eventually, they do find The Viltrumite weaknesses that they can exploit, also through the coalition of planets storyline as well. But some of that stuff like the Viltrimute war storyline they might not get into too many seasons later like season three, season four. Some of that stuff is way further ahead in the comics.

For the most part, it just seems like Anstrom Levy will be the main storyline for Invincible Season 2. Maybe that’ll culminate in the season two finale with them doing a version of the Invincible War storyline.

Even though it sounds really epic, a bunch of alternate reality versions of Invincible fighting the main version of Invincible, it only lasted for a single issue. It was actually a pretty short war.

And even though Omni-Man took off at the end of the episode, like he finally decided that he did care about Mark and he wasn’t going to kill him, so he had to find some way to make up for it.

Omni-Man flying off at the end of Season 1

Omni-Man flying off at the end of Season 1 (CC: Amazon Prime)

Because his current marching orders from Thragg, from the Viltrumite command structure, were to take over other planets, and he had chosen to take over Earth, that had been his mission for the last 20 years. In order to make up for that failure, for not taking over Earth, he has to go find another planet to take over. And that leads to another big storyline and the reveal of another big character.

So without getting too deep into that, I don’t know if they’re going to wind up doing the Oliver character during Invincible Season 2. If that’ll be a big reveal or WTF moment and maybe like the finale, or if they’ll see that for season three.

But if you have not read the comics, it actually ended in 2019, so you can actually read the entire comic book story now. They won’t wind up doing everything from the comics and they will change a bunch of stuff. But it is still a really cool story, and it’ll give you a pretty good idea for some of the stuff that they’ll do in the future seasons.

But the big takeaway is that with each season they will continue to escalate the conflict. Things will get bigger, more galactic, crazier, and crazier. Obviously, Invincible Season 2 is just pushing that into multiverse storytelling.

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Original Article (October 9, 2021): Since the Season 1 of the series The Invincible has ended, fans are asking about the updates regarding Invincible Season 2. In this article, we will be looking at the Invincible Season 2 Release Date and everything you need to know about this upcoming fictional superhero series. For those who don’t know the Invincible animated series is based upon the Image Comics series of the same name. The show was created by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley and premiered on Amazon Prime Video. The series tells us the story of 17-year-old Mark Grayson and his transformation into a superhero with guidance from his father, Omni-Man.

Omni-Man is the most powerful being on the planet. While he is on his quest to become a superhero with guidance from his father, Mark finds himself struggling with his personal life and superhero duties. He wants to prove that he can also be a hero like his father. After its release, the series received acclaim from critics and fans with many positive reviews for its animation, action sequences, storyline, performances, and being close to the source material. After finishing, the first season, fans want to know if the show is renewed for a second season. In this article, we will be looking into that.

The series tells us the story of 17-year-old Mark Grayson and his transformation into a superhero with guidance from his father, Omni-Man. Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

Invincible Season 2 Release Date

So When is Invincible 2 coming? Apart from the fact that Amazon Prime Video has renewed the series for the Next two Seasons, in April 2021, Amazon announced that the Invincible series had been renewed for the second and third seasons. We don’t have any information on When will Invincible Season 2 releasing as no confirmations have been given from the official sources.

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What we can hope is that Invincible Season 2 may release in 2022. Since the show was renewed for a second season back in April, we can expect the newest season’s production may have started. To cement this,  the creators of Invincible has announced that the show is in the works for season 2. The team has also confirmed that whenever the show’s release date is fixed, they will update through the official channels.

Mark Greyson’s father Omni-Man is the most powerful being on the planet and he is worried if he could be as good as his father. Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

We will be keeping our eyes on the official sources and updating you wherever we know about the Invincible Season 2 Release Date or any other information regarding season 2 of the series. As mentioned before, we expect to see Invincible Season 2 in the early 2022 release, with the trailer being released by the end of this year.

Since Amazon Prime Video is one of the top OTT platforms throughout the globe, they don’t want to stay out of the hype for Invincible and will try to bring as soon as possible for the fans after the show’s production is completed. We are telling you this based on the 4 million views each of the episodes received since its release, making it one of the most watch Prime Video originals.

Invincible Season 2 Characters, Voice Cast & Crew

Now that we look at Invincible Season 2 Release Date, let us look at the expected cast of Invincible 2. We think that most of the characters that have appeared in the first season will be returning to the second season. Since most of the characters will be returning for the second season, we can also expect their respective voice actors to return.

We think that most of the characters that have appeared in the first season will be returning to the second season. Image Credits: Amazon Prime Video

The lead of the series Mark Grayson/Invincible is voiced by Steven Yeun, Nolan Grayson a.k.a Omni-Man by J. K. Simmons, Debbie Grayson by Sandra Oh, Amber Bennett by Zazie Beetz, Kill Cannon by Fred Tatasciore, and Cecil Stedman by Walton Goggins. The series will be executively produced by Simon Racioppa, David Alpert, Catherine Winder, Seth Rogen, Robert Kirkman, and Evan Goldberg.

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