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Invasion Episode 7: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Invasion Episode-7

The fans and the viewers are eagerly looking forward to the release of Invasion Episode 7. The latest American television series has been gradually picking up pace with its story and the characters. With that, the viewers have also started getting more interested in the show. The previous episode of the show gave the fans a good look at the aliens in the series, which was very unclear before that. This has also increased the popularity and viewership quite a bit since its release.

Talking about the release, it first came out on 22nd October 2021. In addition to that, the show was released with the first three episodes altogether on the premiere date itself. After that, the episodes have been set for a weekly release. The television series follows the genre of science fiction, which is a hugely popular category for movies and tv shows. Furthermore, this shows also proves a good enough watch for the viewers looking for science fiction shows.

A well-known American moviemaker named Simon Kinberg has created the series along with David Well. Moreover, both of them are the executive producers on the show, along with Elisa Ellis, Jakob Verbruggen, Amy Kaufman, Audrey Chon, and Andrew Baldwin. Meanwhile, the cast members of the show comprise Shamier Anderson, Shioli Kutsuna, Golshifteh Farahani, Billy Barratt, Firas Nassar, and more. The show is getting more and more intriguing with the release of each episode. Therefore, the fans are now waiting to watch Invasion Episode 7. However, let us first take a look at what happened in the previous episode.

Invasion Episode 7


Invasion Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Invasion Season 1 came out on 12th November 2021. In addition to that, the episode was titled “Home Invasion”. The episode began with Aneesha heading north along with the other doctors to provide help. But she gets scared for her kids after hearing about an alien invasion. So she asks the driver to stop the ambulance and starts running back towards her family. However, on the way, she is shocked to witness a catastrophe. A fleet of American soldiers seem to have been attacked and are dead.

She rushes to the cabin in the woods where her family is but finds them hiding upstairs. There is something in the house that is trying to kill them, so they have to stay silent. However, the owner’s wife starts arguing that Aneesha and her family should leave. Meanwhile, the owner points a gun at Aneesha, stopping her from going. In all of this argument, Sarah falls from the hideout in a room and starts screaming. Aneesha jumps as well to stop her from making a noise.

Invasion Episode 7

Luke in Episode 6

On the other hand, the owner’s wife keeps moving backward due to the roof shaking. But her leg gets stuck in a hole, and she is grabbed by that alien thing from beneath. Meanwhile, Manny gets Luke downstairs and gets him to Aneesha and Sarah. However, he is attacked while trying to open the door. Aneesha runs with her kids through the window and starts the car, but soon the alien starts getting inside, breaking the window. But she somehow kills the alien with a piece of metal that Luke had which is probably from the alien ship. Whereas Manny also comes out alive with severe injuries, and they all escape.

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Invasion Episode 7: When Will It Release & Airing Time

The previous episode has finally given the viewers a look at the aliens, and they are excited about the next episode. “Invasion Episode 7 will release on 19th November 2021 at 12 am ET on Apple TV+.” In addition to that, the episode will be titled “Hope”. The next episode will get even more interesting, with Aneesha and her family trying to escape. On the other hand, we might see the kids in the UK trying to figure out how to get to their homes. Meanwhile, Mitsuki would probably try to find out what exactly happened to the space crew. Therefore, stay tuned to find out this Friday.

Invasion Episode 7

Invasion Episode 7 will release on 19th November 2021

How To Watch Invasion Season 1? Streaming Details

The first season of the science fiction series has been making a decent impact on the audience. That is why there are a lot of viewers who are searching about where to watch Invasion Season 1? The answer to that question is a rather simple one. “Invasion Season 1 comes out with a new episode every Friday at 12 am ET on Apple TV+.” However, the show is not available anywhere else as of now since it is an Apple original series. Therefore, the viewers can head to the Apple TV+ streaming service and watch all the previous episodes now and wait for the future episodes to release.

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