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Invasion Episode 4: Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

Invasion Episode 4

The fans are quite excited about the release of Invasion Episode 4 after watching the previous episodes. We say episodes because the series premiered with the first three episodes of the season altogether at once. However, this type of release pattern is not new and has been followed recently by several other shows as well. Although, it has proved to be successful since it gets the audience hooked to the show if they like the first few episodes, and then they wait for the upcoming episodes eagerly.

The latest American television series follows the genre of science fiction, which has a huge fanbase all around the world. In addition to that, the concept of aliens or outer space beings invading our planet has always got the viewers curious. That is also one of the reasons this show can be successful. However, the start has been rather average when it comes to the growth of the show and its success. The show currently has an average rating of 5.8 out of 10 on IMDB. Meanwhile, it has a score of only thirty-six percent from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Although it is important to note that these are just figures from the reviews of a very small audience as compared to the viewers all around the world. Therefore, it is too early to judge the show as of now. The popular British filmmaker named Simon Kinberg has created the show along with David Well. Furthermore, they both are the executive producers on the show as well along with the others. Now before we get on to discuss the release of Invasion Episode 4, let us first take a recap of the first three episodes of the show.

Invasion Episode 4


Invasion Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of Invasion came out on 22nd October 2021 and was titled “Last Day”. The episode opened up, featuring a sheriff named Jim, who was on duty for the last day of his service. He gets a call about car theft and goes to talk to the owner. However, he is shocked to see a big hole between the cornfields and goes out to take a look. He finds the stolen truck there, but it seems strange because the suspects didn’t even take the money with them. Soon thousand of insects come at the sheriff and the officers, and it seems like the insects are running away from something.

Next, we see another character named Aneesha living with her happy family in New York. However, things get strange when all the kids at school start bleeding from their noses, but Aneesha’s son Luke does not. Aneesha rushes to the school and gets her daughter Sarah and son Luke to the hospital and then back home. Later on, things get worse for her when she finds out about her husband Manny’s Affair.

Invasion Episode 4

Sheriff Jim in Episode 1

Then we get our look at the next character named Mitsuki in Tokyo whose girlfriend Hinata leaves on a space mission. However, things turn sideways in space when Hinata’s spaceship gets hit by something strange, and the astronauts are thrown into space. Whereas, here at Aneesha’s house, she argues with Manny about his affair, but suddenly everything starts to shake, and the lights go off. Finally, we come back to Idaho, where Sheriff Jim is getting his farewell party, but he leaves the celebration in the middle and goes to the same hole in the cornfield. He tries to find out what is that’s strange about the place, but soon something stabs him from the back. In the end, we see a strange transparent ship hovering over the hole in the sky.

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Recap: Invasion Episode 2

Episode 2 of Invasion was released on 22nd October 2021 and was titled “Crash”. The episode began in the past of the events that took place in the first episode. We first saw Aneesha and her family, who were scared in their house looking outside. There were several explosions in the neighborhood that have crashed the cell services in the area as well. Aneesha’s husband Manny went out to take a look at what had happened. On the other hand, the episode focused on a schoolboy named Casper in London, where he started on a school trip with his friends.

Then we saw Trevante in Afghanistan with his US military troops at their base camp. They were all having fun and enjoying their time. Then we moved to Japan, where we saw Mitsuki living her daily life without her girlfriend Hinata recording daily messages for her. However, soon she got an emergency call from her boss at JASA that is Japan’s Aeronautical Space Administration. Things got worse with her as well when she learned that JASA had lost contact with the spaceship that left for the space station.

Invasion Episode 4

Mitsuki at JASA in Episode 2

Soon she discovered that everyone on the ship was dead as something had crashed into the ship and Hinata was dead. On the other hand, we saw burning balls of fire falling from the sky that fell in front of the school bus. This led the bus into a big pit next to the road. Meanwhile, Aneesha’s son Luke screaming in the house as he was hearing a word constantly in his ears. The word spelled ‘Wajo’. Then we see Trevante, and his squad goes on a mission to find one of their teams. However, while trying to find the team, they all get in a sand storm, but Trevante helps them get out of it. When they come out, they see what seems like an alien ship and fire at it. But the ship blasts them all off in the end.

Recap: Invasion Episode 3

Episode 3 of Invasion came out on 22nd October 2021 and was titled “Orion”. The episode opened up with Trevante, who was alone in the desert of Afghanistan after the attack. His crew was missing, so he tried to contact them through his microphone in the military truck but did not get anything. On the other hand, we saw Aneesha driving rashly to get her family out of the city. There are a lot of strange things happening that have panicked everyone in the city, and everyone wants to get out.

The next thing we see is a group of school kids whose school truck has fallen into a big hole somewhere in the ground. All the kids are safe with little injuries, but their teacher who was driving is badly injured. Caspar tries to help his teacher with the help of another classmate. But two other boys of his group start to bully him and blame him for the accident. Soon we see another scene from Japan where Mitsuki goes against his boss to access the server room.

Invasion Episode 4

Aneesha in Episode 3

She tries to find out what happened to Hinata, who had gone to space with the other crew members. Meanwhile, the security tries to crack the code to get in the room and arrest her. We keep on seeing all of the characters struggling to survive in their own lives as strange events are happening all over the world. Aneesha checks in with her family in a motel, whereas Trevante gets help from a middle-eastern man who patches up his wound. The kids try to survive the night in the rolled-over truck as well. In the end, we see Mitsuki and her friend Kaito find a voice spelling ‘Wajo’ that was recorded when the spaceship was attacked by something.

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Invasion Episode 4: When Will It Release & What To Expect?

The strange events happening in the previous episodes have intrigued the viewers. They are looking forward to “Invasion Episode 4 that will release on 29th October 2021“. Furthermore, the episode will be titled “The King Is Dead”. The next episode will definitely be another interesting episode. We will get to see how these different characters survive. How will Aneesha protect her family, and what will happen to Mitsuki? Meanwhile, we’ll have to see whether Trevante finds his crew members or not. However, the biggest question will be, what does the word ‘Wajo’ mean? Will we get an answer to that question in the next episode? That’s a lot of questions to be answered, so stay tuned for the episode.

How To Watch Invasion? Streaming Details

The latest American science fiction series has got the viewers excited. That is why they are searching about where to watch Invasion? Well, the answer to that question is quite simple. “Invasion airs every Friday at 12 am ET on Apple TV+.” Other than that, the show is not yet available anywhere else. Although we can expect it to arrive on other platforms once the season ends. But until then, the viewers will have to head to Apple TV+ to stream the show. So go ahead and watch the show if you haven’t already.

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