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Who are in the Cast of Intrusion? and Where to Stream the Netflix Film?

Intrusion cast
Intrusion cast

One of the main reasons for the popularity of films is the cast. The cast of the films plays a very important role in the success of the film. Today, we are going to talk about a film’s cast, which is trending. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the cast of Intrusion. Intrusion is a recently released movie of 2021. And within a short time, it has gained huge popularity. People from all over the world have loved this movie. And now, everybody is demanding for its cast. They wanted to know each detail about the cast of Intrusion. So, in this article, we will know everything about Intrusion. We will also talk about its story & storyline. So, before knowing the cast of Intrusion, let’s know something more about the film.

Intrusion is a film of 2021. The film was released on 22nd September 2021. The film has also received 5.1 out of 10 on IMDb. It was published in the USA & other countries. The movie’s genre is psychology & thrills. Adam Salky has directed this film. And Christopher Sparling is the writer of this film’s story. Kyle Benn, Josh Weinstock, Alexandra Milchan, Matthew Myers & Russell Hollander are also the producers of Intrusion. Ben Baudhuin has edited this film. Alex Heffes has given music. Its production companies are Creator Media Entertainment, Sea Smoke Entertainment & EMJAG Productions. The duration of the movie is 92 minutes that is 1 hour 32 minutes, and it’s in English.

Cast of Intrusion

The cast of Intrusion is not so huge. Fresher actors have worked in this sitcom. Actors like Frieda Pinto, Logan Marshall, Megan Elisabeth & many others have worked in this drama series. Let’s know each character of the film Intrusion. The first character is Meera Parsons. Frieda Pinto has portrayed the character of Meera Parsons. Next is Henry Parsons. Logan Marshall-Green has played the role of Henry Parsons. Robert John Burke has portrayed the character of Detective Stephen Morse. The others characters are Joanne, Clint & Dylan. Sarah Minnich has played Joanne Waterston’s role. Clint Obenchin has played Clint Oxbow’s role.

Mark Sivertsen has played Dylan Cobb’s role. Megan Elisabeth Kelly has portrayed the character of Christine Cobb. Intrusion also has some actors like Hayes Hargrove as Bill Whitman, David DeLao as Lieutenant Henderson & Brandon Root as Peter. Then we also have Josh Horton. Josh Horton has portrayed the character of Sergeant. Last but not least, we have Bonita King. Bonita King has played the role of Cafe Patron. Yvette Fazio-Delaney is also there as a construction crew member or suspect.

Intrusion cast

Poster of the film

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Intrusion Trailer

The trailer of Intrusion was launched on the YouTube Channel of Netflix. It was uploaded on 26th August 2021. The trailer of the film has rocked social media platforms. It has crossed millions of views within a week after being posted. The trailer was trending on social media, as well as in the hearts of millions of people. Intrusion’s trailer has crossed 1 million views within one month. It has also got more than 10k likes. It was uploaded on the Netflix YouTube channel, which has 21.4 million subscribers.

Watch Intrusion – Streaming Details

Intrusion is fully available on Netflix. You can watch this film on Netflix. Don’t search it on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu because they do not have the right to upload this film. This is wholly owned by Netflix. But You can watch its trailer on YouTube.

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Story of Intrusion

The story of intrusion is based on the theme of psychology & thrillers. The story is about a couple Meera & Henry. They are a happily married couple. Meera is a cancer survivor. She every time worries that her disease will come back. But Henry always supports her. For some reason, they move to a small town. The couple was sensing that the people who live near them are not like that how they look. They are different. They have cunningness. The story is based only on this theme. To watch the full movie, go to Netflix.

Intrusion cast

One of the scenes of Intrusion

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