‘Into The Badlands’ Upcoming Season – Everything You Need To Know

Into The Badlands Season 4

Into the Badlands is actually on a break for now. The first half of the third season is over, and it looks the fans will have to wait for quite some time for the season to finish. The last episode aired June 17, 2018, and as you can see it has been a few months since the show last aired an episode. The third has been a good one so far, and with the first half over, the fans will be expecting to see more entertainment from the second part. The third season kicked off after the death of Veil.

Into The Badlands Season 4 – Update

We also saw Sunny and his son, Henry, living off the grid. Sunny, teams up with Bajie and journeys back into the Badlands. At that time, The Widow and Baron Chau are engaged in a war. At the same, the Pilgrim arrives, and the Pilgrim claims that a new era of peace is coming.

The third season is actually longer than the previous one. The second season only had ten episodes but after the season had ended the show owners decided to make the third season a bit longer. Hence, the show was renewed for a third season with 16 episodes.

Into The Badlands Season 4

But ever since the third season began, there has been continuous speculation that there won’t be another season of Into The Badlands. However, there has been no official confirmation about the show ending with just three seasons. The fans, however, are quite optimistic that the show will be renewed for another season.

Many sources have reported that in the show has actually suffered a decrease in the number of viewers from the second season; this has led to fans speculating that this shows future might be in jeopardy. However, if the show does get a renewal, we can expect the four season to come out in late 2019 or maybe in early 2020.

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