The Most Interesting Fusion: Android 35’s Real Potential


The prospect of Potara Fusion once again becomes a hot topic in Dragon Ball Super as Universe 6’s Kefla shook the whole World of Void with her massive ki. And not only that, the use of Potara earrings was not actually prohibited, and that was demonstrated once again by Universe 2’s Kaioshin by throwing his pair with Universe 2 warriors.

Because of this, some universes started to consider the use of Potara Earrings. Even Beerus and Shin joined the hype. Interestingly, it was suggested that Android 17 and Android 18 should wear the Potara earrings to make a fusion warrior instead of Vegito. Whis then said that the gamble is very risky because if the fusion warrior, dubbed as Android 35, would be eliminated, it also means that Android 17 and 18 will be out of the game.

Had this fusion happened, this would be the first time in the Dragon Ball series that two warriors with opposite gender will fuse. Fusing two different genders might be difficult for Toei and Akira Toriyama because we will not be certain about many things. How powerful Android 35 would be?

The first reference that we got is the game Dragon Ball Fusions where Android 17 and Android 18 can fuse using EX-Fusion. EX-Fusion is created by Capsule Corporation in the game, and this fusion got unlimited time. The users will have to wear special Metamo-Rings and perform the fusion dance. Also, the fusion can be undone by removing the special Metamo-Rings at will. Though this fusion is not as powerful as the Fusion Dance counterpart and the Potara counterpart. Android 17 and 18’s Ex-Fusion character is called Android1718.

Android 1718 was made during the time when Super Saiyan was the most powerful form in the series. And as seen on the outfit, the Ex-Fusion was made when Android 17 and 18 were weaker counterparts of themselves. It was also mentioned in their description that Android 1718 is more powerful than a Super Saiyan. So if the two androids fused on ToP, they can at least be more powerful than the average Super Saiyan Blue.

Why is this important? Because this is an Ex-Fusion, a fusion that is weaker than the Metamoran Fusion Dance. If the two androids would use the Potara Earrings, which makes the fusion warrior ten times more powerful than the two bases combined, then Android 35 could be as powerful or more powerful than Kefla. Android 35 would also be the very first fusion warrior that doesn’t involve a Saiyan, which is another big change in the Dragon Ball series. They can’t have Super Saiyan transformations that can multiply their power level, so their base form would be their first and last.


How Goku’s Second Ultra Instinct Was Triggered

Everybody witnessed yet another miraculous feat from Son Goku in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. Not only is he able to dodge attacks from Kefla, but he also sent some of those ki blasts flying away just by slapping them. Ultra  Instinct does really make Goku a being that is a class of his own.

It was mentioned by Whis before that Goku will not be able to use the Ultra Instinct again, at least in the Tournament of Power. But how the freaking Dende did Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct the second time? And more so, how did Goku trigger the Ultra Instinct form without the use of his trademark Spirit Bomb?

Because of thinking about this mystery, I formed a theory that I think is the most believable explanation on what is the trigger for the second Ultra Instinct. Whis, Beerus and even the Grand Priest are not sure on why a mortal like Goku can achieve such feat in such a short time. And another thing to note is that Goku is actually very tired, it seems like adrenaline rush is what keeps him pushing on.


The second Ultra Instinct might have been easier to understand if the reason is the plot, but we’ll avoid that. Let’s dig into the rich history of Dragon Ball and revive one of the earliest concepts of the series. I say that this second Ultra Instinct is from the benefit of the Zenkai Boost.

Zenkai Boost is a Saiyan trait that makes them stronger. It is triggered when a Saiyan was put into a near-death experience and survives it. In this case, Goku survived that Genki Dama and Jiren’s finishing blast. The person who helped Goku complete the process of Zenkai Boost was surprisingly…..