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Interesting Facts About Franklin Clinton From Grand Theft Auto V

Interesting Facts About Franklin Clinton From Grand Theft Auto V.

What are some interesting facts about Franklin Clinton from Grand Theft Auto V? Who is he? Is he the protagonist of the game? In this blog, we will discuss some interesting facts about Franklin Clinton in detail. Franklin Clinton is a character and one of the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, others being Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips. He was born in Los Santos in 1988 to an unnamed mother and Father. His father left him, and his mother died soon after his birth.

Franklin is a fit and fashionable character. He has smart, calm, and rational characteristics. He also loves taking on new illegal challenges. During the start of the Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin does some petty and low-profile crimes for a living. He has a chance encounter with Michael during the early game, where he starts getting some illegal jobs and finally gets to do the first heist. The story of Franklin mainly revolves around him doing something more to make himself more successful. This is one of the reasons Franklin has depression and self-hatred for himself.

Interesting Facts About Franklin Clinton From Grand Theft Auto V

Below are some interesting facts about Franklin Clinton from Grand Theft Auto V. Please beware that some of the facts may contain major or minor spoilers for you, so you have been warned.

Franklin’s Crime Life Began At A Young Age.

Franklin had a very tragic childhood. Franklin’s father was very abusive, mentally and physically, towards him and his mother. This led to Franklin’s mother going toward drugs addiction to escape her problems. And to make the matter worse, his father left his mother while she was pregnant. Sometime after his birth, her addiction grew severe, which led to her death. 

Interesting Facts About Franklin Clinton From Grand Theft Auto V

Franklin With Tonya Wiggins

These tragic situations led him to meet Tonya Wiggins and JB Bradshaw in his childhood. These two characters had a huge influence on the young Franklin that led to a life of crime. Franklin started selling cigarettes illegally on the street with JB Bradshaw. 

Reason for His Stay In His Aunt’s House.

During the starting of the games, Franklin lives with his aunt, Denise. But, why? When his mother died from drug addiction, she left her house for Franklin and Denise. This is the reason for them living together. But this does not mean that they both get along with each other.

Interesting Facts About Franklin Clinton From Grand Theft Auto V

Denise Clinton

They always have some bickering going on. The main talk is always about their half share of the house. Denise still cares for Franklin, hoping for Franklin to stay out of trouble. When franklin left to live in Vinewood Hills, his aunt berated him for leaving her to live with rich people.

Franklin Can Not Play Tennis.

Grand Theft Auto V has full of things to do for the players to enjoy and never get bored. And tennis is one of those things. We see Michael play the game, and Trevor also likes it. But of the three protagonists, Franklin does not play the game. 

Interesting Facts About Franklin

A Tennis Match

The players cannot take the character to a tennis court and play with Franklin. Nobody knows why this is, and Rockstart Games have not given any explanation for this. It is just a waste considering Franklin is the fittest and youngest of the three protagonists.  

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Franklin Is The Most Level-Headed Protagonist.

Grand Theft Auto allows the players to play with three different characters with very different backgrounds and characteristics. And of those three, Franklin is the most level-headed. He will always think calmly about every situation and problem. Even when his friends irritate the hell out of him, Denise or Lamar, he will control his anger. 

Interesting Facts About Franklin

Franklin Clinton

Franklin is the peacekeeper in the trio, always getting in and stopping the arguments of Trevor and Michael. These characteristics can be one of the reasons why Lester uses Franklin for high-profile assassinations. 

What is Franklin’s Religion?

Many things are still very unknown about Franklin. Franklin’s religious belief is also one of them. The game does not clarify or go very deep on this but gives various hints regarding religious beliefs. Many speculations suggest that Franklin is likely a Christian. Franklin has decent knowledge and understanding regarding the Bible.

Interesting Facts About Franklin

Franklin’s Pre-Release Artwork Featuring Praying Hands Tattoo

During the mission “Marriage Counselling”, when Michael pulls down and destroys the house of Martin Madrazo, he quotes a line from the Book of Mathew. Franklin instantly recognizes the line from the Book of Mathew. Franklin once states that he believes in the god of a white man. In one of the pre-release artwork, we see a praying hands tattoo on the left side of Franklin’s neck. This can suggest that Franklin may have had some religious missions, which did not make it to the final games. 

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