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Influence Japanese Drama: Episode Schedule


Japanese Drama Influence depicts quite an exciting story about three friends. It is not a long drama but rather a mini-series that only has five episodes. After running for a few minutes, the drama dives into the story of the writer Sensei. The drama’s main protagonist, Yuri, sends an anonymous letter to writer Sensei asking to meet her and listen to her story and two of her friends. Yuri also asks to write about the story in the form of a novel. Yuri says to the writer about their high school life wherein she and her two friends committed the crime of murder.

The murder was also not intentional on the part of Yuri. However, it is yet to be seen as to what takes place in the rest of the drama as the show is still running. But, the five episodes of the drama are sure to leave everyone in a thrill. Now, let’s know more about Influence and its episode schedule.

Influence 1-2 Recap

The drama series starts showcasing March 2019 in Tokyo; wherein someone is typing something on the Laptop. The writer is a woman, and there are also many books in her background. Furthermore, she was very engrossed in her writing. She also expressed a sign of relaxation after her writing came to an end. We came to know that the name of the woman is Sensei, and she is a writer. One man asked her if she had decided on the theme for the next series yet. The woman replied that she is still thinking about it, to which the man says to decide as something flashy.

Influence episode schedule

Three leading Casts of Influence (Credit: WOWOW)

Moreover, the man also gave her some data on request and a fan letter delivered to their office. The letter has something like; ‘please meet me’ written on it. Someone wrote to her asking to listen to the letter writer and her friend’s story. The letter writer also asks her to listen to the relationship of the letter writer and her two friends over a period of 35 years. At first, Sensei did not think of going but went to see something on the back of the letter. She goes to the designated place and saw a girl sitting. Sensei went over and asked her if she is Totsuka Yuri, to which she gave affirmation.

They both greeted each other and began talking. Yuri said that she did not think that Sensei would come and meet her. Sensei replied that ‘yes, there are many people who want to share their story with her and turn it into a novel.’ However, she came to her as Yuri wants to talk about her and her friends. Yuri also says that one of her friends has pancreatic cancer, so she wanted to meet Sensei as soon as possible. But, Sensei said that she could not promise that she will write the story of Yuri.

Influence Release Date and Cast

‘Influence’ was officially released on March 20, 2021, on WOWOW original network at 22:00 KST or 6: 30 p.m. The drama will come to an end on April 17, 2021. The other name for the drama is ‘Infuruensu.’ It is a suspense mini-series from Japan that portrays the story of Totsuka Yuri. Influence found its inspiration from Fumie Kondo’s novel of the same name. Publication for the novel took place on November 27 of 2017. Shinozaki Eriko and Nakayama is the screenwriter and producer for the series, whereas Paul Young and Mizuta Naruhide are the show’s directors.

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Influence leading casts are Hashimoto Kanna, Yoshikawa Ali, and Aoi Wakana. They are portraying the characters of Totsuka Yuri, Hino Satoko, and Sakazaki Maho, respectively. The supporting role includes Shirasu Jin, Suzuki Honami, Miyachika Kaito, and Ohtsuka Nene. They are respectively depicting the roles of Natsume Toshiya [First Investigation Division detective], Oikawa Tomomi [Novelist], Ogata Ayumu [Student], and [Mysterious woman claiming to be Totsuka Yuri]. The guest roles include Takoka Rinka and Tsujino Kanami.

Influence Episode Schedule

Influence consisted of five episodes, out of premiering took place for two episodes. Now, only three episodes are left for airing. The upcoming episode three will premier on April 03, 2021. Below stated are the episode schedules for Influence drama.

  • Influence Episode 1 Release Date: March 20, 2021
  • Influence Episode 2 Release Date: March 27, 2021
  • Influence Episode 3 Release Date: April 03, 2021
  • Influence Episode 4 Release Date: April 10, 2021
  • Influence Episode 5 Release Date: April 17, 2021

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