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Infinity Game Table Launch Date: Something New From Arcade1Up

Video games are a way for us to release some stress and have fun. It is also, however a very competitive platform. People today enter competitions and compete against another player or group of players to prove their worth in the gaming community. That’s where board games come in. They are perfect, you can play it with your family or invite your friends over for a party and can play a board game together. But what if we combined board games and video games? That’s where Infinity Game Table comes in. In this article, we would be talking about the Infinity Game Table launch date. Along with that, we will also be looking at its features.

If you are new to the gaming community, chances are you haven’t even heard of Arcade1Up. Arcade1Up is a company that makes working replicas of old arcade gaming machines. Not just a teeny-tiny handheld emulator but the actual full-size arcade gaming machine like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc. They also make Pinball machines and those racing game machines with steering wheels! Ask your dad or your grandpa how much time did they spend back in the day at the arcade. The answer would bring along memories that will put our gaming days to shame.

Arcade1Up newest edition to their product category is Infinity Game Table. As the name suggests, Infinity Game Table is a table with touchscreen capabilities, and it can store almost all of the old-school board games for you to play with your friends and family. There are two size options available, 24 inches and 32 inches. It’s the size of a regular coffee table in your house. Fun fact, it can be used as a normal table as it is tamper-resistant.

Infinity Game Table: What’s It All About?

Consider that you are someone who regularly throws a party, has friends over all the time, or has kids. You then have to pull out the board game or any other game again and again on an almost regular basis. And those little pieces, they always tend to disappear somewhere, or you might be worried that your kids don’t swallow them or possibly choke on them. For that, Arcade1Up came up with a creative solution. A table that is essential a giant digital board game that you don’t even have to worry about taking out or putting away, as it serves as a table.

Infinity Game Table Launch Date: New From Arcade1Up

Infinity Game Table

Infinity Game Table is essentially a giant tab with table legs on which you can play games. But, wouldn’t an iPad be sufficient enough to play games on? Yes, it would, but you can’t always just pass and play. Board games are about interactions and looking at the board while your opponent or a player in general makes a move. These games are about connecting with one another, laughing, and having the time of your life with the people you love.

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Infinity Game Table Launch Date

Infinity Game Table has already been launched and is available to ship in the US and Canada. After the Kickstarter, the product was out for pre-order exclusively on BestBuy from July 17, 2021. The table comes in 2 options, a 24-inch model and a 32-inch model. Both the models have the same dimension the only difference is the screen size. The 24-inch model is currently shipping for $649.99, and the 32-inch model is shipping for $849.99.

Infinity Game Table Launch Date: New From Arcade1Up

Infinity Game Table

The technical specifications for both of them are same. Both of them have 16 GB of onboard storage with TF card slot for storage expansion, 2 GB of RAM, 2.4 GHz WiFi, 1920 x 1080 HD display with 16/9 aspect ratio, and 60Hz of refresh rate. Talking about physical dimensions, they are exactly the same, with just differences in screen size and weight. The 24-inch model will have thicker bezzels as compared to the 32-inch model. The 24-inch model weighs in at a total of 37 pounds, whereas its bigger brother weighs in at 46.2 pounds, a massive difference of 9 pounds.

Should You Buy It?

Infinity Game Table Launch Date: New From Arcade1Up

Infinity Game Table

Infinity Game Table’s target audience is people who have family and kids or those who constantly have friends over. This product is specifically designed so that you never have to store boxes and boxes of physical games, instead you can have it all in a coffee table. The physical game suffers wear and tear through the years, but one cannot worry about a digital copy. You don’t have to worry about your kids swallowing the game pieces or chewing the cards. Currently, the Infinity Game Table has over 40 games which include Monopoly, Scrabble, Game Of Life, etc. All that we would say is, if you are the target audience for this, then go ahead and get it. We hope that you have a time of your life playing on this and for the rest of you, see you in COD: Warzone.

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