In the Land of Leadale Episode 5: What Awaits Cayna in Her New Life?

In the land of Leadale Episode 4 release date
In the land of Leadale Episode 4: What awaits for Cayna in her new life?

The In Land of Leadale anime series is all set to drop out its episode 5 very soon. Today the series dropped out its episode 4 and after streaming the episode, fans are already craving for more. So, in order to provide a little relief to your heart, here I brought you the release date of the upcoming episode along with a look at the recently released episode. So, fasten your seat belts, and let’s get into the world of this newly released anime series. The anime series “In Lade of Leadale” was initially introduced as a novel series by author Ceez. It dropped out in November 2010 and ended in December 2012.

Later, a light novel adaption of the novel was released in January 2019 and is still ongoing. The light novel was created by Ceez and illustrated by Tenmaso. The light novel was published by Enterbrain Publications and is collected in 7 volumes. Later a manga adaption of the anime by Ceez and Ryo Suzukaze and illustrated by Dashio Tsukumi was released in July 2019. The manga was published by ASCII Media Works and an English version of the manga was released by Yen Press Publications. As the manga is still ongoing, it has been collected into 3 tankobon volumes proceeded by an anime adaption of it.

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About In the Land Leadale

The anime adaption of the manga has been released recently on 5th January 2022 by Maho Film studio and till now it has released only 4 episodes. The series was created under the direction of Takeyuki Yanase with the screenplay written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu. The series is licensed by Crunchyroll to stream internationally, outside Japan. The plot of the series goes around the life of a young girl named Keina Kagami who is permanently paralyzed and is on constant life support in the hospital. While she is bedridden she uses a very popular Japanese role-playing game in order to interact with the rest of the world. While her life support shuts down, she dies and surprisingly gets reincarnated into the game she plays as her personal avatar.

In the land of Leadale
In the land of Leadale

Previously on In the Land Leadale Episode 4

The episode begins with Kartatz, Skargo, and Mai-Mai sitting together discussing the ways they can break through their mother’s isolation barrier. To which Mai- Mai said that to an ordinary mage like herself it would be really impossible. As Kartatz was saying if Mai calls her ordinary what becomes of the ordinary human being, Sakrgo shouts and says that he figured out why mother hit him. Further, he said that it was because he looked very bad when he met her, now he will get dressing more presentable. Mai-Mai gets agitated by this and gave Skargo some bitting while Kartatz ran out of the room getting himself safe from her rage. As Kartatz leaves to pay a visit to their mother, he finds Cayna aka a mother in the streets enjoying grilled meat.

Kartatz took Cayna back to the palace telling her that Mai – Mai, and Skargo are fighting again. She stops them before entering the room and all of them talk to each other. Cayna apologizes to all of them saying that she is an irresponsible mother as she ran off without telling them anything. Skargi and Mai Mai apologize to her mother for making her worry and there Cayna tells them as now everything is sorted she got something to talk with both of them. Cayna beats Skargo and Mai Mai as they both are prohibited from using magic on each other and being their mother she knocked some sense in both of them. By the end of the episode, Cayna and her bodyguards were camping in the forest.

In the land of Leadale Episode 5 release date and preview
Mai – Mai Hugging Cayna

In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 4 of “In the Land of Leadale” was titled “A son, A fight, A journey and Bandits”. The episode ended with Cayna quoting that just like in games where we die but come back in life, it has become her reality now. As for the preview of Episode 5 of the anime, there are no official previews for it by we can predict that we are going to stick with the further journey of Cayna’s life in the game world. The upcoming episode is titled “The Grandsons, the granddaughters, the Great-grandchildren and a fort”. In the Land of Leadale Episode 5 will release on 2nd February 2022 and till not there is no delay reported in the release of the new episode.  

In the Land of Leadale – Streaming Details

Being officially licensed by Crunchyroll, the whole series and all the upcoming episodes will be available on the leading anime streaming platform, Other than this, there are no other leading sites that provide the service to stream the anime series. If any other platform will acquire the show, we will update you here, till then stay tuned.

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