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Spoilers & Preview: In the Dark Season 3 Episode 4

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4
Murphy with Felix: In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4.

In The Dark is one of those shows of CW that need to be discussed more and appreciated for its unique plot execution. The show is a combined project of Red Hour Films, Warner Bros. Television, and CBS Studio. Its protagonist, Murphy Mason, is blind but also has a keen side to her. She is no pity creature and pretty much one of the most badass characters on the set. The series launched back in 2019 and has ever since been renewed for two seasons. Season 3, which started airing on 23 June 2021, is starting to lay down another thrilling plot. In The Dark knows how to give away many dark emotions and have people come back for another episode. The show’s premise gets darker every season. Season 3 is three episodes in, and fans are already desperate for In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4.

One of the most intriguing parts of the show is the characters. Each of them is unique in its own ways and has a specific role that adds to the story’s development. Behind the dog guiding center ‘Guiding Hope’ lies the darkness of a drug front. Murphy indulges in drugs and finds a purpose when Tyson, one of her only two friends, is murdered. She decides to investigate it and thus begins her journey. However, she has come a long way in her journey as of season 3. Murphy has been involved with the underworld and is also currently in the run.

The show never stops to amuse its viewers with its dark comedy and emotional drag. Here is everything we know about In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4.

Previously On In The Dark Season 3

Episode 3 of this dark thriller was woven with precise emotional elements that felt relatable on many levels. Murphy has always been seen with someone around her in crucial times. The plot’s layout often makes us forget a very crucial fact about Murphy- she is blind. She has adjusted to it in ways that her shortcomings become quite faded. However, she is still hindered at times. Murphy finds her all alone in Canada in the last episode. The episode gives us a good look into things from her perspective. We get a better vision of how she feels things as everything appears blurry or dark. Murphy is a character that screams ‘freedom.’ Her realization about the importance of her friends and how she had depended on them subconsciously is given quite a lot of focus.

Murphy meets Michael, a teenager, and it eases her loneliness. She even suggests he steal his father’s car and drive her to Thunder Bay, to Felix. This portrays a lot about Murphy’s immature and irresponsible character as not only has she just met him, but Michael is also just a teenager. Michael agrees to her suggestion, and they go on a drive. As they talk, Michael even comes out to her about his homosexuality. However, things go wrong when a creepy guy from a gas station follows them, and they get into an accident. Things go wrong in many ways to even Murphy getting accused of kidnapping Michael. However, she ends up alone in a park.

In The Dark murphy and michael

Murphy and Michael.

She meets Jess, who tracks her through the tracker she had planted on the teddy bear. They get into an argument. The following day, Jess is kidnapped by Josiah, but Murphy has no idea why.

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In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4 Release Date And Spoilers

In The Dark Season 3 Episode 4 will be released on 14 July 2021. You can stream the new episodes for free every Thursday on the official website of CW. Episode 4 of In The Dark is titled ‘Safe and Sound’.

After episode 3, we have so many questions about the show’s future. Josiah has kidnapped Jess. It seems like Murphy is going to have to continue alone for a little longer. However, the promo also promises more to the episode. In this episode, Josiah is going to enlist Darnell to track down Murphy’s whereabouts. People are even starting to suspect if Murphy is even blind! Secrets, drama, and of course, good comedy, season 3 is bringing in the horror on a golden plate. Check out the official promo of the next episode to feel the hype it brings along.

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