Imposters Season 3 Release Date Or Cancelled?

Ever since the finale of the second season of Imposters, fans have been wondering when they will get to enjoy the third season of the dark comedy. In its short run, the show has managed to cultivate a dedicated fanbase. The second season ended on a huge cliff-hanger when Ezra is left with the choice of continuing the legacy of the doctor. Whether Ezra takes the phone call and pretends to be the doctor and take over his empire would have formed the bulk of the story of the third season had Bravo not announced the show’s cancellation which frankly came as a shock to fans. Also, the finale saw, Maddie being arrested by the FBI leaving the fate of her character in suspense. If the show had continued, Ezra probably would have worked out a deal or broke her out. Creators Paul Adelstein and Adam Brooks claimed in an interview that they had great plans for the show. Fans are worried that what they were we may never know.

The show starred Inbar Lavi, Parker Young, Marianne Rendon, Stephen Bishop, Rob Heaps, and Brian Benben.

The show revolved around a young con-artist played by Levi who cons people into falling in love with her and then swindling them of their wealth. Three of her former “marks” decide to go after her and exact their revenge. In the journey that follows, they discover themselves and have adventures which will leave you in splits. The show has so many twists and turns. The show distinctly reminds us of John Tucker must die.

But it is not too late to save the show. Fans are hoping that another network will step in to save the day. There is still hope. There even have been thousands of petitions on for Netflix to pick up the show. Given that NBC recently saved the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine from extinction, it is too soon to say never.

The finale of the show left many loose threads and unanswered questions. It came as a disappointment to many who shipped Ezra and Maddie. It would have been interesting to see where their relationship went.

There is no concrete news for now. Speculation is all we have. But rest assured, if someone comes forward to save the show, you will be the first to know!


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