What To Expect From Imitation Episode 5?

Imitation Korean drama
Ongoing korean drama Imitation

Imitation Episode 5 Preview is something we will be dealing with today. The current ongoing drama is making a strong grip, especially amongst the younger generation. We all know how South Korea is basically famous for its k-pop industry, and this drama is precisely an apt one for a k-pop fan. The drama revolves around the life of these young k-pop idols, their journey in the industry, and their evident struggle. With fandom, many other things come in hand too. Like the extreme exposure and not having much of private life. The drama gives us a direct peek into the lives of these celebrities and what could a true Korean pop industry truly mean. The drama was initially adapted from a webtoon of the same name. Though the drama is currently trying really hard to survive, the ratings of the show yet are below the benchmark.

episode 5 release date Imitation
Ongoing K-drama Imitation

Though we know, there is always room for improvement. And there are tons of shows out there that did not perform well in the initial days. But hit it off really well until the ending. So, let’s wish the drama to win the hearts of more and more people and also for the ratings to go higher. Imitation has just released a total of 4 episodes until now, and the 5th episode is about to release next. Many unique promotional techniques were used by the makers to promote the show initially. The story of the drama mainly revolves around the main characters of the drama. One of the main characters of the drama is Lee Ma Ha, who aspires keenly to become successful in the industry. But due to having a resemblance in looks with another famous k-pop idol, her journey is apparently not that smooth as expected.

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Imitation Episode 5 Preview

Imitation episode 5
A Still from the k-drama Imitation

Imitation episode 5 preview is something we will be looking into the next. The drama is based on the k-pop world and has released just four episodes until today. The 5th episode will resume off from where it left in the 4th episode. The new preview of the 5th episode has already been released by the production and will showcase a whole new roller coaster ride for the idols. K-pop industry is huge as it is, makes sure that every day goes by being special. The drama on k-pop Imitation largely shows how the life of these young idols’ chance in the industry. The drama aptly shows their every move and the inner world of the world-famous k-pop industry. With the release of the new episode new emotional track and romantic track between the leads will be shown.


With tireless practices and never-ending hurdles, New industry conspiracies to the conflicts, and more twists all are coming our way. The drama no doubt has a huge star cast and even has multiple special appearances for the show. But it mainly has four main characters, around whom the whole plot revolves. The characters are Lee Ma Ha, Kwon Ryok, La Li Ma, and Lee Yoo Jin. In major supporting roles, we have Chani as Lee Eun Jo, Im Na Young as Shim Hyun Ji, and several others. The drama literally holds a completely star-studded cast. The drama has been adapted from the webtoon “Imitation” by Park Kyung Ran. With more upcoming interesting plots, the 5th episode is soon going to release next.

Imitation Episode 5 Release Date

Imitation episode 5 release date
A Still from the k-drama Imitation

Imitation episode 5 will release on 4th June 2021 on the 23:30time slot. However, you would know this if you are a true fan.  The drama airs on the original network KBS2 and has a total of just 12 episodes. Imitation started airing on 7th May 2021 and will go off the air on 23rd July 2021. The drama airs just 1 episode every week, with the duration of each episode to be approximately 1hr 10mins. Apart from the original network, you can also watch the drama on the online streaming site Viki along with subtitles.

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