Spoilers & Preview: Imitation Episode 11

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Imitation episode 11
Ongoing South Korean drama, Imitation

Imitation in a South Korean television series and focuses on the life of the idols. Imitation Episode 11 Release Date and Preview is something we will be diving into today. The drama takes us through the journey of these k-pop idols and we get to know all that shine is not gold after all. The drama in detail shows us the inside story of this glamourous world. Imitation has a total of four main characters. K-pop is such a name currently that, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about it. With ever-growing pop culture, so are the growing opportunities. And many young lives hence aspire to get into this highly famed known industry. But is getting a name and fame that easy in this industry. Of course not it requires quite a lot of sacrifice and hard work.

After a long journey a very few make it and a few not. The drama also teaches us never to lose hope and keep trying. It hence shows us the story of a girl named Lee Ma Ha. She aspired to become a rising star in this rising industry. But just soon before her debut due to a tragic incident she couldn’t debut and all her dreams are dashed. In the k-pop world being an idol isn’t easy it comes off with quite a lot of responsibilities. Hence we get to see the romance between a top boy in the industry and a rookie girl group member. But their relationship faces a lot of hurdles, how will their relationship shape further and what happens next will be unveiled in the upcoming episodes.

Imitation episode 11 release date
The main lead actor from the drama, Imitation

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When Will Imitation Episode 11 Release?

Imitation Episode 11 will release on 16th July 2021. The drama will air on its scheduled time slot, which is 23:10 KST at its original network KBS2. The 11th episode of the drama is its second last episode, which will pave the way for the finale. Some major interesting revelations are about to happen while the relationship between Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok will see a good turn. The promotions of the drama before its release were all quite interesting and captivating. Still, the drama struggled a lot in terms of its viewership ratings. But finally, the drama is witnessing some rise in rating after the love angle between Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok was focused on. The 8th episode of the drama saw its own best in terms of ratings and is presently going quite well.

Imitation episode 11 release date and preview
A Still from the drama, Imitation

The drama revolves around its main characters and shows us the journey throughout with their eyes. The four main characters of the drama are namely, Lee Yoo Jin, La Li Ma, Lee Ma Ha, and Kwon Ryok. Kwon Ryok is a member of the famous boy group Shax. While Lee Ma Ha is a member of the Tea Party. With constant crossing paths, Lee Ma Ha and Kwon Ryok find themselves entangled in each other. And gradually fall in love. But at the very beginning of their love story, their relationship was discovered by others and they eventually decided to part ways. But even after the breakup, they both couldn’t forget each other. An unexpected reunion between the two happens in the last episode where Kwon Ryok makes a surprise visit to Ma Ha. Their reunion was much awaited and the whole scene was pretty captivating.

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Preview: Imitation Episode 11

The preview of Imitation episode 11 is already out. The preview gives us a detailed peek at what can we expect from the upcoming episode. The 11th episode will resume from where it left off in the last. The mysteries revolving around Annie will be unveiled and many more upcoming revelations will be revealed with the release of the episode. The 11th episode is the second last episode of the drama. Imitation has been adapted from a web-based comic named, Imitation by Park Kyung Ran. And the series is directed by Han Hyun Hee. The drama can also be watched online, on the popular streaming site Viki along with subtitles.


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