Im Ryung Goo’s Past Exposed In ‘Tomorrow Episode 11’

The thrilling fantasy Netflix kdrama will be dropping Tomorrow Episode 11 in just a while. This is a highly awaited moment for fans all around the world who have been on the edge of their seats ever since the words ‘Im Ryung Goo’ and ‘murderer’ were put together. This takes us back to the million-dollar question of who were Im Ryung Goo and Goo Ryun in their past lives and what was the crime they committed. The previous Episode of Tomorrow kdrama gave us a hint that we will be getting to see more of Im Ryung Goo’s past life in Tomorrow Ep 11.

The show has been doing spectacularly well in spreading awareness about sensitive topics. The drama has shed light on major issues such as eating disorders, bullying, toxic workplaces, and many more. Over the course of the past ten episodes, the audience has grown accustomed to the three members of the rescue management team. However, we can never judge a book by its cover. The grim reapers who are tasked who are saving lives in the afterlife are harboring a deep secret that we will unravel in Episode 11 of Tomorrow.

What To Expect From Tomorrow Episode 11?

Fans have been begging ever since the first episode for a dive into the past lives of Im Ryung Goo, Goo Ryun, and the deathly handsome Park Joong Gil. It seems like the writers have finally heard our pleas, and the coming episodes of Tomorrow kdrama will do just that. Furthermore, Tomorrow Ep 11 will be more Im Ryung Goo focused. In the previous Episode, Goo Ryun asks Choi Joon Woong to take care of Im Ryung Goo during this case as it is very close to his heart. Being the curious cat when Choi Joon Woong enquires further, Goo Ryun reveals that Im Ryung Goo’s mother was gang-raped when he was just a child.

Tomorrow Ep 11 Release Date
Tomorrow cr: MBC

Hence, the ever calm and neutral Im Ryung Goo was extra emotional while dealing with the sexual assault case. Not to mention, he saw someone who looked just like his mother in the Land of the living. Although the previous episode gave us a peek into his traumatic past, it seems like there is a lot more. The Jumadeong workplace will be bustling with rumors about Im Ryung Goo being a murderer in Tomorrow Episode 11. We can count on Cha Joon Woong not just to defend his friend but also to investigate. Did Im Ryung, who now saves lives, actually take someone’s life in the Land Of The Living? Make sure to watch Tomorrow Ep 11 if you want to find out.

Tomorrow Ep 11 Release Date

The coming episodes of Tomorrow will take us into the past lives of Goo Ryun and Im Ryung Goo while also dealing with suicide cases. Additionally, Tomorrow Episode 11 release date is 6th May 2022. The cast and crew behind this amazing series have repeatedly stated that the goal of ‘Tomorrow’ kdrama is to soothe troubled hearts and provide them comfort. The show revolves around two and a half grim reapers who save people that are hurt and on the verge of ending their lives. Another element of interest in the story is the members of the rescue management team itself. Choi Joon Woong is the only member whose past and future are clear. Whereas both Im Ryung Goo and Goo Ryun hide a dark past and have an ulterior motive. Ep 11 of Tomorrow kdrama will expose who they really are. So make sure you do not miss out on Tomorrow Episode 11 release date.

Tomorrow Ep 11 streaming details
Tomorrow cr: MBC

Watch Tomorrow Episode 11 Online – Streaming Details

The Kim Hee Sun starter kdrama releases two mind-blowing episodes every Friday and Saturday on MBC. Furthermore, Tomorrow has taken up the 9:50 pm time slot according to Korean Standard Time on MBC. For International viewers, the timings are 6:20 am in India, 8:50 pm in the United States, 12:50 am in the United Kingdom, 11:50 am in Australia, and 8:50 pm in Canada. If you wish to stream it online, Tomorrow Ep 11 will be available on Netflix with subtitles in various languages.

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