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I’m a Spider So What? Season 2: Is it Happening?

I'm a Spider So What Anime
I'm a Spider So What Anime

I’m a Spider, so What? Season 1 has just concluded a few days ago, making it one of the late shows to end late in the season. The anime made its debut in Winter 2021 and was scheduled for 24 episodes. Still, towards the end, I’m a Spider So What episode 24 was delayed due to some issues, and this saw the anime ending a week later than originally planned. The anime received a good reception from its fanbase and managed to attract a lot of viewers towards the end. But now that the first season has ended without any updates about the future of the anime. Then most people would be interested in finding out if the anime will come back for a second season anytime in the future.

The anime ended at the peak of the war, and as things stand, there is still a lot that we would wonder about the ongoing war. At first, the anime had a slob build-up, and the first ten episodes saw the plot strictly focusing on Kumoko, who reincarnated as a spider, and we all thought that the anime would be all about what happens inside the Great Elore dungeon.

The anime, in general, became so interesting to a point where we did not expect it to end in a cliffhanger. And for shows that run in this manner, we would at least expect to have issues solved each season then look forward to new things for future anime seasons. In this way, even if it takes a little while for the new season to arrive, then we would worry as much. But now that the season finale of I’m a Spider, so What saw all developments come together into one battlefield.

Will There Be ‘I’m a Spider, so What?’ Season 2?

The end of I’m a Spider, so What Season 1 took place in the midst of a battlefield. But the ultimate development was what happened in the end. All this time, we have thought that Kumoko, or rather the spider monster was in some fight against the Demon Lord who has her own faction. Then after the Hero was killed, Schlain became the new Hero, and together with his group, they were framed for a coup.

Fleeing the great Elore country, they ended up on a battlefield whose outcome was decided in the final moments of the season finale. Although Schlain and his group held their own on the battlefield, it turned out that the rogue reincarnates were toying with them. Meanwhile, Potimas wanted to get rid of the Vampire reincarnate, which only prompted Kumoko into action. And then, this started a chain of events which ended up with interference from the demon lord.

I’m a Spider, So What Season anime deserves a season 2 at this point because we are all looking forward to what the demon lord is trying to accomplish with her new team. The anime is adapted from a novel of the same name and saw the adaptation of 5 novels of the manga. So this means that there is still enough content for the anime to come back to the screens.

Usually, most shows are impacted by the lack of content to be adapted. The creators wouldn’t want the anime to catch up with the manga. And in the worst case that something like that happens then, the name can be delayed by a long time as the creators need to increase the gap between the manga and the anime. The manga is currently ongoing and has already produced ten volumes.

Potimas, I'm a Spider So What

Potimas, I’m a Spider So What

I’m a Spider, So What Season 2 Release Date

I’m a Spider, So What? Season 2 has not been announced yet. So we are yet to receive more updates from the creators of the anime. At this point, all we can do is hope for an announcement soon. Usually, most anime that receives good fans reception do not take that long to return for their second seasons.

Since it’s the same with I’m a Spider, So What Anime. Then we should expect the developments towards a new season soon. The anime’s first season was reported to have a cumulative of over 200 million views in China only as of May 2021. So we can already see the demand that the second season of the anime could already have at this point.

The big moment of the first season came from the season finale when the demon lord and Kumoko went on a truce. This was after a perilous fight with Potimas, who was determined to kill the Vampires reincarnate. But what came out of that was another interesting development when we later learned that Potimas turned out to be some cyborg.

And he also has a stash of bodies he can always revive int each time he is killed. This prompted the demon lord to tell him that she intends to fight with the real Potimas, so she finishes him once and for all. The demon lord has already gathered several allies, and she seems to have a mission in hand.

And after she called a truce with Kumoko, it looks like she lost interest in the ongoing war and recruited Kumoko and the Vampire to reincarnate. So we can readily see that she has gained very powerful allies in the end.

I'm a Spider So What Season 1

I’m a Spider So What Season 1

I’m a Spider, So What Season 2 Plot Adaptation

Based on how the first season ended, it looks like the second season will focus on the demon lord Arie’s ruling and what she intends to do for the future. She has a very strong force, and it would be very difficult to stop her. So the next war that will break out will be more interesting. It looks like Wakaba and her team that was keeping Schlain at bay has retreated.

And in the end, we also saw Wakaba following Ariel’s team, meaning that she must be one of the demon lord’s subordinates. Ariel has got what she wanted, and it looks like she has abandoned the war, so season 2 of the anime will start peacefully and then build up to ariel’s plans. There is still Potimas, who is determined to kill Sophia, the Vampire reincarnates, so this means that Potimas will return once again as the antagonist. Let’s take a look at the manga content about how I’m a Spider, So What Season 2 will continue once it returns to the screens.

The first season ended up on Volume 5 of the manga, with Ariel withdrawing from the war and recruiting Kumoko and Sophia. We do not get any updates from the anime about Schlain, but since Wakaba retreated, things should settle down. There is still the issue of the coup, so that will also incite more development of interesting events as well. So we know that Schlain won’t just forget about the coup and would want to return things to the way they were initially and finally clear his name. Hugo has been defeated, and he only appeared as a puppet, so things won’t be that difficult for Schlain.

Season 2 Continues from Manga Volume 5

At the end of the anime’s first season, Ariel revealed that Kumoko’s mind invasion was eating away at her bit by bit. And as a result, she could no longer hate Kumoko, and that might be because she attacked the demon lord’s mind. Ariel then recruits Kumoko together with Sophia and her servant Merazophis.

With this comes another threat in the form of G-Fleet that seems to be another kind of cyborg similar to how Potimas is. The threat is so big that Potimas realized that it would be better to team up with his mortal enemy, Ariel, in order to take down the G-Fleet.

The G-Fleet appeared as an ancient technology that had wiped civilizations in the past. They are based on the MA energy, a concept of energy that the world of this anime is centered upon. So with season 2, we will be getting deeper into the fundamentals and power dynamics of the anime. But it looks like things would be more interesting if things stayed on the magic path because that was how the anime was introduced.

It was a little disappointing to see that Potimas was a cyborg. We expected to see more on what the magic of this world can offer based on its skills system. But now, with tech taking over, then this means that we won’t see as much from magic as we have expected as the magic vs. tech war is building up.

The MA energy is deemed necessary for the whole world to function, and together with this, Kumoko and her allies are tasked with destroying the weaponized form of MA. Then we also have the introductions of more tech weapons like the GMA bombs that could, upon ignition, blow up an entire planet.

Machines vs Magic

Machines vs. Magic

The Magic vs. Tech Wars

With the GMA threats that are about to explode, Kumoko tries to devour it before it goes off as a last resort. But as the last parts of the first season have shown, she ended up blowing herself, and we could only wonder what could be next for her. A good thing out of this was that she was reborn in a fully humanoid body due to the GMA blowing her up.

But the upside to this was that she gained a new skill from the energy created by the explosion. She reached Divinity Expansion level 10 and now appears as a god. In her new form, D gives her a new name, and she would be called Shiraori.

However, the downside to her new form was that she had transcended the system, which could have adverse effects. As Shiro, Kumoko now has human legs, but she has no stats. So that would be such a bad downside in this anime that had everything centered around stats in the first season.

On top of this, she now lives like a Vampire and is harmed by direct sunlight. This comes with a lack of appetite for her, and as she is used to eating before her evolution, this upsets her, and as a result, she appears feeble and has difficulties walking.

She has also lost her spatial magic attributes, and she is carried around by others instead. The only apparent solution out of this predicament is to learn how to use the enormous amounts of energy she has under Ariel’s tutelage. This is only possible within the demon realms, so that would be their next step. This also leads up to other developments of events as each town they go through comes with its won stories and challenges.

So I’m a Spider So What Updates

In short, that would be as far ahead we look at as we would not want to jinx the anime season when It finally returns. We know it’s not as interesting reading from the manga that has no effects. But that would be all we have got for now as we don’t even know when the manga will return.

Hopefully, more updates on that end will be revealed sooner than later. But in the meantime, the ongoing anime seasons and those that will follow afterward will keep us entertained. There is a lot of anime scheduled to return to the screens that many anime fans are looking forward to, especially for the years 2021 and 2022.

On the horizon, things look interesting as animes like Demon Slayer Season 2 and Bleach are announced for the year 2021. We also have shows like Goblin Slayer and Overlord that are slated for a return soon. The official updates have been made already, and that is something we know for sure that the anime projects of the new season have been officially confirmed.

So before we know it, Im a Spider, So What Season 2 release date might be confirmed. We need to keep doing what we have been doing all this time. That is to follow the latest news and watching anime. Because we don’t know when this show might come back, it might be sooner than we thought. But hopefully, it is not gone for good as we are now only left with the ongoing manga.

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